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May 192017 Gossip

Informed and inspired by the subconscious, the paradoxical, and the dreamlike state explored by the Surrealists and Dadaists of the early 20th Century.

HAIR: Mark Hayes, Sassoon International Creative Director – UK
Collection: Amour fou
Ph: Benjamin Vnuk
Make-up: Daniel Koleric
Styling: Lucie Perrier


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May 182017 Gossip


HAIR: Adam Ciaccia & Katie Sanchez – AU
Collection: Santa Monica
Ph: Jez Rozdarz
Make-up: Lena Taryanik
Fashion Stylist: Nicole Dwight
Creative Director: Adam Ciaccia
Salon: Axis Hair, Canberra, Australia


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May 182017 Gossip


The Fellowship is delighted to announce that Karine Jackson has been appointed  as the new President a tenure that runs from April 2017 to April 2019. Karine is the third female President to take this esteemed role. A popular choice for President, with a unanimous vote from the AGM, Karine brings a multitude of skills to this role: business owner, visionary and creative talent in her own right and of course her own brand of energy.

Karine says, “I’m really looking forward to this new role, it’s a real honour for me. I can’t wait to get started, working closely with the team and council to promote the hairdressing industry and our professional standards. Now in it’s 71st year, I’m looking forward to building on the brilliant foundations of the Fellowship to take it into the future.”

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May 182017 Gossip

Mazinger Z! Fiiists ooout! The robot piloted by Kōji Kabuto bewildered us in front of the two-channel TV of the 70s. Beneath the ambiguous makeup of Baron Ashler’s hermaphrodite face, each half articulated opposing expresions. Dr. Hell oozed malice through his bristled white hair, always hirsute and motionless. Then Aphrodite, with her ejection breasts, though feminine, was the counterpoint to the mighty robot.
What a boundless imagination! Today it seems easy, but then… Robots and characters moving as static. I can not deny their influence in my life.
Tim Burton’s histrionic characters, like Edward Scissorhands: wrapped in darkness, absolute black background, as in mourning dress… Mourning that daily accompanies me in silence for all those who have died of the greatest human stupidity, WAR. These images are for them.

HAIR: Ulises Mesa – España
Collection: The change
Ph: Esteban Roca
Make-up: Nacho Sanz
Styling: Ulises Peluqueros
Model: Annia


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May 182017 Gossip

globelife - l'oreal ecosostenibile

El programa Sharing Beauty With All logra reducir las emisiones de CO2 en más de un 60%, cuatro años antes de lo previsto. Desde hace dos años, la fábrica de L’Oréal en Burgos es una de las 15 libres en emisiones de CO2 del Grupo en el mundo. A medida que las consecuencias del cambio climático se hacen más reales, el Grupo L’Oréal anuncia sus objetivos de reducir significativamente su huella medioambiental y reafirmar su compromiso en la lucha contra el cambio climático.

En concreto, L’Oréal ha logrado reducir las emisiones de sus plantas y centros de distribución en un 67% en términos absolutos con respecto al año 2005. De este modo, la firma ha superado su objetivo de reducir las emisiones de CO2 en un 60% cuatro años antes de lo previsto, al tiempo que ha aumentado su producción en un 29% durante el mismo periodo. Además, desde finales del año 2016, el Grupo cuenta con 15 fábricas libres de emisiones de carbono. Es el caso de la planta de Burgos gracias a la central de trigeneración por biomasa que le suministra todas sus necesidades energéticas. Por su parte, la planta de Cobelsa en Alcalá de Henares, centro internacional de producción de juego de laca de uñas, ya ha reducido sus emisiones en un 70%. Ambas fábricas cuentan también con un 0% de producción de residuos enviados al vertedero.

Esta implicación sostenible ha sido reconocida por CDP, una organización internacional independiente que evalúa el desempeño ambiental de las empresas. En el año 2016, de entre las casi 3.000 empresas evaluadas, L’Oréal ha sido una de las dos únicas compañías en el mundo premiada con una puntuación “A”, que representa el nivel más alto de desempeño en tres aspectos clave: protección del clima, gestión sostenible del agua y lucha contra la deforestación. Para el año 2020, L’Oréal se compromete a mejorar el perfil medioambiental o social del 100% de sus productos nuevos o renovados. Esto significa que los consumidores de todo el mundo pueden estar seguros de que cada nuevo producto de la multinacional adquirido ha mejorado su impacto en el medio ambiente y en la sociedad.

Este compromiso afecta a todas las marcas de L’Oréal y el 82% de los productos lanzados durante el año 2016 (74% en el año 2015) ya muestran tal mejora. Algunos de dichos lanzamientos demuestran niveles de biodegradabilidad superiores al 98%, como los nuevos champús y acondicionadores de Biolage R.A.W., o el champú de Garnier Original Remedies.

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May 172017 Gossip

globelife - rose gold hair

It’s the freshest, trendiest hue of the season. Noticeable, but not too in-your-face. It’s cool and interesting. It can be adjusted for any skin tone. It can be subtle enough to keep maintenance under control. And when you’re done, you’re done—it won’t haunt your new color. It’s rose gold hair color.

Rose gold can be any combination of pink, peach, violet, rose, coral, salmon, sand, blush or gold. It can be applied all over, as highlights or slices, or as a balayage or ombré effect. It can be applied with a subtle hand or it can be designed for a vivid effect. If you’re ready to rock rose gold this summer, here are nine tips for making the most of the hue: ask your stylist to design your rose gold shade to flatter your skin tone. If you’re cool toned, the color should skew pink; if your complexion is warm, put more emphasis on peach. Colored hair stays healthier when a special bonding product is added into all of the color formulas used. These bonders keep the integrity of the hair intact during every step of the process. They also come with a special conditioner that you can use between salon visits at home!

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May 172017 Gossip

Hair: Stylos Peluqueros – España
Collection: Stylos peluqueros
Ph: David Arnal
Make-up: Esther ruiz
Stylist: Eunnis Mesa
Hair: Victor and Miguel Angel Perez Munoz


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May 172017 Gossip


A differenza dei loro colleghi d’oltremanica che hanno tutti (o quasi) un’agenzia di PR, la maggior parte dei parrucchieri italiani vogliono farsi pubblicità solo GRATUITAMENTE !!!
Non fanno progetti di pubblicazione se non sul pettegolo Facebook, non tengono contatti con le riviste di settore se non per essere pubblicati GRATIS, non fanno operazioni di diffusione dei volantini o depliants, non hanno un sito decente… etc.

Con tutti i corsi di MK che questi parrucchieri fanno, non hanno ancora imparato che bisognerebbe assegnare una percentuale sul fatturato alla pubblicità/comunicazione ?… e si lamentano se il cassetto piange !

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May 172017 Gossip

Suzie McGill and Dylan Brittain, Artistic Directors of Rainbow Room International, are proud to present the Culture Collection: strong geometric outlines with internal movement fused together with graphic colour capturing the essence of millennial youth culture. Inspiration for this collection was taken from classic haircuts and the Art Team put a twist on them looking at architectural haircuts, interior texture and complimenting colours.

HAIR: Suzie McGill & Dylan Brittain @ Rainbow Room International – UK
Collection: Culture
Ph: John Rawson
Make-up: lan Nguyen-grealis
Styling: Jared Green


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May 162017 Gossip

globelife - colour market

People from diverse cultures are privy with the fact that their superficial appearance or “face value” will matter a lot while stepping ahead in life. This commonly accepted trend is what helped the global cosmetics market to make more than US$ 200 Bn by the end of 2015. These cosmetic products get further categorized as fragrances, hygiene products, or skin care products, among others. In their midst, colour cosmetics have also been in great demand across several parts of the world. But, in the years to come, the demand for colour cosmetics is likely to decline.

Lack of quality: colour cosmetics available in retail outlets have been tainted with allegations that render them chemically adulterated. Manufacturers are also struggling to provide organic and natural colour cosmetics as procurement of such ingredients comes at high costs. Low profit margin: apropos the manufacturing costs, colour cosmetics are cost-intensive products. Ingredients or raw materials used for production of colour cosmetics have volatile prices. This leaves the manufacturers with marginal profits upon sales. Limited shelf life: the extended period taken for colour cosmetics to reach to their customers has given rise to incidences of outdate product delivery. Consumers are miffed with short shelf life of colour cosmetics, which is impacting its sales.

In the report, titled “Colour Cosmetics Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment, 2016-2026,” the global market for colour cosmetics is presently valued at nearly US$ 50 Bn, and is anticipated to exhibit growth at 4.8% CAGR, surpassing US$ 79 Bn by 2026-end. In terms of consumption as well, the market will show a sluggish growth at 3.3% CAGR, and will account for global sales of little less than 5,000 Mn units towards the end of 2026. In this ten-year forecast period, North America is likely to stand out as dominant region, procuring over US$ 20 Bn by the end of 2026.

Besides North America, the colour cosmetics market in Western Europe and Asia-Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) region will also account for a major chunk of global revenues. Alternatively, the demand for colour cosmetics is projected to grow in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Middle East & Africa as these regions are anticipated to register steady revenue growth by exhibiting value CAGRs above 5%. Spanned across various regions in the world, companies such as Kose Corporation, Amway Corporation, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Chanel SA, L’Oreal SA, LVMH (Moet Hennessy – Louis Vuitton), Estee Lauder Companies Inc., Revlon Inc., Shiseido Co., Ltd., and Coty Inc. will be recognized as key players of the global colour cosmetics market.

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