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Sep 112020 Gossip
Desmond Murray International Hairstylist

Part of his exploration of contemporary Paris fashion, Parisian Couture explores the shapes, textures and designs of haute couture with hair that
reflects the diverse looks and styles of leading fashion houses.

Ph: Desmond Murray
Make-Up: Jo Sugar
Stylist: Deanne Lewis


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Jul 272020 Gossip
Tony Haresign International Hairstylist

The Block Rockin’ Collection is a homage to the long hair and rebellious styles of the rock bands of the 70’s and 80’s. Influenced by Queen, Led Zepplin and Whitesnake who championed the ‘Rock God’ , this collections brings back to life this iconic look, combining untamed hair, vintage clothes and smokey makeup to add the punch.

Ph: Marie Harkness
Make-Up: Ellie Gibsonn
Stylist: Ellie Gibsonn


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Jul 172020 Gossip
Murray McRae at Stag International Hairstylist

Find put the latest hair collection, called “The naked and the dressed ”, made by “ Murray McRae at Stag” international hairstylist from UK

Ph: Andy Bell
Make-up: Stacey Mitchell
Stylist: Vixy Bell at Stewart Christie & Co.


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Apr 152020 Gossip

Riconosciuto in tutto il mondo come uno dei migliori hairstylist britannici, TONY RIZZO, fondatore del noto Gruppo di hairstylists SANRIZZ, ci invia un messaggio di speranza per superare questo periodo particolarmente nero causato dal CORONAVIRUS.


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Apr 092020 Gossip
Suzie Clelland Marc Antoni  International Hairstylist

Find put the latest hair collection, called “Newcomer”, made by “Suzie Clelland Marc Antoni” international hairstylist from UK.

Ph: Richard Miles
Make-up: Katie Moore
Stylist: Ellen Spiller


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Jan 242020 Gossip
debbie webster sassoon

SASSOON has welcomed Debbie Webster as their new CEO. Debbie has over 40 years’ experience in the industry and her business insight, unique ability to sense opportunity and strong understanding of the Sassoon brand, making her uniquely suited to accelerate the growth and transformation of Sassoon in 2020 and beyond.

“I love the spirit and passion of Sassoon and I’m proud and thrilled to accept this position to continue the incredible legacy that Vidal created.”

Debbie Webster

“On our 65th anniversary Sassoon is once again an independent company. Under Debbie’s stewardship Sassoon is in safe and transformative hands and will continue to be one of the truly great hair brands in the world. We are fortunate to gain a leader with Debbie’s experience, talent and vision,”

Michael Reinstein, founder and chairman of Regent LP

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Jan 242020 Gossip

Headmasters is set to open a new London Academy in February 2020. For the first time in its history, it will teach its education programmes to the hairdressing industry. Entering its 38th year and with over 60 salons, Headmasters will offer courses to independent hairdressers and salons wanting to benefit from the expertise and hands on experience of the Headmasters creative team.

Led by Andrew Barton and creative ambassadors Gareth Williams, Jonathan Soons, Nicole Iroh, Alfie Pfeffer and Clare Hansford, the salon group aims to provide informative and inspiring education that can be taken straight back to the salon floor.

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Jan 022020 Gossip
Alison Stewart and Mairi McQueen International Hairstylist

Find put the latest Hair Collection, called “Urban Cool Girl”, made by “Alison Stewart and Mairi McQueen” International Hairstylist from UK.

Ph: Kat McDonald
Make-up: Karen Bowe
Stylist: Alison Stewart and Mairi McQueen


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