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May 222015 Gossip

Toni e GuyToni e GuyToni e GuyToni e Guy

Toni e GuyToni e GuyToni e GuyToni e Guy

Toni e GuyToni e Guy

Inspired by vibrant, high fashion campaigns, the style of the images is guided by the sports lux trend, which was then visually interpreted into fashion-led hairstyles that pushed the campaign’s creative boundaries. The 10 cuts and colours draw upon several infl uences including: street culture, the catwalk, editorial concepts, as well as previous TONI&GUY collections. Working with the brand’s professional haircare range label.m to style and fi nish, the cuts vary from longer styles with statement details such as disconnected panels and short fashion fringes to the intricate workings of shorter hair, which incorporate serrated edges and heavy graduation. The colour palette includes bold, rich techniques such as vivacious gold range and raven blue as provided by product partners Wella Professional and L’ORÉAL Professionnel. Captured as both headshots and full lengths, the backgrounds were chosen very carefully by Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck, TONI&GUY’s Global Creative Director, in order to create maximum impact. Set against a white background, the focus of the closely framed headshots remains on the cuts and colour, whereas the full-length images use a black background allowing for colours to pop and the fashion element to take centre stage. The end results are a unique, skillful and visionary campaign that will inspire both hairdressers and consumers alike.


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UK – LEXICON Collection”

  1. Happy new year to you too. Missed your blog reetlcny. Love the photos. Looks like you had a great new year. The first country in the whole world to celebrate new year before anyone else.Nowt like being ahead of the game

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