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Apr 192013 Gossip




This new collection from Chris Foster for Fudge is the sequel to the collection ‘Salon 13’. Salon 13 was the first comic book hair collection, for ‘The Duelists’ Chris worked very closely with the photographer Andy Kruczek and they both felt that it was time to shake things up a bit when creating a hair collection; they wanted a collection that had narrative structures to it. The Duelists collection got the two of them thinking about characters, story lines, and strong visual themes. It has taken two years for them to achieve what they wanted to do with this collection; Fudge colour and styling products were used to create all the looks within the collection. The original inspiration came from the genre Steam Punk, a science fiction fantasy placed in the Victorian era – they wanted the Victorian era transported to the 23rd century. They both wanted to display the elegance of Victorian fashion manners and the morality of Victorian’s in England but with a twist, as though the Victorian explorers have slipped into a parallel universe where brass, clockwork and mechanical devices were refined to a point where they became almost magical, producing anti-gravitational fields, death rays, time machines and spaceships. Other influences included Metropolis, The Fifth Element and Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow.

Hair: Chris Foster @ Fudge
Photo: Andy Kruczek
Make-up: Keiko Mizuno
Clothes Styling: Darren Knight

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Jan 172013 Gossip
Hair: P. Baltieri, A. Labriola, L. Martini, F. Pandolfi, P. Kersic, P. Kamimski
Photo and Design: A.M. Turello
Stylist: L. Capelli
Models: LA SENK Agency
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Jan 072013 Gossip
J.M. ManiatisJ.M. ManiatisJ.M. ManiatisJ.M. ManiatisJ.M. Maniatis
J.M. ManiatisJ.M. ManiatisJ.M. ManiatisJ.M. ManiatisJ.M. Maniatis
Coiffages: André Delahaigue Assisté d’Alexandre Protti
Photographe: Frédéric Farré
Couleurs: Enzo Veiga et Pamela Frangopoulos
Maquillage: Aline Schmitt
Stylisme: Sylvie Portugal
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