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Apr 022021 Gossip

“My Reverie collection is all about being pleasantly lost in your thoughts. In a world of restrictions, it’s a moment you can lose yourself in a daydream and immerse yourself in a world of creativity and fantasy.”

Cos Sakkas, 2020 British Hairdresser of the Year nominee

Hair: Cos Sakkas, TONI&GUY, London
Photographs: Jack Eames


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Mar 082021 Gossip

Whether you’re an apprentice at the start of your career, a senior stylist looking for that next move or a salon owner bursting with ideas, there’s never been a better time than now to set your goals for the year ahead.

With a reopening date now in the diary, it’s a great time to put pen to paper and plan for the rest of your year – and beyond!

TONI&GUY international artistic director and head of education, Cos Sakkas, says setting goals is important for your mental and emotional health. “We all need something to strive towards – whether it is a date for reopening, a promotion in the salon or the start of a new project.”

“2021 may not have started in the way we wanted, but now we can start to see a light at the end of the tunnel, it’s the perfect opportunity to sit and really plan what you want to do with your time. Don’t put your goals or ambitions on hold, but do everything you can to make them possible.”

Four goals Cos thinks every hairdresser should set themselves

1 Always look at the positive. We’re living in a world where anything and everything is changing. The news and social media is full of negativity and panic – but from a negative there is always a positive. When our Academy was forced to close, it was a shock, but we looked at the positives and it kickstarted our digital learning which we had already been planning. While others were lamenting not being able to educate, we rolled out sessions and workshops to our TONI&GUY family around the world. And actually felt more connected than ever. So never accept the situation, always look at what is possible.  

2 Look after your mental health. 2020 really taught us how important out mental health is. While many were stuck inside by themselves away from family or friends, it’s essential we put our mental health on a par with our physical health. Make sure you go for your daily walk, take time away from screens and pick up the phone to talk to friends you’ve not spoken to for a while. Talking about anything but the current situation will really lift your mood. Continue looking after your mental health even when you return to the salon.

3 Get off social media. It’s easy to fall down the warren hole and spend hours scrolling through social media. So use your time wisely. Follow 10 new people very week that will stretch your imagination and inspire you – from authors to designers, artists to models and musicians. Look outside of hairdressing for new ideas and inspiration.

4 Keep up to date with trends. When clients come back to the salon many are going to want a brand-new look. So, make sure you can offer them something bespoke, something modern and something that makes them look and feel fantastic. Check out our new CONNECTED collection on social media, look at London Fashion Week, models and campaigns to see the shapes, textures and colours that are on trend.

Find out more about Cos Sakkas:


Instagram: @cossakkas

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Feb 022021 Gossip

step by step :
haircut and colors
combine for the perfect
SS21 look !



The HALO is a series of circular sections which allows the perimeter area to be worked on separately, or to be disconnected from the interior. It’s the perfect sectioning technique to cut visually and allows you to see the complete outline shape build up with softness. You can, however, apply a more disciplined technique if opting to create strength.

“The haircut demonstrates the versatility of technique within the Halo sectioning. The geometric lines and strong build-up of graduation through the profile contrasts the softer interior and fringe areas. The inspiration stems from the trend of raw hair cutting to create a street-cast vibe that is promoting individuality.”

Cos Sakkas – Head of education and international artistic director

1 After sectioning, starting at the back, a diagonal section is taken and cut using the Classic Graduation technique, decreasing in length, elevation controlled to build-up weight.

2 Once balanced, diagonal sections are continued up towards the top of the first section, the elevation is gradually lowered and checked to create a consistent build-up of weight.

3 At the front lower Halo section, a strong graphic line is created that disconnects from the fringe and back graduation, a diagonal back section is taken and a guideline created, sections are then directed down at a low elevation and repeated on the opposite side.

4 At the centre Halo section, curved diagonal sections are worked through both sides, the hair is directed down to the original guideline to continue the build-up of weight, again precision is key. This is worked up to the top of the Halo section until the last section is reached. This will then be continued through into the upper side Halo section.

5 Through the top, a loose freehand approach is taken allowing a disconnection from the structured underneath. From a profile section, a line is point cut working longer towards the front. Sections are directed to this, building up length that will give optional length within the personalising.

6 The fringe area is then cut freehand using the slicing technique eliminating weight and length. This is worked to individual requirements, before slicing through the disconnections creating a proportion of balance within the shape. label.m Therapy Rejuvenating Protein Cream is applied before blow drying, any personalising is done creating a seamless blend between the disconnections to complete the look. label.m Shine Mist is used to finish.


Panelling is an internal detail that moves away from the surface colour application which was on-trend last year. This latest panelling technique focuses on internal strengths of tone creating a prominent distribution of colour where needed.

“A mixture of grey hues and pops of yellow to grab our attention, the colour pallette gives platinum blonds a mixture of on-trend tones Grey with a playful juxtaposing pop of colour, Yellow.”

Jo O’Neill – International technical education director

1 A large rectangle section is taken on top of the head using horizontal partings on either side from high recession to meet the radial. The sides are then sub-divided with a horizontal parting on either side to create two more rectangle sections. This parting is then continued through to the back of the head on either side creating two more sections. The first section is colour blocked with the colour Silver. Once complete, isolate with clear meche and repeat this application on the opposite side.

2 A shadow root technique is applied in Masonry Grey. Firstly, applying to all the root area. Once completed the colour Silver is applied to the mid-lengths and ends. Isolate each section with clear meche and repeat application on opposite side.

3 The section at the side is colour blocked with Silver. This is then isolated with clear meche. The next section, shadow root is applied using colour Masonry Grey. A panel of interior contouring is worked by applying the colour Yellow directly underneath the Masonry Grey with no diffusion. The application of Silver is applied to the ends of the hair, repeat this application on the final side. Masonry Grey is applied to the root and Silver to the length and ends.

4 The section at the side is colour blocked with Silver. This is then isolated with clear meche. Shadow roots is applied with Masonry Grey all throughout the remaining section, Silver is applied through the mid-lengths and a panel of perimeter contouring is applied in Yellow. Repeat this method of application until this section is complete. Isolate with clear meche.

5 To create a panel, a diagonal back parting is taken from the hairline. Shadow roots of Masonry Grey is applied and the colour Yellow applied to the mid-lengths and ends. Isolate with a clear meche.

6 In the remaining section, apply shadow root in the colour Masonry Grey and the colour Silver through to the lengths and ends. Isolating each section with clear meche.


20g Platinum Plus + 60g Platinum Nutri Developer 20 volume
Masonry Grey
50g Dialight 7.12 + 75g Diactivateur 9 volume
50g Dialight 9.11 + 75g Diactivateur 9 volume
10g Dialight 9.3 + 10g Dialight Clear + 30g Diactivateur 9 volume

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Nov 272020 Gossip

Come and join us on Sunday 29 November
at 10am (GMT) for an hour-long
virtual experience

tony&guy fashion week

Date: 29 November
Time: 10am (GMT)
Register: https://education.toniandguy.com

toni&guy digital event

The international creative team will showcase its brand-new campaign along with presentations inspired by fashion week shows from around the world, and a stunning avant-garde finale. A fast and furious hour of education and amazing hair. Join our virtual experience that’s bursting with inspiration, celebration and beautiful presentations.

International creative director, Cos Sakkas, says:
2020 has been a year when we have all been apart – but our industry has never felt so connected. We wanted to present an exciting hour of hair to bring the global hairdressing industry together with inspiration and be ready for 2021. We hope you’ll join us in our celebration of hair. We’d love you to share this link with every hairdresser in your country to join in our hour of inspiration.

How to Watch

Click to REGISTER NOW below and follow the sign-up steps.
An email will be sent to you with a link to verify your email address which will complete your registration for the event.


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Nov 132020 Gossip

The great thing about being a hairdresser is there is always something new to learn. Whether it’s a technique, trend or trying out new products, it’s easy for stylists to update their skills. And while the basics may remain the same, it’s the little things that make your work modern and relevant for clients today.

HAIR is the ultimate fashion accessory and it has never been so talked about than this year,” says TONI&GUY international artistic director, COS SAKKAS. “Women – and men – have really appreciated what we do, how we can transform their hair and how important we are to them. It may not have been the year to talk trends, but it has been the year to talk about looking after what you’ve got, how to add small details for a change and how beautiful, wearable hair makes you feel great.

2020 has also been the year of learning new things – from baking bread to learning a new language. For hairdressers, it’s been the perfect time to keep on top of skills and learn new ones. TONI&GUY, along with other companies, have been creating digital education and while it will never replace a live classroom experience, it has meant we can ensure that when clients come back to the salon, we are more than ready for them.”

COS SAKKAS give his tips
on making education
during a pandemic work for you

Cos Sakkas for TONI&GUY

1 It’s easy to forget about training and concentrate on getting your clients in your chair. But if the pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that people’s lifestyles have changed. It’s not just about looking good, they want to feel great too. So think about your consultation process and how that can be improved.

2 It’s all in the detail – not everyone wants a drastic change, but a new fringe, added layers or small colour change can make a huge difference. Focus on your personalising and finishing skills.

3 Make sure you are aware of what celebrities are wearing – a new fringe or colour can be the next trend.

4 There’s so many digital courses, so choose wisely. Do your research. What do you want to learn? What do you admire about the person holding the education session? What will you learn from the session?

5 As well as updating your everyday skills, spend some time on your creativity. Playing with hair is an important part of our job as you think outside the box.

6 Working on a mannequin head is not like working on a real model/client – but it does mean you can try something new without any tears if it goes wrong! Push yourself to try new textures, new cutting techniques and new shapes.

7 Take advantage of any free education your product partners are offering. Many are offering sessions in business as well as creativity so make sure you are part of it.

8 There are some great educators around the world offering digital education. At TONI&GUY we have uploaded Get the Looks onto our IGTV, social media can be a great place to be inspired.

9 Perfect your specialist area, but make sure you are competent in all skills. You need to be able to accommodate every request that comes through your door – from short hair to Afro to curls and long hair.

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Sep 292020 Gossip
Cos Sakkas, TONI&GUY International Hairstylists

” I wanted to create a collection of front covers for editorial fashion magazines; each image is a limited-edition front cover. Identity represents the style of a dynamic, adventurous woman and evokes a feeling of freedom and experimentation, where power tailoring collides with the unmistakable feminine form, to create a collection of images that are confident yet beautiful and allows you to embrace whoever you choose to be “

Ph: Jack Eames
Make-up: Lan Nguyen-Grealis
Stylist Veronica Greenhill


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@collection UK @cos sakkas @international hairstylist @Toni&Guy @UK hairstylist
May 272020 Gossip

The nominees for HJ’s coveted British Hairdresser of the Year award have been announced – showcasing the wealth of talent and unshakeable passion within British hairdressing


This year Adam Reed, Angelo Seminara, Cos Sakkas, Darren Ambrose, Errol Douglas, Eugene Souleiman, Gary Hooker & Michael Young (Hooker & Young), Richard Ashforth, Robert Eaton and Sally Brooks wowed the British hairdressing industry, resulting in their nomination for the coveted title. This top ten received the closest voting cluster ever recorded in the award’s history, resulting in more nominees than ever before.

Nominated by top-tier hairdressers, influencers and UK and international press for their professional reputation, creative vision and their ability to act as an ambassador for British hairdressing, Executive Director of Hairdressers Journal International, Jayne Lewis Orr, said:

“British hairdressing has certainly faced its greatest ever challenge this year. It has been a testing time for us all and I have been so impressed with, but not surprised by, the industry’s continued professionalism, resilience and creativity. The British Hairdresser of the Year title has been the most sought-after for more than three decades. This year especially, it is recognition of the stylists at the forefront of this thriving, talented and professional community. The award not only cements the careers of exceptional hairdressers but consistently raises standards across our industry year-on-year.”

Since its inception in 1985, the title of HJ British Hairdresser of the Year has transformed exceptional stylists into either dynamic household names or meteoric hairdressing careers, previous winners include Trevor Sorbie, John Frieda, Umberto Giannini, Nicky Clarke, Charles Worthington, Antoinette Beenders, Beverley C and Sally Brooks to name a few.

The winner will be announced on Monday 30th November 2020 at JW Marriott Grosvenor House, Park Lane, alongside the winners in six specialist categories and nine regional categories, on the biggest night in the hairdressing calendar.

HJ’s 2020 British Hairdresser of the Year nominees:

  • Adam Reed, session stylist and salon owner, a colourful, skilful character bridging consumer and hairdressing worlds
  • Angelo Seminara, four times winner and one of the most captivating and original hair stylists of our time
  • Cos Sakkas, third time nominee, an artistic talent and a legend within Toni & Guy
  • Darren Ambrose, previous British Hairdresser of the Year winner 2015, a leader within session styling and hairdressing alike
  • Errol Douglas, MBE, honoured by Her Majesty the Queen for services to hairdressing, multiple award winner and hairdressing superstar
  • Eugene Souleiman, no words other than Eugene is a session stylist extraordinaire
  • Gary Hooker and Michael Young, (Hooker & Young) 12th consecutive nomination of British Hairdressers of the Year and hairdressing’s most famous duo, stage-stars, creative inspiration and talented educators
  • Richard Ashforth, first time nomination, well renowned in the hairdressing industry for his directional, forward thinking ideas, his belief in simplicity and commitment to beauty
  • Rob Eaton, current British Hairdresser of the Year 2019 andone of the most current and renowned colourists of the moment
  • Sally Brooks, two times winner ofBritish Hairdresser of the Year (2017 & 2018), Sally is a global stage and creative star, renowned hairdresser and a national hero following her hairdressing documentary that is reaching educationalists and parents across the UK.
Rob Eaton Winner 2019
Rob Eaton – British Hairdressers Award Winner 2019

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Apr 152020 Gossip

TONI&GUY international artistic director COS SAKKAS believes staying inspired and excited at home is achievable

In the world of the lockdown, it can be easy to slump on the sofa and get lost in a world of box sets. However, when the pandemic has slowed down and we all return to work, the last thing you want to be is uninspired, bored and slow to get back into the throng of clients, shows and photo shoots.


TONI&GUY international artistic director and head of education, Cos Sakkas, believes staying inspired and excited at home is achievable, even if you are at home by yourself.

“The novelty of being sent home will soon die off,” he says. “There’s only so many days you can watch Netflix, or binge watch box sets before your brain starts to stagnate! Before you know it, you will be back in the salon, with clients demanding much-needed haircuts and colour, so you need to be ready. Social media is still going to be talking about trends, celebrities and how to create the look, so clients will be wanting to look better than ever when they come back so you need to be on top of your game.”

Cos Sakkas

Cos’s five ways to keep inspired when you are on lockdown !

1 Social media is full of style advice with stylists from around the world hosting their own live tutorials, with everything from haircuts to balayage to bridal hair and extensions. We’re doing regular sessions for hairdressers on colour, cuts, styling and Q&As on our social media platforms, so follow those that you admire and continue learning from your sofa!

2 Use your team Whatsapp group to set a question of the week and start a conversation about customer care, retail services, trends and techniques. When you’re away from the pressures of work it can be amazing what you come up with!

3 Start a project and research the history of hair and the hairdressing industry. Who trained with who, signature styles and be inspired by your hair hero’s career journey. 

4 Head to ted.com for inspirational talks and soundbites from all industries that will keep you motivated. Just because we are on lockdown doesn’t mean you have to put a stop to your business and creative knowledge.

5 Try something you’ve not done before. Read a book, listen to a podcast, practice a new technique. But above all don’t worry, don’t panic, your hair family will be there for you when we get through this.

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