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May 212014 Gossip

Secret Master Class

SECRET MASTER CLASS is an independent, itinerant and unpredictable event that aims to open minds and excite the audience with the inspiring venues and great surprises.
The founding spirit of this initiative is make a small group of hairstylists who follow X-presion in social media live a professional dream. Watch the video on GLOBElife.TV!

Concept: X-presion Producciones
Photographer: Robert Lobetta
Hair style: e’Salon + Saco + Xavi Garcia + X-presion
Stylist: Carol Gamarra
Make up: Lewis Amarante Minaya para Max Factor
Post-production: Kay Lobetta
Video: OneFrame

Click and watch the VIDEO

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May 212014 Gossip

molecular oxygen

Upper layers of the skin rely on and are largely supplied by atmospheric oxygen. This molecular oxygen is vital to support the normal structure and activity of cells and plays a crucial role in the production of collagen, which is synthesized when proline and lysine are hydroxylated with adequate levels of oxygen. Many factors can contribute to sub-optimal skin oxygen levels, including the aging process. Revitalizing the skin through delivery of molecular oxygen in cosmetic products is now possible with OxyForce™ Cellular Active, a high performance solution that increases skin oxygen partial pressure, supporting natural collagen production, wrinkle depth reduction, and skin smoothness.

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May 202014 Gossip

Beauty News


è la sezione di GLOBElife
dove è possibile trovare notizie e novità
dal Mondo della Bellezza.

Tutto ciò che vi può interessare
sulle nuove tendenze nails,
le passerelle degli stilisti internazionali,
gli accessori moda che spopolano tra gli amanti del fashion.

Clicca e scopri BEAUTY NEWS !

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May 202014 Gossip

uomini oro

Da anni la Redazione di GLOBElife celebra e diffonde i prodotti meritevoli del marchio “PRODUCT of EXCELLENCE” ma… avete mai conosciuto gli uomini che governano le Aziende di queste eccellenze? Chi “manovra” le strategie prodotto? Chi detta le linee guida del marketing, del commerciale e della distribuzione dei vari Brand? Oggi la personalità del Leader d’Azienda incide in maniera determinante sul valore del Marchio.


uomini oro

GIULIA GIORNI – Resp. Ricerca e Sviluppo e Controllo Qualità


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May 202014 Gossip


Apprenticeships were firmly on the hairdressing agenda, with National Apprenticeship Week (3-7 March) celebrating the nation’s apprentice learners and employers, and the government announcing that hairdressers were to be involved in the next wave of apprenticeship trailblazers. The government apprenticeship trailblazer scheme aims to involve employers to map out the future of apprenticeship training within their specific industry, and March saw hairdressers, barbers and beauty salons included in the next wave of the scheme. Working with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, the second wave of trailblazer employers will help develop and test new models for more employer-based and employer-led standards for apprenticeships. The ambition is to develop apprenticeships that can be explained on a single sheet of A4, work for both small and large business and which, crucially, will include relevant, pratical testing and grading at the end of the training.

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May 192014 Gossip

Sassoon Academy, 56 Brook Street, London, W1K 5NE


To book a SASSOON ACADEMY COURSE means immerse ourselves in hands-on practical work session and detailed tutorials to hone our skills, boost our confidence and expard our repertoire developing our talent. Booking a “5 day Academy”, “Salon Creative” or “abc course” in June, July or August you’ll receive an additional 5 day course Half Price!

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