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Mar 082021 Gossip

Whether you’re an apprentice at the start of your career, a senior stylist looking for that next move or a salon owner bursting with ideas, there’s never been a better time than now to set your goals for the year ahead.

With a reopening date now in the diary, it’s a great time to put pen to paper and plan for the rest of your year – and beyond!

TONI&GUY international artistic director and head of education, Cos Sakkas, says setting goals is important for your mental and emotional health. “We all need something to strive towards – whether it is a date for reopening, a promotion in the salon or the start of a new project.”

“2021 may not have started in the way we wanted, but now we can start to see a light at the end of the tunnel, it’s the perfect opportunity to sit and really plan what you want to do with your time. Don’t put your goals or ambitions on hold, but do everything you can to make them possible.”

Four goals Cos thinks every hairdresser should set themselves

1 Always look at the positive. We’re living in a world where anything and everything is changing. The news and social media is full of negativity and panic – but from a negative there is always a positive. When our Academy was forced to close, it was a shock, but we looked at the positives and it kickstarted our digital learning which we had already been planning. While others were lamenting not being able to educate, we rolled out sessions and workshops to our TONI&GUY family around the world. And actually felt more connected than ever. So never accept the situation, always look at what is possible.  

2 Look after your mental health. 2020 really taught us how important out mental health is. While many were stuck inside by themselves away from family or friends, it’s essential we put our mental health on a par with our physical health. Make sure you go for your daily walk, take time away from screens and pick up the phone to talk to friends you’ve not spoken to for a while. Talking about anything but the current situation will really lift your mood. Continue looking after your mental health even when you return to the salon.

3 Get off social media. It’s easy to fall down the warren hole and spend hours scrolling through social media. So use your time wisely. Follow 10 new people very week that will stretch your imagination and inspire you – from authors to designers, artists to models and musicians. Look outside of hairdressing for new ideas and inspiration.

4 Keep up to date with trends. When clients come back to the salon many are going to want a brand-new look. So, make sure you can offer them something bespoke, something modern and something that makes them look and feel fantastic. Check out our new CONNECTED collection on social media, look at London Fashion Week, models and campaigns to see the shapes, textures and colours that are on trend.

Find out more about Cos Sakkas:


Instagram: @cossakkas

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Feb 022021 Gossip

step by step :
haircut and colors
combine for the perfect
SS21 look !



The HALO is a series of circular sections which allows the perimeter area to be worked on separately, or to be disconnected from the interior. It’s the perfect sectioning technique to cut visually and allows you to see the complete outline shape build up with softness. You can, however, apply a more disciplined technique if opting to create strength.

“The haircut demonstrates the versatility of technique within the Halo sectioning. The geometric lines and strong build-up of graduation through the profile contrasts the softer interior and fringe areas. The inspiration stems from the trend of raw hair cutting to create a street-cast vibe that is promoting individuality.”

Cos Sakkas – Head of education and international artistic director

1 After sectioning, starting at the back, a diagonal section is taken and cut using the Classic Graduation technique, decreasing in length, elevation controlled to build-up weight.

2 Once balanced, diagonal sections are continued up towards the top of the first section, the elevation is gradually lowered and checked to create a consistent build-up of weight.

3 At the front lower Halo section, a strong graphic line is created that disconnects from the fringe and back graduation, a diagonal back section is taken and a guideline created, sections are then directed down at a low elevation and repeated on the opposite side.

4 At the centre Halo section, curved diagonal sections are worked through both sides, the hair is directed down to the original guideline to continue the build-up of weight, again precision is key. This is worked up to the top of the Halo section until the last section is reached. This will then be continued through into the upper side Halo section.

5 Through the top, a loose freehand approach is taken allowing a disconnection from the structured underneath. From a profile section, a line is point cut working longer towards the front. Sections are directed to this, building up length that will give optional length within the personalising.

6 The fringe area is then cut freehand using the slicing technique eliminating weight and length. This is worked to individual requirements, before slicing through the disconnections creating a proportion of balance within the shape. label.m Therapy Rejuvenating Protein Cream is applied before blow drying, any personalising is done creating a seamless blend between the disconnections to complete the look. label.m Shine Mist is used to finish.


Panelling is an internal detail that moves away from the surface colour application which was on-trend last year. This latest panelling technique focuses on internal strengths of tone creating a prominent distribution of colour where needed.

“A mixture of grey hues and pops of yellow to grab our attention, the colour pallette gives platinum blonds a mixture of on-trend tones Grey with a playful juxtaposing pop of colour, Yellow.”

Jo O’Neill – International technical education director

1 A large rectangle section is taken on top of the head using horizontal partings on either side from high recession to meet the radial. The sides are then sub-divided with a horizontal parting on either side to create two more rectangle sections. This parting is then continued through to the back of the head on either side creating two more sections. The first section is colour blocked with the colour Silver. Once complete, isolate with clear meche and repeat this application on the opposite side.

2 A shadow root technique is applied in Masonry Grey. Firstly, applying to all the root area. Once completed the colour Silver is applied to the mid-lengths and ends. Isolate each section with clear meche and repeat application on opposite side.

3 The section at the side is colour blocked with Silver. This is then isolated with clear meche. The next section, shadow root is applied using colour Masonry Grey. A panel of interior contouring is worked by applying the colour Yellow directly underneath the Masonry Grey with no diffusion. The application of Silver is applied to the ends of the hair, repeat this application on the final side. Masonry Grey is applied to the root and Silver to the length and ends.

4 The section at the side is colour blocked with Silver. This is then isolated with clear meche. Shadow roots is applied with Masonry Grey all throughout the remaining section, Silver is applied through the mid-lengths and a panel of perimeter contouring is applied in Yellow. Repeat this method of application until this section is complete. Isolate with clear meche.

5 To create a panel, a diagonal back parting is taken from the hairline. Shadow roots of Masonry Grey is applied and the colour Yellow applied to the mid-lengths and ends. Isolate with a clear meche.

6 In the remaining section, apply shadow root in the colour Masonry Grey and the colour Silver through to the lengths and ends. Isolating each section with clear meche.


20g Platinum Plus + 60g Platinum Nutri Developer 20 volume
Masonry Grey
50g Dialight 7.12 + 75g Diactivateur 9 volume
50g Dialight 9.11 + 75g Diactivateur 9 volume
10g Dialight 9.3 + 10g Dialight Clear + 30g Diactivateur 9 volume

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Dec 092020 Gossip
logo toni&guy

Il Flagship Salon TONI&GUY di Milano (Via Vincenzo Monti) diventa un ambiente ancora più sicuro grazie a PYURE Technology.

TONI&GUY oltre a essere un brand all’avanguardia e in continua evoluzione nel mondo dell’hairstyle, da sempre ha come obiettivo il benessere del proprio team e clienti ed è alla costante ricerca di tecnologie di ultima generazione e partner sempre più innovativi. Già nel 2018 nei saloni TONI&GUY era stato installato un “Green Wall” di Tillandsia, una pianta capace di purificare l’aria in maniera del tutto naturale e green!

Oggi più che mai TONI&GUY ha voluto porre l’attenzione sul benessere e la sicurezza dei propri clienti e ancora una volta il Flagship Salon di Via Vincenzo Monti a Milano diventa precursore delle novità del brand!
L’obiettivo? Un salone sempre più sicuro grazie a PYURE Technology. Una tecnologia di sanificazione continua, nata dal brand americano The Pyure Company, leader nel settore, che permette di distruggere virus, batteri e spore presenti nell’aria e su tutte le superfici.

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Nov 272020 Gossip

Come and join us on Sunday 29 November
at 10am (GMT) for an hour-long
virtual experience

tony&guy fashion week

Date: 29 November
Time: 10am (GMT)
Register: https://education.toniandguy.com

toni&guy digital event

The international creative team will showcase its brand-new campaign along with presentations inspired by fashion week shows from around the world, and a stunning avant-garde finale. A fast and furious hour of education and amazing hair. Join our virtual experience that’s bursting with inspiration, celebration and beautiful presentations.

International creative director, Cos Sakkas, says:
2020 has been a year when we have all been apart – but our industry has never felt so connected. We wanted to present an exciting hour of hair to bring the global hairdressing industry together with inspiration and be ready for 2021. We hope you’ll join us in our celebration of hair. We’d love you to share this link with every hairdresser in your country to join in our hour of inspiration.

How to Watch

Click to REGISTER NOW below and follow the sign-up steps.
An email will be sent to you with a link to verify your email address which will complete your registration for the event.


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Nov 132020 Gossip

The great thing about being a hairdresser is there is always something new to learn. Whether it’s a technique, trend or trying out new products, it’s easy for stylists to update their skills. And while the basics may remain the same, it’s the little things that make your work modern and relevant for clients today.

HAIR is the ultimate fashion accessory and it has never been so talked about than this year,” says TONI&GUY international artistic director, COS SAKKAS. “Women – and men – have really appreciated what we do, how we can transform their hair and how important we are to them. It may not have been the year to talk trends, but it has been the year to talk about looking after what you’ve got, how to add small details for a change and how beautiful, wearable hair makes you feel great.

2020 has also been the year of learning new things – from baking bread to learning a new language. For hairdressers, it’s been the perfect time to keep on top of skills and learn new ones. TONI&GUY, along with other companies, have been creating digital education and while it will never replace a live classroom experience, it has meant we can ensure that when clients come back to the salon, we are more than ready for them.”

COS SAKKAS give his tips
on making education
during a pandemic work for you

Cos Sakkas for TONI&GUY

1 It’s easy to forget about training and concentrate on getting your clients in your chair. But if the pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that people’s lifestyles have changed. It’s not just about looking good, they want to feel great too. So think about your consultation process and how that can be improved.

2 It’s all in the detail – not everyone wants a drastic change, but a new fringe, added layers or small colour change can make a huge difference. Focus on your personalising and finishing skills.

3 Make sure you are aware of what celebrities are wearing – a new fringe or colour can be the next trend.

4 There’s so many digital courses, so choose wisely. Do your research. What do you want to learn? What do you admire about the person holding the education session? What will you learn from the session?

5 As well as updating your everyday skills, spend some time on your creativity. Playing with hair is an important part of our job as you think outside the box.

6 Working on a mannequin head is not like working on a real model/client – but it does mean you can try something new without any tears if it goes wrong! Push yourself to try new textures, new cutting techniques and new shapes.

7 Take advantage of any free education your product partners are offering. Many are offering sessions in business as well as creativity so make sure you are part of it.

8 There are some great educators around the world offering digital education. At TONI&GUY we have uploaded Get the Looks onto our IGTV, social media can be a great place to be inspired.

9 Perfect your specialist area, but make sure you are competent in all skills. You need to be able to accommodate every request that comes through your door – from short hair to Afro to curls and long hair.

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Sep 292020 Gossip
Cos Sakkas, TONI&GUY International Hairstylists

” I wanted to create a collection of front covers for editorial fashion magazines; each image is a limited-edition front cover. Identity represents the style of a dynamic, adventurous woman and evokes a feeling of freedom and experimentation, where power tailoring collides with the unmistakable feminine form, to create a collection of images that are confident yet beautiful and allows you to embrace whoever you choose to be “

Ph: Jack Eames
Make-up: Lan Nguyen-Grealis
Stylist Veronica Greenhill


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@collection UK @cos sakkas @international hairstylist @Toni&Guy @UK hairstylist
Sep 212020 Gossip

At the start of 2020, no one could have predicted what was to come. With rumblings of a new virus in Asia at the end of last year, it wasn’t until February until cases started to appear in Europe.

TOni&Guy LondonFashionWeek

By the beginning of March, the World Health Organisation declared Covid-19 a pandemic and by the end of the month, the whole world had closed down. For global companies such as TONI&GUY, the shutdown of the world’s economies brought challenges never seen before. “TONI&GUY is 57 years old and we have survived and thrived through recessions, but this was completely different. It has brought challenges we have never experienced and forced us to look at the business in a way that was unprecedented,” explains global creative director, Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck.
CEO Nigel Darwin joined the company at the start of 2019 and says initially it wasn’t clear how big Coronavirus was going to be. “We’ve had instances in Asia with Sars and Mers before, but once things began to grow in Italy, it became clear this wasn’t like anything we had seen before.

“Normal ways of working were no longer appropriate; we had to change our leadership and communication. Our focus is usually planning three or five years ahead; this changed to focusing on the tomorrow. Our number one concern was our communication with our teams, their mental and emotional health.”

Sacha, who worked closely with father and founder Toni Mascolo from the age of 17, used her knowledge to analyse the business and bring the community together. “While it was a scary time, it was also exciting,” she says. “We immediately set up groups and zoom calls with our partners and teams, sharing experiences and learning from each other. “

As we came out of lockdown and into reopening, Nigel explains how they had to manage expectations. “We knew nothing would be black and white so we had to make some assumptions for us to begin planning to reopen. We want TONI&GUY and the industry to come out of this stronger than ever.”

Cos Sakkas, international artistic director and nominee for British Hairdresser of the Year, UK

Cos Sakkas, international artistic director and nominee for British Hairdresser of the Year, UK
“We were quite late to lockdown in the UK but we knew it was coming. We had seen the effects of Coronavirus on our salons in Asia and Europe and knew we were next. However, it didn’t make it any easier. We suddenly went from being fully booked in the academy to being empty and clients not travelling to salons. And no one expected us to be isolating for quite so long! For us, the most important thing was to make sure all our teams were OK – there was a lot of uncertainty and fear and we spent the first few days making sure furlough was in place and people felt safe. “

Bill Watson, educational director for TONI&GUY Asia

“We have had virus warnings from China in the past, but we soon realised this was different. While face masks are the norm here, our main priority was to protect our teams and get the correct PPE.

Bronwyn Illingworth, director TONI&GUY New Zealand

Bronwyn Illingworth, director TONI&GUY New Zealand

We had 72 hours’ notice before lockdown but our prime minister, We had some support from the Government so apart from negotiating rents and loss of earnings, it wasn’t too challenging. We did some marketing on tips and hair hacks and kept everything upbeat and positive. We did this as a team and came up with

Jose Boix, head of TONI&GUY Spain
“Lockdown was announced on 13 March and initially the Spanish Government wanted salons to stay open because we were considered key to society. However, it wasn’t long before we realised we were going through a big health scare and clients were staying home, so it didn’t make sense to open. The lockdown has been very difficult for some people – many people were depressed and the uncertainty of jobs, families and the economy effected a lot of people”

Charity Cheah, co-founder TONI&GUY Italy

Charity Cheah, co-founder TONI&GUY Italy

From the outset, we made sure we connected with our team and our clients – we constantly communicated in a positive and empathetic way and helped them navigate the ever-changing scenarios. We offered daily tips on how to care for their hair at home through virtual consultations, video tutorials, weekly Instagram Lives and focused on how to stay positive and centered. For our team we offered daily digital training and regular business zoom meetings and we were constantly connected with the global team. We were in lockdown for two and half months so we used this time constructively to strengthen their training needs with cutting and styling sessions, consultation skills and updating their education and soft skill needs so they felt that they would come back stronger than ever. The biggest challenge for us was bridging the physical distance between clients and hairdressers and we made it a priority to keep these relationships alive. We kept everyone connected and well-supported through various social media platforms.

As a global company we have fostered stronger relationships in our network, our team and our clients. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow, both with our clients and also as a global team. It has all been an opportunity to expand and this has definitely made us more resilient and united!

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@COVID-19 @global company @Toni Mascolo @Toni&Guy
Sep 102020 Gossip

Dopo 13 anni dalla sua apertura, TONI&GUY Bergamo decide di rinnovare il suo salone di via Torquato Tasso 90, per creare uno spazio completamente “Safe” e accogliente seguendo la filosofia dell’Homey Feeling del brand


Rinnovare il salone in un momento particolare come questo ha significato molto per me. Bergamo è stata una delle città di Italia più colpite dalla pandemia, ma è proprio da un momento difficile e di incertezza come questo è nata la voglia di rinnovarsi per creare uno spazio nuovo, confortevole dove i nostri clienti e lo staff si sentano al sicuro; proprio come se fossero a casa. Un nuovo concept, un nuovo traguardo e un nuovo inizio!” Matteo Mulas, Salon Director TONI&GUY Bergamo

La filosofia TONI&GUY accompagna questo cambiamento in maniera ancora più forte: il concept esclusivo e il design del nuovo salone è studiato ad hoc per ricreare un ambiente intimo e confortevole.
Anche le scelte di progettazione degli spazi e dell’arredamento rispecchiano la filosofia di eccellenza e sartorialità del brand. I materiali sono innovativi, certificati, funzionali e facili da igienizzare, cosa molto importante in particolare in questo momento.

Diminuiscono così le postazioni e i lavatesta per assicurare ai clienti spazi ottimali per la loro sicurezza, aumentando però i turni di lavoro per garantire la qualità e l’efficienza dei servizi!

Anche per questo restyling TONI&GUY conferma la collaborazione con l’azienda giapponese, leader del settore, Takara Belmont, che investe molto sulla ricerca e lo sviluppo di forme e materiali.

Sono stati scelti i lavatesta, della linea EPIPHANY M, di design e produzione Made in Italy, che garantiscono il massimo comfort, particolarmente indicati e funzionali per servizi e trattamenti haircare.
Una coccola per le clienti del salone a cui non sapranno più rinunciare.
E per le stagioni più calde, un bellissimo giardino dove accogliere le clienti con un chiostro del ‘300: la cornice perfetta per l’angolo “outdoor green” del salone.

“In un momento di incertezza come quello vissuto nei mesi passati abbiamo considerato questo nuovo restyling come un atto di rinascita: le crisi e le avversità spesso diventano occasioni di crescita interiore che possiamo costruire solo agendo con positività e fede. Fa parte della nostra filosofia, della nostra voglia di non arrenderci mai, per ripartire con più coraggio e determinazione” Charity Cheah co-founder TONI&GUY Italia

TONI&GUY Bergamo vi aspetta!

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Jul 272020 Gossip
TONI&GUY International Hairstylists

Just before the lockdown, in the beautiful Villa Antona Traversi in Meda, TONI & GUY Italia made a flash trend shooting for the new season ahead. A few months have passed, the launch of these shots has inevitably been postponed, but regarding them today these hair styles seem more current than ever and show the image of a spontaneous, feminine and authentic woman. Hair will in fact be the protagonists of next summer and the frame that will make the look of a woman unique, hypnotic and magnetic even behind a mask, because behind the mask your eyes and your hair will speak for you and you!

Hair: Toni&Guy Italia


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@collection @hairstylist @milano @Toni&Guy @Toni&Guy Milano
Jun 192020 Gossip

In una delle zone più artistiche della città di Milano, apre il nuovo salone TONI&GUY Brera firmato TAKARA BELMONT

takara belmont italy

MILANO – ZONA BRERA in Via Fiori Chiari n. 34 è stato infatti “inaugurato” da poche settimane il quarto salone TONI&GUY di Milano e conta 14 postazioni per un totale di 160 mq.

Prosegue quindi il concetto e la filosofia già precedentemente studiati per il Salone di Milano Monti, e che vede consolidato anche il rapporto con il brand Takara Belmont che firma tutti gli arredi dal design essenziale. Il brand giapponese investe molto su ricerca, sviluppo e innovazione proprio per rendere ogni singolo pezzo unico perfetto per la filosofia TONI&GUY.

Sono stati infatti personalizzati i lavatestaLargo” – di design e produzione Made in Italy – della linea EPIPHANY M, le sedute Shiki della linea ZEN per la zona tecnica e le poltrone EOS della serie ARCADIA per la zona stilistica.
Grazie alla sinergia creata con Takara Belmont, TONI&GUY riesce a comunicare, attraverso i suoi ambienti, comfort e accoglienza per i suoi clienti come se fossero a casa.

“Abbiamo voluto creare un ambiente famigliare, accogliente, ma anche ricercato, dove i nostri ospiti possano sentirsi a casa. La nostra missione è garantire un servizio di elevata professionalità a tutti i clienti, con uno stile personalizzato e sartoriale, valore che da sempre contraddistingue il brand TONI&GUY. Sono felice che si unisca a me e Marco anche Matteo: è una crescita professionale per tutti noi!”

Cristian Salvador, Salon Director di TONI&GUY Turati & Brera

Continua a prendere nuove forme il concetto di “homey feeling” firmato TONI&GUY e su cui le nuove realtà si stanno concentrando. Oggi più che mai questo valore acquisisce importanza: in un periodo delicato come quello attuale il nuovo salone è caratterizzato da un concept esclusivo, munito di tutte le misure di sicurezza, che punta a creare un ambiente
intimo e accogliente per far sì che gli ospiti possano godersi una vera TONI&GUY “Feel Good Experience” in totale relax.

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