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Sep 112020 Gossip
Desmond Murray International Hairstylist

Part of his exploration of contemporary Paris fashion, Parisian Couture explores the shapes, textures and designs of haute couture with hair that
reflects the diverse looks and styles of leading fashion houses.

Ph: Desmond Murray
Make-Up: Jo Sugar
Stylist: Deanne Lewis


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May 212020 Gossip
Desmond Murray  International Hairstylist

Hybrid fuses the traditional real or imagined differences between The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. During the 60’s kids were either in one camp or the other, with each group having key style features to define them. As with most groups, however, there was more that united them as rebellious youth than divided them. This collection draws together the fashion and trend elements of each group and fuses them together in modern collection.

Ph: Desmond Murray
Make-Up: Ellen Bridger


5 (100%) 1 vote[s]

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