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Jan 272015 Gossip

Petra MěchurováPetra MěchurováPetra MěchurováPetra Měchurová

Hair: Petra Měchurová – Czech Republic
Collection: Drive
Ph: Anna Mrázek Kovačič
Make-up: Ivana Tokárská
Stylist: Lenka Kermes
Products: Milan Dockal

The Drive Collection of Salon Petra Měchurová 2015
A new hairstyle collection of Petra Měchurová encompasses styles for women as well as for men. Women hairstyles focus on playing with the “hair material”, and same as apparel designers do with the fabric, the hair are shaped, cut, extended, form a silhouette spreading into the space, toy with colours and their blending or use accessories. A short fuzzy haircut in cinnamon ginger tones is decorated with a large flower. A longer page-boy/bob haircut hanging just above the shoulders has fun with the hair texture which look as if crammed and stress the asymmetry. Elsewhere, mixture of two tones plays the main part – vanilla blond with cinnamon ginger framing locks of hair around the face which are slightly curled and carelessly thrown into sides while all other are streamlined and hang down to the neck. The new collection also encompasses a men style by Petra Měchurová which shocks with length and shape contrasts. Incorporating ultra long hair into a casual cast look contrasts with a combed up and gentleman-like smoothed wave above the forehead and beard. The whole collection bears a strong artistic style. Don’t look for superficially nice traditional haircuts ,but as usual for Petra Měchurová for hairstyles that will sparkle an interest and inspiration in you and which are a step ahead.

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