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Jan 262012 Gossip
Rebellion Collection
It is the time when we all feel an urge for a rebellion. We dream about dramatic turnover, but we can’t recognize any idea to submit. Hippy and Punk might be the last genuine Rebellions, and today, we keep our rebellions deep inside, and our hair has to allow a humbly show in any Government building, if needed. But at the same time, we need just one bit of a moment for remodeling… into sexy, or punk… or both!
Milica MaksimovicMilica MaksimovicMilica Maksimovic
Hair: Milica Maksimovic -Shishalica
Make Up: Ana Mitrovic
Photo and retouching: Jelena Radosavljevic
Text : Slobodan Stojic
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Serbia, Rebellion Collection”

  1. From relaxed to narutal. 1- No braids. Braids will break off the already weakened hair from the perm. Braids cause break off of new growth, from, pulling stress, and if extensions, weight. 2-Break out of our usual hair stores. Mall stores for hair products are catching on, and are making great products, JOICO, in a light brown bottle, makes sham,cond, serums to restore relaxed/processed hair. Using these items, you can move into narutal comfortably, as your new growth hair will improve. Increases curly/waviness/softness instead of kinky/dry/nappy. Hope this helps! Need more advice send me a message! Glad to help!

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