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May 162022 Gossip

Boy, don’t say that! Girl, don’t talk about this, people can hear you !
We learn it as children and it stays in our memory.
Later, when we get older and we see injustice, inequality or corruption…
we stay silent. We bow our heads. And those who handle the strings of the theater are happy: it’s better to keep us distracted with the smokescreen while our destinies are written and sealed behind our backs. Far and secret.

Hair: Ángel Cruz
Ph: Luis Lorenzo
Make-up: Miriam González
Stylist: Jack & Jones
Products: OBP

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@angel cruz @la barberia de angel @New Hair Collection @silence
May 162022 Gossip

The collection was inspired by a new global and dimensional version of Very Peri, the Pantone color of 2022, suggesting a dynamic of metallic tones presented with different shapes and angles.

Color inserts are formed to provide different accents in the tonal blocks, enriching the result and offering very visual and creative images. The textures gain in expressiveness, and the contrasts between color, headdresses, and finishes break with the predictable.

Hair: Krisztina Keresztes
Ph: Adrian Zaharia
M.U.A: Krisztina Keresztes
Stylist: Krisztina Keresztes
Products: Revlon Professional

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@kristina keresztes @metallic hues @New Hair Collection @romania
May 122022 Gossip

Humanitas è la nuova collezione di Zero6Lab
in partnership
con Wella Professionals.
La filosofia del KINTSUGI è l’ispirazione primaria,
poichè emblematica del concetto di resilienza,
della capacità di riparare le crepe e le ferite con l’oro,
per creare una storia ancora più preziosa.

Dall’esperienza di Patrizio Di Serafino, Simone Minella e Florindo di Claudio nasce la prima Academy di alta formazione per hairstylist.
Spazio del salone, stimolazione dell’estro creativo, organizzazione del team e programmazione dei tempi:
tutta la professionalità e l’innovazione di Zero6lab
al servizio dei nuovi professionisti dell’hairstyling.

Hairstylist – Patrizio Di Serafino, Simone Minella, Fiorindo Di Claudio
Stylist – Carolina Turra
M.U.A – Camilla Iacobitti, Chiara Varesi
Photographer – Marta Petrucci

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@Humanitas @New Hair Collection @Zero6Lab
Jun 302020 Gossip
David Pastor   International Hairstylist

Derivé was conceived as a self-construction project by the creator where to stop trying is not an option.  When you work hard to achieve a dream, you cannot give up when faced with an obstacle, you must derive knowledge from it and redirect this knowledge back to the goal.  In this collection, the colours black and blue predominate, representing the obstacles and opportunities respectively

Ph: Esteban Roca
Make-up: Nacho Sanz
Stylist: Salones CV


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@collection @David Pastor @hairstylist @men @New Hair Collection
Apr 092020 Gossip
Suzie Clelland Marc Antoni  International Hairstylist

Find put the latest hair collection, called “Newcomer”, made by “Suzie Clelland Marc Antoni” international hairstylist from UK.

Ph: Richard Miles
Make-up: Katie Moore
Stylist: Ellen Spiller


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Jan 022020 Gossip
Alison Stewart and Mairi McQueen International Hairstylist

Find put the latest Hair Collection, called “Urban Cool Girl”, made by “Alison Stewart and Mairi McQueen” International Hairstylist from UK.

Ph: Kat McDonald
Make-up: Karen Bowe
Stylist: Alison Stewart and Mairi McQueen


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