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Jul 242015 Gossip


EFFERVESCENE – Sunday october the 25th at 14.1 pavillon

EFFERVESCENE, aims to bring together, the most outstanding Spanish AVANT GARDE hairdressers, each year. The name of the show organized by MIKEL LUZEA, is a play on words, effervescent scene and that is, precisely, what is intended. Pure effervescence of ideas, tricks, creativity, technic… and educational show, where the invited hairdressers, will give a life explanation of, all the techniques used to create their latest work. In this second edition with the participation of four leading Spanish teams.

  • TONI&GUY SPAIN, Directed by Jose Boix who train hairdressers across the country, the toni&guy Spanish team has won several Figaro awards ( Spanish hairdressing awards) in the last 6 years.
  • PELSYNERA, is one of the firs hairdressers who accumulates more FIGARO AWARDS(Spanish hairdressing awards). In 2010 he became the first Spanish hairdresser of the year and in 2012, he won two more FIGARO AWARDS, best avant garde collection and FIGARO catwalk. Among others, he also has an AIIPP ward.
  • GONZALO Y ZIORTZA ZARAUZA, father and daughter form a perfect tandem. Their training center in spain celebrates the 25 forming hairdressers. Gonzalo is the autor of several books about long hair dress and image consulting, Ziortza has become one of the most relevant hairdessers in Spanish avant garde.
  • MIKEL LUZEA. His avant garde collections are common in professional magazines worldwide, quite often in their front page. Among others, he has two AIPP awards and he has participed for five temes in London ALTERNATIVE HAIR SHOW.
A sing of luxury, in a unique educational show that has ever been done in Spain, exclusively dedicated to AVANT GARDE.

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