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Aug 272010 Gossip
The Club Fígaro Jury has selected the 15 final applicants to be the winners in the different Fogar Awards categories
Following the succesful participation in the first edition of the Fígaro Awars, with 69 collections from 13 Communities presented, the Jury, composed by Lola Carretero, Pedro Mansilla, David Raccuglia, Charlie Price and Marcel Montleó, with prestige at national and international level; has selected the 15 finalists through anonimous voting. The finalists will present their proposals for the next season in the Pasarela Fígaro’s second edition, to take place on October 17th within the Look Salon International at Madrid, before the presentation of the Fígaro Awards, where the winners will be made public.
The totally impartial Jury, will reward the collections in five different categories: Newcomer of the year, Men’s collection of the year, Fashion commercial collection of the year, Avant Garde collection of the year and Spanish hairdresser of the year.

The Figaro Awards reward hairdressing collection from the main Spanish firms, aiming at rewarding creativity and increase the proffession’s artistic level at a national level.

Club Fígaro’s objective is haridressing to attain the prestige and recognition it deserves. Composed by the most prestigious hairdressing firms, it is supported by Revlon Professional as main sponsor y and Salon Look (IFEMA) as collaborator.
Club Figaro - Figaro AwarsClub Figaro - Figaro AwarsClub Figaro - Figaro Awars
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