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Jan 132016 Gossip


We all know that running a successful salon team requires strong leadership from the top, Ryan Fox (consultant who improves salon performance through training and innovation), explores what makes an effective leader. Some believe leaders are born, others believe good leadership can be learned. The truth is it’s probably a combination of both. There are many ways to lead a team and often it’s about picking the right approach at the right time. In today’s world, being flexible is often the key, however there are some fundamental principles that apply to the art of leadership.

What is your natural approach?
One of the first things is to know how you naturally come across as a leader. Are you hard and assertive with people or are you a soft touch? Are you consistent with your actions or do you act on impulse depending on how you feel that day? Do you have a natural sense of fairness or do you have your favourites who always get a better response from you? It’s worth doing a SWOT analysis on yourself to identify your own natural Strengths and Weaknesses in your leadership ability so you know what you need to work on i.e. your Opportunities for personal growth and to know the Threats to your influence as leader.

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Jan 122016 Gossip

Klaus Peter OchsKlaus Peter Ochs

Klaus Peter OchsKlaus Peter Ochs

Hair: Klaus Peter Ochs – Denmark
Collection: Good Bad Girl Ph: Steve Wells/Paris, assisted by Alex Jonas/Paris
Make-up: Florent Peller/Paris
Styling: Jonathan Martin/Paris-New York
Artistic Team: Corina Böhm, Davide Carsidona
Concept: Elmarie Lignier/Paris
Production: Elmarie Lignier/Paris
Web Design: Maike Munck Graphicdesign/Frankfurt
Web Development: Viviana Menzel – Dr. Menzel It/Langgöns
Text: Petra Weinzierl/Hamburg

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Jan 122016 Gossip


Secondo le previsioni di Ancc-Coop nel 2016 ci sarà crescita per le spese dedicate al benessere personale (palestre, parrucchieri, SPA, medicinali) e quelle per il miglioramento dell’ambiente domestico (ristrutturazioni edilizie, nuovi elettrodomestici, arredamento).

Nel 2016 quindi cresceranno in misura netta i consumi a cui gli italiani avevano rinunciato con più difficoltà.

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Jan 082016 Gossip


Le Aziende più solide finanziariamente, i distributori più dinamici, le Accademie più prestigiose, i migliori Top Hairstylists mondiali collaborano con GLOBElife.com, il portale dell’Hairfashion n. 1 al mondo con leggibilità in 48 lingue e più di 9 MILIONI di visite all’anno.

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