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On hair show and Exhibition 2019
Oct 062014 Gossip

 Salón  Look Internacional

Salón Look Internacional, the Image and Integral Aesthetics Exhibition, organised by IFEMA, will stage its 17th edition from 17 to 19 October at Feria de Madrid. This gathering will once again be the best place to discover the latest trends and innovations in the beauty care, cosmetic surgery, hairdressing, cosmetics, make-up and nail-care sector.
In an innovative move, this edition will be staged for the first time in halls 12, 14 and 14.1 of Feria de Madrid. This means that the commercial area and the venues for the different shows and activities will be in a more compact and accessible setting for trade visitors.

In addition to its commercial activity, the event will offer a packed schedule of parallel activities including the Aesthetics Congress, the 3rd edition of the Course on New Technologies in Aesthetic Medicine, the Nailympics, the make-up championships, the Hair Look Focus and the Academy training programme.
These events and activities will enhance the experience of the visitor, who will be able to find out first-hand about the leading sector players’ latest innovations and achievements. 

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Oct 032014 Gossip


This educational spectacular, which takes place on 19 October at Feria de Madrid, will showcase the creativity and techniques of hairdressers of the calibre of Marcel Montlleó, of Pelsynera, Antonio Calvo and Mikel Luzea.

Madrid, 1st October 2014 – On 19 October at 11:30 AM the first edition of “EFFERVESCENE” an educational hairdressing show directed by Mikel Luzea will be staged as part of Pasarela Hair Look at SALON LOOK INTERNACIONAL, the Hairdressing, Beauty, Cosmetics and Accessories Fair.
“EFFERVESCENE” is a play on words which in English means “effervescent scene” and the aim is to deliver precisely this: an effervescence of ideas, tricks, creativity, techniques, etc. This show will strive every year to bring together the most outstanding leading-edge Spanish hairdressers for an educational extravaganza, where they explain live the techniques used in their latest creations.
This first edition of the show will feature some of the leading lights of the Spanish hairdressing scene, namely Marcel Montlleó, Pelsynera, Antonio Calvo and Mikel Luzea.
“EFFERVESCENE” will be one of the shows at Pasarela Hair Look, Spain’s top hairdressing showcase, which every season brings together leading stylists and brands for a spectacular presentation to professionals of the hottest trends in cuts, techniques and colours. This venue, in hall 14.1 of Feria de Madrid, also hosts the shows of Madrid Fashion Week twice every year.

Mikel Luzea

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Oct 032014 Gossip


The 1st edition of the Beyond Beauty ASEAN trade show, held in Bangkok from September 18th to 20th, has scored a great success by gathering 8,218 visitors over 3 days among which 1,567 international coming from 37 countries. This “one stop tradeshow” achieved to position itself as a key trade platform for the ASEAN Beauty Industry as well as Thailand’s main Beauty hub in the region.
This fruitful edition – with 227 exhibitors coming from 23 countries including 5 national pavilions (Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia) – has showcased 2000 products covering the sectors of Beauty & Cosmetics, Spa & Well-being, Herb & Supplement, Nair & Hair leading the event to an estimated trade volume of 30 millions USD (according to the organizer’s exhibitor survey). Such a great and wide range of business opportunities has been reinforced by the Hosted VIP Buyers programme which brought 100 top buyers from the ASEAN region to attend and participate in more than 450 pre-scheduled business meetings with the exhibitors.

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Oct 022014 Gossip


Esce oggi, in edicola, su VERO l’articolo sulla 2° puntata di LOOKMAKER ACADEMY.
Le repliche di LOOKMAKER ACADEMY, verranno trasmesse tutte le domeniche su
VERO TV, canale 55 del digitale terrestre alle ore 21.00.


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Oct 022014 Gossip


Tokyo, Giappone:
entusiasmo ed interesse per i phon Parlux   Tokyo, Giappone:
entusiasmo ed interesse per i phon Parlux  Tokyo, Giappone:
entusiasmo ed interesse per i phon Parlux

Tokyo, Giappone: entusiasmo ed interesse per i phon Parlux
Alcuni esemplari del phon Parlux 385 PowerLight® Light Blue Emerald, sono recentemente stati testati da alcuni stilisti del capello dei saloni più “in” del momento di Tokyo. Questo modello li ha piacevolmente sorpresi ed interessati per le sue speciali caratteristiche, studiate appositamente e dedicate ad un intenso uso professionale. Michi, esperta hairstylist del salone Assort ha subito gradito la potenza e la leggerezza di questo phon – mentre Yuki e Nori, giovani parrucchieri del salone Gold hanno molto apprezzato la sua maneggevolezza, la silenziosità ed il sistema Cerami & Ionic –anche perché i parrucchieri giapponesi sono abituati a trattare capelli asiatici, notoriamente molto forti e resistenti – Tant’è che alcuni di loro, informano che, prima di aver provato un asciugacapelli Parlux 385 PowerLight®, molto spesso utilizzavano due phon contemporaneamente, proprio per dimezzare i tempi di asciugatura ! Tutto ciò potrà essere evitato; per i saloni di Tokyo, sempre all’avanguardia per proporre alla clientela locale ed internazionale gli ultimi trend della moda capelli occidentale e non, i phon Parlux, strumenti tecnologicamente avanzati, ormai indispensabili i tutti i saloni, saranno una garanzia per il loro lavoro futuro.

Parlux hairdryers in Tokyo, Japan: enthusiasm and interest
Some samples of the hairdryer model Parlux 385 PowerLight®Light Blue Emerald have been recently tested by some stylists in some of Tokyo’s hair salons. This dryer immediately caught their attention and interest, due to its special, technical professional features, such as power and lightness, ideal size, less noise while operating and for its Ceramic & Ionic system which allows for very quick drying, especially as they are used for Asian customers who have strong and thick hair. Before trying this hairdryer Parlux 385PowerLight®, some of these hairdressers, in order to shorten drying time, often used two different dryers simultaneously, In Tokyo, stylists often propose Western hair styles to their costumers so now in the future they will be able to use these new professional hairdryers enabling them to achieve a perfect finish.

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Oct 022014 Gossip

Collection Automne-hiver 2014-15
Cette saison, nous avons voulu une collection Arty, pop et rock, imaginée pour une parisienne décontractée… Un travail précis crée du mouvement sur des matières naturelles et suggère des doubles longueurs avec des effets coiffés décoiffés mais toujours construits. Cette inspiration Arty, dynamique et colorée, apporte de la chaleur et de l’optimisme à notre collection hivernale.

This season, we wanted an Arty, pop-rock collection, designed for laid-back Parisiennes. Precision cutting creates movement for natural materials, hinting at double lengths with tangled/untangled effects, yet still carefully-constructed. This bright, pep-Arty inspiration brings warmth and an upbeat mood to our winter collection.

Haute Coiffure Francaise Haute Coiffure Francaise Haute Coiffure Francaise

Haute Coiffure Francaise Haute Coiffure Francaise

RÉALISATION Haute Coiffure Française
ÉQUIPE DE CRÉATION Sophie Bauçais, Jérémy Blanc, Véronique Dumazet, Cyril Fourcade, Christophe Gaillet, Laetitia Guenaou, Philippe Laurent, Laurent Tourette, Eric Zemmour
CASTING Virginie Visco
COLORATION L’Oréal Professionnel
MAQUILLAGE Catherine Dargenton
STYLISME Nado Al Tabbal
CONCEPTION Infinirouge

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Oct 012014 Gossip

Attenzione alle truffe di call center che dicono di dover spedire riviste prenotate e in giacenza presso il corriere pena l’aumento dei costi del deposito corriere in aggiunta al costo riviste:
è una TRUFFA !

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Oct 012014 Gossip


PETTENON COSMETICS SPA partecipa a “Sporcatevi le mani”, iniziativa organizzata dell’Associazione “I Bambini delle fate”, sostenendo finanziariamente la realizzazione di progetti per dare supporto a ragazze e ragazzi affetti da autismo.
Questa azienda sostiene ogni mese questo progetto con il cuore nel sociale.

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Sep 302014 Gossip

La Sig.ra Dolores Kondrashova, stringe le mani alla Sig.ra Rosanna Scatigno,
direttore dell’Accademia ISargassi.


ISargassi Италия предлагает стиль, идеи и инновации на сцене московского Фестиваля «Мир Красоты» (World of Beauty).

Долорес Кондрашова, президент Союза Парикмахеров и Косметологов России, с волнением пожала руку директора Академии ISargassi Розанны Скатиньо, демонстрируя этим символическим жестом уважение и восхищение командой итальянских мастеров ISargassi.

ISargassi l’Italia che produce stile, idee, innovazione, era lì, su quella pedana di Mosca all’ evento “Mir Krasoty” (World of Beauty).
Nell’occasione la Sig.ra Dolores Kondrashova, Presidente dell’Unione Parrucchieri e Cosmetologi della Russia, ha stretto, con commozione, le mani al direttore dell’Accademia ISargassi Sig.ra Rosanna Scatigno, riconoscendo con quel gesto stima e ammirazione per il team italiano ISargassi.

ISargassi Italy generated style, ideas, innovation on the stage of Moscow event “Mir Krasoty” (World of Beauty).

In this occasion Mrs. Dolores Kondrashova, President of the Union of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists of Russia, positively impressed, shaked hand of ISargassi Academy’s Director Ms. Rosanna Scatigno, recognizing in that gesture respect and admiration for the italian team of ISargassi.

 I Sargassi

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