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Mar 062015 Gossip


This is a very inspirational collection for Pelsynera. In it they seek the femininity of every woman. The monochromatic colors provide strenght by enhancing the rounded shapes obtained with curved angles and straight lines, wich bring balance to the overall image.

Hair: Pelsynera – España
Collection: Menos 2
Ph: Oliver viladoms estudio
Make-up: Ricardo Grasa
Clothes: Bastian Neri

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Mar 062015 Gossip

Neville RamsayNeville RamsayNeville RamsayNeville Ramsay

Neville RamsayNeville RamsayNeville Ramsay

It’s a wig on wig collection with bold extreme colour texture and strong lines. Neville was influenced by the street trends of today. Strong wigs are fast becoming an accessory for any fashionista.


Hair: Neville Ramsay @ milk_shake using No Inhibition
Photography: Scott Spock
Make-Up: Vikky Johnston
Creative Direction and Styling: Korinne SW

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Mar 052015 Gossip


Allilon Education co-founder, Johnny Othona, and Master Stylist and Men’s Hair Specialist, Jonathan Corby, embarked on an educational journey to Holland earlier this month, delivering the brand’s four-day Primary Shapes courses to Dutch hairdressers looking to take their skills to the next level.
The renowned education company, which specialises in producing educational hair shows and seminars and exploring shapes and form in haircutting and colouring techniques, designed the Primary Shapes course to introduce Allilon Education’s basic principles of hairdressing. The course can be taught at any stage of a hairdresser’s career, helping them to understand the foundation of their craft. The intense private tuition consists of demonstrations, lectures and hands-on workshops, which are designed to give the stylist a better understanding in creating beautiful shapes.
Teaching Davines salon owners, educators, academy owners and stylists at a satellite academy, the Primary Shapes course took place from 8-11 February and was attended by eight students. The ratio of one educator to four students allowed for a more comprehensive form of education, a hallmark of the Allilon brand.
From March onwards, key educators from the Allilon Education team will be teaching the secrets of their craft to students in Canada and South Africa, delivering professional hair courses from its 2015 syllabus.
Says Johnny Othona, Director, Allilon Education: “Allilon Education firmly believes in profiling the brand globally to spread the Allilon philosophy far and wide. We love meeting new people and experiencing different cultures and it helps our brand maintain sustainability in the current climate. We learn something new on every trip and look forward to returning to the salon to distill our knowledge with the team.”

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Mar 052015 Gossip

Luke BensonLuke BensonLuke BensonLuke Benson

Luke BensonLuke BensonLuke BensonLuke Benson

Inspiration: Immortal I.D takes influence from across many eras combined with a sense of millinery within the hair. Shot with a Stephen Meisel feel, it has an editorial beauty and colourations to give strength and character to timeless imagery.

Hair: Luke Benson @ D & J Ambrose
Collection: Immortal I.D
Make Up: Lan Nguyen
Photographer: Catherine Harbour
Stylist: Jackie Ambrose

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Mar 052015 Gossip

True Whites

Devolver el resplandor a los cabellos blancos ya es posible con lo último de la línea Care Series de Lendan: ‘el verdadero blanco’.
Para mantener los tonos blancos y platinos del cabello es necesario un buen champú cuyo resultado final sea la neutralización del amarillo y un pelo con un blanco puro y luminoso. Por eso, a menos que vayas a la peluquería muy a menudo a que te corten el pelo, utilizando sólo un champú neutro vas a ver como poco a poco el cabello va tomando una apariencia amarillenta que da una sensación de dejadez.
El champú True Whites devuelve el resplandor a los cabellos grises, blancos, decolorados y platinos. Reduce la tonalidad amarilla proporcionando suavidad, hidratación y brillo natural al cabello.
Este champú hay que considerarlo de tratamiento, es decir, con una sola aplicación a la semana es suficiente. El resto de días puedes utilizar el champú Rich Nutrition de Lendan.
Un buen truco para aquellas personas que lleven mechas rubias y necesiten matizarlas, pueden usar True Whites y ese color amarillo ‘pollo’ que aparece con el paso del tiempo irá desapareciendo.

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Mar 052015 Gossip

Toni e GuyToni e GuyToni e Guy

Toni e GuyToni e GuyToni e Guy

Divert to where boundaries are pushed and the classics are re-imagined. Genius is driven by risk and risk rewards the bold.

Hair: Toni&Guy – UK

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Mar 042015 Gossip

Neil BartonNeil BartonNeil BartonNeil Barton

Neil Barton wanted to be playful with colour and textures in this collection. Using bold, sharp shapes to create illusions within the hair.

Hair: Neil Barton @ Neil Barton Hairdressing – UK
Collection: Absinthe
Ph: Richard Miles
Make-up: Sarah Jagger
Styling: Bernard Connelly
Products: Goldwell

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Mar 042015 Gossip

Image courtesy of Neville Salon Instagram @nevillesalonImage courtesy of Neville Salon Instagram @nevillesalonImage courtesy of Neville Salon Instagram @nevillesalon

Neville Hair & Beauty’s backstage team, headed by Stephen Low and Elena Lavagni, were enlisted to again devise the hair concept for Palmer//Harding at their London Fashion Week Show

The ICA show at London Fashion Week A/W 15 marks the fifth collaboration between the Palmer//Harding brand and the Neville salon team. The show drew crowds of a-listers and fashion press including Caroline Issa of Tank magazine and Yasmin and Amber Le Bon.
Carmen Borgonvo (stylist for Palmer//Harding and former creative director of My Wardrobe) said of the brief “We wanted the hair to be soft but at the same time give it a hard element. As you could see it looks a little bit like braids, but it’s not. It’s more like a crown of thorns that look romantic and strong at the same time. I think it was executed perfectly. Stephen Low is a talent and has a wonderful sensibility and I think he did an excellent job.”
Head stylist and creative director at Neville, Stephen Low says of his concept “ For the show we created an organic sort of look. We wanted to go with something very natural. As braids have been done so much in the past few fashion seasons we wanted to do something a little bit different and give it a raw feel as opposed to tightly placed around the head. You could actually see a few hairs flying around the head, which gave a lived-in feeling to it with one continuous circle of knots around the head.”
Of the product choices for the hair, Elena Lavagni (co-owner and creative director of Neville Salon) said, “In order to achieve the look we used L’Oreal Beach Wave spray to get that slightly rough texture whilst still maintaining that slightly dewy natural look.
Levi Palmer and Matthew Harding of Palmer//Harding spoke of their overall concept for the hair, “The hair was inspired by the slightly sinister kind of Amish look with innocent -looking knots placed around the head but with a twist. I’ve loved it. It’s my favourite hair so far and Stephen Low and the Neville team were just fantastic. When we talked about the hair-look with Stephen Low and the Neville salon team we said that we’ve never done anything like this before, as we wanted an innocent look but with a sinister edge. Something like a halo effect around the head but with a thorny crown effect. I think that Stephen has executed it brilliantly to our original concept ”.

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