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Mar 012016 Gossip

Sándor Szél (Figaro Team)Sándor Szél (Figaro Team)

“My most recent works are improvisations. Both hair styles were prepared on the day when the photos were taken, further developing my first ideas, on two consecutive days. I used a gel for the first hair, then created the final form using a wide toothed comb, leaving the natural shape of the hair at other places. For the second hair, I used a twisting technique on the scalp, and the remaining hair was straightened. As always, I have not used any supports or spare parts. I performed the afterwork of the images based on my recently completed video entitled “Inception” “.

Hair: Sándor Szél (Figaro Team) – HU
Collection: Inception
Ph: János Köntös
Make-up: Anna Szemeti
Model: Anna Szemeti, Henriett Marczinkó
Background photography: Gabor Csirmaz
Image manipulation: Sándor Szél ( Figaro Team )


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Mar 012016 Gossip

Hair: Daniele de Angelis @ Toni&Guy
Ph: Danny J Peace


The rise in male grooming and the growing number of fashion conscious consumers mean the global hair care market is set to grow steadily over the next three years, new figures have revealed.

Market research by Technavio has predicted that the global hair care market will grow at an annual rate of 3 per cent (Compound Annual Growth Rate) between now and 2019 to exceed USD 91 billion.

The trend for male grooming and the growing number of fashion-conscious consumers were cited as the principal reasons behind the growth, with the aging populations of developed nations such as the US, the UK, Canada, Germany, China, and Japan also boosting the sales of hair products.


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Feb 262016 Gossip


Da SALONE ALESSANDRA, a San Donà di Piave (Venezia), puoi trovare un ambiente rilassante e un servizio professionale e completo per la cura della tua bellezza. Acconciatura, estetica e benessere, trattamenti viso, corpo e molto altro ti aspettano.

Salone Alessandra, Via Calnova 10, San Donà di Piave (Venezia).

clicca e guarda lo SPOT !

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Feb 262016 Gossip


Qual’è la migliore scelta strategica per le aziende oggi? I dati dicono che è più importante essere il ” player” dominante in segmenti specifici piuttosto che avere la predominanza su scala globale. Addirittura sono da valorizzare i risultati locali. Probabilmente sono strategie meno spettacolari, ma molto più importanti e quelle che danno i migliori risultati.

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Feb 262016 Gossip

Raffel PagesRaffel PagesRaffel Pages

Raffel PagesRaffel PagesRaffel Pages

Vamos a dejar atrás toda norma hasta el punto de alterar todos los códigos establecidos… por fin llega la liberación!!! El futuro se está moviendo entre la pasión y la emoción… no hay límites!! La opulencia entra en escena, la conquista del placer, el culto a la belleza, el glamour que renace en los clásicos, en un nuevo barroco lleno de sensualidad, en códigos burgueses que vuelven a brillar… esplendor, sensualidad, misterio… déjate llevar por esta exagerada feminidad y el deseo de seducir! Los cabellos se rigen por volúmenes audaces y equilibrados. Recogidos muy elaborados y altos, siempre para potenciar esta estética desbordada de refinamiento y seducción. El maquillaje se inspira en los colores de pigmentos saturados como los malvas, rojizos y los falsos negros, pero siempre mezclados con toques dorados. Los ojos son intensos y las cejas y los labios acentuados en una elaborada aplicación.

Hair: Raffel Pages – España
Collection: Opulence
Ph: David Arnal @ Raffel Pages
Make-up: Alba Pesas @ Raffel Pages


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Feb 252016 Gossip

Here some pictures from the event by Haute Coiffure Française that was held in Paris, Carrousel du Louvre, in February 2016.

A combination of hair and fashion. A hairstyle for the catwalk followed by the Fred Sathal fashion show. Fred Sathal, designer and visual artist, whose work embodies various identities, in which she officiates for haute couture, stage arts and contemporary art. She works on materials and fabrics, moving them from their reality, in a plastic approach, rich of inventions, flamboyance, detachment from dogmas and all sorts of established manners, her works carries the value of being free. Very noticed in the world of haute couture, Fred Sathal produces unique pieces, real pieces of art. For this, she uses manipulations, procedures she invents and develops through an alchemy only her has the secret.

Sexy chic glamour, monochromatic, optical illusion. Each hairstylist presents three models, one for each theme. The modern woman who loves to shop, the woman straight off the front page of a magazine and the avant-garde woman who’s at the very forefront of fashion. Realized by Eric Zemmour (sexy chic glamour), Jérémy Blanc (monochromatic) and Sophie Bauçais (optical illusion).

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