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May 102017 Gossip


The mood conjured up by a beautiful stained glass window depicting Mary Magdalene is where I drew my inspiration for this collection. Nestled between heavy timeworn furniture in a little antique store it stands out like a beacon. Not so much in a visual form but the emotions I feel while I stand there and take it in. So powerful that something so beautiful and fragile has the ability to resonate sadness. Within my images I want to create feelings of melancholy mixed with beauty as depicted in most artwork of the disciple and her repentance from past transgressions.

HAIR: Crystal Giles – AU
Collection: The Penitent
Ph: Carl Keeley
Make-up: Aline Joyce
Styling: Kim Troung & Emma Van Der Merwe
Designer: Emma Van Der Merwe
Salon: Chumba Concept Salon, Melbourne


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May 102017 Gossip

“Omorfia – the Greek word for beauty. This collection is inspired by the grace and serenity that comes from shape, texture and softness.”

HAIR: Melenie Tudor @ En Route Hair & Beauty – UK
Collection: Omorfia
Ph: John Rawson
Make-up: Lan Grealis


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May 102017 Gossip

13 easy hairstyles, made for those hairdressers wishing to conquer their personal fears about styling long session hair.

HAIR: Patrick Cameron assisted by Jo Wilcox – UK
Collection: Goddess
Ph: Marco Erbi
Make-up: Alison Chesterton
Couture: Marco Erbi


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May 092017 Gossip


SPANISH HAIRDRESSING AWARDS’ machine goes at full speed again. After opening the entry stage, which ends 31st May, now Club Fígaro announces the five names that will make up the professional jury of Spanish Hairdressing Awards in their 8th edition. This year, the competition has a jury formed by five renowned public figures of Spanish and international hairdressing, who will judge the participating collections:

Angelo Seminara (UK)
Christophe Gaillet (France)
Gonzalo Casanova (Spain)
Luis Romero (Spain)
Ruth Hunsley (UK)

Angelo Seminara is one of the most renowned hairdresser in the world today. He worked hand to hand with Trevor Sorbie and has won four times the most coveted title in United Kingdom, British Hairdresser of the Year, a title that he currently holds. Also, Seminara has been awarded two times with the AIPP Grand Trophy and is Artistic Director for the italian brand Davines.

Christophe Gaillet is a well-known French hairdresser. In 2013 he won the Best International Stylist award in Toronto (Canadá) and in 2014 he was awarded with an AIPP Grand Trophy. Nowadays, he is ambassador of L’Oréal Professionnel France and has worked with several fashion designers.

Gonzalo Casanova is an Spanish hairdressing business owner. Currently he manages the school network Grupo C&C, which owns 36 hairdressing schools in Spain. Besides, he is the editor of Ediciones Planet Look, an specialised publisher that runs the haidressing magazine C&C Magazine and the website PlanetLook.com.

Luis Romero is a renowned Spanish hairdresser, president of the Romero business group, with seven salons in Zaragoza, and president of the association Intercoiffure España since 2010. He introduced the Pivot Point learning method in Spain and has a long path in education, imparting seminars and conferences, as long as working in the most important hairdressing associations in Spain.

Ruth Hunsley has worked in the hair industry for more than 21 years and is the editor of Hairdressers Journal International. She oversees the content and looks after the fashion pages for the magazine and website, choosing from the many international collections she receives every day.

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May 092017 Gossip


Alessia, Sabrina e Patrick Notturno, figli d’arte, sono i responsabili del salone nel centro di Varese.

Sotto l’attenta guida di Enzo Notturno, hairstylist e manager di lunga esperienza, un’equipe preparata e cordiale invita ogni cliente a scoprire il piacere di prendersi cura di se stessa, attraverso trattamenti di elevata qualità in un ambiente caldo e raffinato.

Clicca e scopri di più su NOTTURNO BACKSTAGE anche da mobìle !

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May 092017 Gossip


Q KERATIN è il trattamento d’eccellenza per capelli, frutto della ricerca del brand MADRENATURA.

Il trattamento si basa sulla richeratinizzazione del capello utilizzando proteine della cheratina estratta dalla lana della pecora, che ne possiede il più alto contenuto in natura, e olii essenziali di frutti e fiori, che nutrono e apportano vitamine e minerali.
Con il trattamento si possono ottenere ben 7 servizi:

  • liscio naturale,
  • onde morbide,
  • anticrespo,
  • volume-struttura,
  • lucentezza massima,
  • ricostruzione,
  • bagno post-color

guarda lo SPOT !

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May 092017 Gossip

intercoiffure osaka kyoto

Intercoiffure Mondial – 22nd world congress
Osaka – Kyoto (Japan)
15 – 17 May 2017

Intercoiffure Mondial presents its 22nd ICD World Congress in Japan.

It is the absolute highlight of the beauty industry, held every four years in a different part of the world.

Create with us a new milestone in the history of Intercoiffure!
The 22nd Intercoiffure Mondial World Congress will be held in Osaka and Kyoto in Japan.

Intercoiffure is a worldwide organisation that promotes the exchange of expertise among the world’s hairdressers and professionals of the beauty industry.
The Japanese culture will most beautifully enrich this top-class event, because the future is built on traditions.

At the Intercoiffure World Congress, the best of the world’s hair fashion will be gathered on one stage. The Congress offers to the members the possibility to get to know each other better, to inspire each other and to exchange ideas about the latest developments.


  • SUNDAY 14th MAY 13:00 Registrations start 18:00 – 21:00 Fondation Guillaume Kissing Party
  • MONDAY 15th MAY 08:00 – 12:00 Assembly of the Delegates 13:00 – 17:00 Prestige Shows (I) 19:00 – 21:30 Japan Welcome Party (Buffet Style)
  • TUESDAY 16th MAY 10:00 – 12:00 Prestige Shows (II) Fondation Guillaume Show 15:00 – 17:00 Awards Ceremony 19:00 – 23:00 Gala Dinner (seated) Gala Shows: ICD Japan, KPO, L’Oréal, Ju-ni-hitoe
  • WEDNESDAY 17th MAY 10:00 – 16:00 Kyoto Sightseeing Tour 3 Groups / Bus Tour 19:00 – 22:00 ONE NIGHT IN JAPAN (Buffet Style)
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May 092017 Gossip


GLOBElife.com si riconferma
il PORTALE della moda-capelli  n. 1 al mondo

Tutto ciò che desideri sapere sul settore della moda capelli:

i migliori prodotti e accessori professionali
le più belle riviste
le fiere di settore
le notizie di mercato
le migliori Aziende e i migliori Distributori
e molto altro ancora…

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May 082017 Gossip


Dopo il “NEW YORK TIMES” (quotidiano americano), anche l’editore del “GUARDIAN” (quotidiano inglese) ha deciso di uscire da INSTANT ARTICLES di Facebook.

Il quotidiano inglese era stato uno dei primi ad aderire a INSTANT ARTICLES nel 2015 in cui inseriva tutti i suoi articoli.

Il GUARDIAN ha spiegato che è stato un esperimento e di aver adesso deciso di interromperlo.

L’obiettivo, ha rimarcato il quotidiano, è di far crescere il proprio sito, anziché mettere tutti i contenuti su Facebook. Anche altri editori sembra siano in procinto di fare la stessa cosa.

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