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On Sunday 22nd March, forty children undergoing treatment for leukaemia at St Anna`s Kinderspital in Vienna, Austria and their families were treated to a special day out at the children’s museum in Schönbrunn, the Imperial Palace in Vienna, Austria. The families were welcomed by Tony and Maggie Rizzo, founders of Alternative Hair, and Rebecca Pleskot and Erwin Fehringer, of Alternative Hair Austria. The children enjoyed a very `hands on` experience dressing up in traditional 19th century costumes, having their hair and make-up authentically done courtesy of Fehringer staff, and playing with original toys and games as used by the Emperor’s children 300 years ago. After a very busy and exciting morning, an ‘Austrian Sausage lunch’ was served with entertainment provided by a talented magician, who held the children `spell-bound`. The look of wonder on the faces of the children was a sight to behold. The day ended in the interesting Marionette Theatre with a performance of The Magic Flute. In such a high-tech age, the children found this fascinating and were delighted with the performance. As they left, each family was given a goody bag and the children, a special Leukaemia Research teddy. The day was a tremendous success thanks to the organizers and helpers involved. The parents were genuinely grateful and overwhelmed by the generosity of all who contributed to this special event.

Since its inception 27 years ago, Alternative Hair has raised in the region of £7 million for Leukaemia Research.
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  1. As I am in the midst of a horrid night shift and short on acffiene, my mind is fuzzy regarding all the particulars. However, I do recall a class action lawsuit several years back here in North America, which also claimed a link to childhood and adult forms of cancer, related to living with in a close proximity to power lines. The risk was higher in childhood forms of the disease, but still increased somewhat in adult forms of Ca. Come to think of it, when I did work out in the community I do seem to recall a certain neighbourhod here in Niagara with a hydro field in it (what we call a field full of those towers and wires) and I seem to have visited quite a few end stage CA patients for palliative care especially breast cancer.

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