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May 102013 Gossip

The Smiths

The SmithsThe SmithsThe SmithsThe Smiths

Their inspiration come from the diversity of the African Nation. The uniqueness of the people, fashion and culture.

Hair: Brian and Sandra Smith
Photo: Rick Day
Make-up: Aeriel D’Andrea
Styling: Rod Novoa

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May 022013 Gossip

This Purity collection from the NHF Inspire Art Team was inspired by clean and playful shapes and styles, the team wanted a fresh looking collection which was filled with colour. The collection demonstrates soft, natural, understated and flowing hair styles. They wanted a white background to really showcase the freshness and cleanliness of the collection. With subtle flashes of colour being on trend and set to carry on being a big hit, they incorporated this fashion statement into the hair.

NHF InspireNHF InspireNHF Inspire

NHF InspireNHF InspireNHF Inspire

Hair: NHF Inspire
Stylists: Colin McAndrew – Medusa Hairdressing, Edinburgh
Donna Mitchell – Bonce Salons, West Midlands
Aneta Kucinska – Anne Veck, Bicester
Martin Crean – Mode, Chipping Campden
Emilie Pearson Brown – Clipso Salons, Watford
Photography: John Rawson
Clothes Styling: Jared Green
Make-up: James O’Riley

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Apr 292013 Gossip

Tracey Gallagher, Creative Director at the Andrew Barton Salon is an avid art fan and for her ‘Deco Deluxe’ collection she was inspired by artist, Tamara de Lempicka’s artwork and in particular her cubism style and esthetic. The Art Deco period was a further inspiration that inspired Tracey’s stunning creations. Tracey’s use of classical hairdressing techniques showcased her skill and artistry techniques including pin curling, finger waving and setting, all used with modern technical products to achieve a fresh image. Further inspired by milliners, Tracey created hairstyles that echoed the design and skill of hat design.

Tracey GallagherTracey GallagherTracey GallagherTracey GallagherTracey Gallagher

Hair: Tracey Gallagher @ Andrew Barton Group
Photo: Charlotte Kibbles
Make-up: Cheryl Corea
Styling: Adelaide Turnball

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Apr 192013 Gossip




This new collection from Chris Foster for Fudge is the sequel to the collection ‘Salon 13’. Salon 13 was the first comic book hair collection, for ‘The Duelists’ Chris worked very closely with the photographer Andy Kruczek and they both felt that it was time to shake things up a bit when creating a hair collection; they wanted a collection that had narrative structures to it. The Duelists collection got the two of them thinking about characters, story lines, and strong visual themes. It has taken two years for them to achieve what they wanted to do with this collection; Fudge colour and styling products were used to create all the looks within the collection. The original inspiration came from the genre Steam Punk, a science fiction fantasy placed in the Victorian era – they wanted the Victorian era transported to the 23rd century. They both wanted to display the elegance of Victorian fashion manners and the morality of Victorian’s in England but with a twist, as though the Victorian explorers have slipped into a parallel universe where brass, clockwork and mechanical devices were refined to a point where they became almost magical, producing anti-gravitational fields, death rays, time machines and spaceships. Other influences included Metropolis, The Fifth Element and Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow.

Hair: Chris Foster @ Fudge
Photo: Andy Kruczek
Make-up: Keiko Mizuno
Clothes Styling: Darren Knight

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