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Jan 222021 Gossip
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FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, PINTEREST, TWITTER, TIK TOK : è calata vistosamente l’audience dei principali social network. Dopo l’impennata registrata durante il lockdown è quanto emerge dai dati elaborati da AGICOM.

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Nov 202020 Gossip

Whether you’re an assistant, a stylist or a manager, it’s easy to pick up bad habits over the years. But identifying them and breaking them is easier than you think, according to Akin Konizi, international creative director for HOB Academy. But, as 2020 gives us all a bit of time to think and reset, it’s the perfect opportunity to break bad habits – and start new ones !


“Not all habits are bad, but those that are tend to stem from boredom or stress,” AKIN KONIZI says. “Bad habits may seem harmless, but they can affect the way you work, the quality of your work and the respect you get from clients and your team. Identifying your BAD HABITS is the first step, and BREAKING them isn’t as hard as you think.

2020 has been a year of REFLECTION and it’s the perfect chance to break those habits and replace them with ones that will make you a BETTER HAIRDRESSER.”

Five bad habits hairdressers can break, according to Akin Konizi

  • 1 Habit: Boredom
    Replace with: vigour. Being bored is the biggest habit to break. Think about why you are bored – it’s often because what you do has become repetitive. Try to work ‘consciously’ rather than just going through the motions.
  • 2 Habit: Shunning responsibility
    Replace with: culpability. We all need to be responsible for what we do, from the decisions we make to the hairstyles we create. Take responsibility for what you are creating and that will encourage your development.
  • 3 Habit: Staffroom breaks
    Replace with: getting out there. Sitting in the staffroom on your phone is such a waste of time, scrolling through gossip sites and general rubbish on social media. Because of social distancing it can be hard to be out on the floor, but use your free time with your team, watching what they are doing, have conversations with clients and team members.
  • 4 Habit: lack of communication
    Replace with: share your expertise. Never ask your client “what are we doing today?” You’re the expert, inspire your clients! They are visiting you for the benefit of your expertise, your knowledge and your advice. Ask open questions about how they feel about their hair, make recommendations and explain why you’ve made those recommendations, ultimately reaching an agreement between you both.
  • 5 Habit: using clippers
    Replace with: scissors. Don’t be tempted to use the clippers just because they’re quick and easy. Keep prioritising your scissor-over-comb skills; it develops your scissor action and opens up a world of cutting opportunities.
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Nov 162020 Gossip

Centri estetici in zona arancione aperti

centri estetici

CONFESTETICA attraverso un Comunicato Ufficiale del 15 Novembre 2020 dichiara che sono consentiti gli spostamenti dei clienti dei Centri Estetici in altro comune diverso dal proprio, con autocertificazione, nelle ZONE ARANCIONI.

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Nov 042020 Gossip

I PARRUCCHIERI e i BARBIERI resteranno aperti anche nelle “aree rosse“, ovvero nelle Regioni (o nelle zone delle Regioni) che andranno in lockdown a causa della situazione epidemiologica della Pandemia COVID-19.

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Apr 292020 Gossip

Il trend della barba di recente aveva raggiunto proporzioni globali. Poi è arrivato l’emergenza CORONAVIRUS e con esso la chiusura dei barber shop per il lockdown e, più recentemente, la notizia che le mascherine di protezione dal virus potrebbero essere meno efficaci se indossate in presenza di una folta peluria o barba sul viso.

La peluria non deve fuoriuscire dal bordo della mascherina per non impedire l’adesione alla pelle di dispositivi e respiratori, per evitare che l’aria non venga filtrata in maniera perfetta.

Gli operatori sanitari dovrebbero radersi il viso in questo periodo di emergenza” hanno commentato i chirurghi americani al New York Times.

In piena emergenza Covid-19, sui foglietti allegati alle mascherine di protezione in stoffa morbida di tipo ffp2 si legge “…non usare con barba, basette o baffi che potrebbero impedire una buona tenuta del respiratore sul volto”.

Sconsigliate le barbe folte alla Garibaldi e quelle da hipster. La moda della barba sicuramente dovrà aspettare tempi migliori.

Fonte: ANSA | Lifestyle | Beauty&Fitness

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Apr 152020 Gossip

Riconosciuto in tutto il mondo come uno dei migliori hairstylist britannici, TONY RIZZO, fondatore del noto Gruppo di hairstylists SANRIZZ, ci invia un messaggio di speranza per superare questo periodo particolarmente nero causato dal CORONAVIRUS.


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Apr 152020 Gossip

TONI&GUY international artistic director COS SAKKAS believes staying inspired and excited at home is achievable

In the world of the lockdown, it can be easy to slump on the sofa and get lost in a world of box sets. However, when the pandemic has slowed down and we all return to work, the last thing you want to be is uninspired, bored and slow to get back into the throng of clients, shows and photo shoots.


TONI&GUY international artistic director and head of education, Cos Sakkas, believes staying inspired and excited at home is achievable, even if you are at home by yourself.

“The novelty of being sent home will soon die off,” he says. “There’s only so many days you can watch Netflix, or binge watch box sets before your brain starts to stagnate! Before you know it, you will be back in the salon, with clients demanding much-needed haircuts and colour, so you need to be ready. Social media is still going to be talking about trends, celebrities and how to create the look, so clients will be wanting to look better than ever when they come back so you need to be on top of your game.”

Cos Sakkas

Cos’s five ways to keep inspired when you are on lockdown !

1 Social media is full of style advice with stylists from around the world hosting their own live tutorials, with everything from haircuts to balayage to bridal hair and extensions. We’re doing regular sessions for hairdressers on colour, cuts, styling and Q&As on our social media platforms, so follow those that you admire and continue learning from your sofa!

2 Use your team Whatsapp group to set a question of the week and start a conversation about customer care, retail services, trends and techniques. When you’re away from the pressures of work it can be amazing what you come up with!

3 Start a project and research the history of hair and the hairdressing industry. Who trained with who, signature styles and be inspired by your hair hero’s career journey. 

4 Head to ted.com for inspirational talks and soundbites from all industries that will keep you motivated. Just because we are on lockdown doesn’t mean you have to put a stop to your business and creative knowledge.

5 Try something you’ve not done before. Read a book, listen to a podcast, practice a new technique. But above all don’t worry, don’t panic, your hair family will be there for you when we get through this.

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