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Jan 042018 Gossip


L’Oréal Professionnel è fiera di annunciare che la icona di stile Alexa Chung sarà la spokesperson internazionale di brand per il 2018.
Fashion designer, presentatrice televisiva, modella, consulente creativa e scrittrice, la Chung è una delle fashion icon più riconoscibili della sua generazione. Pur non essendo francese il suo stile “effortlessly chic” è considerato assolutamente parigino e coerente con i valori e l’immagine di L’Oréal Professionnel. Alexa Chung sarà il volto di due dei lanci chiave del brand per il 2018: Parisian Nudes, la nuova collezione colore, e Pro Fiber, il brand di riparazione capillare a lunga durata che sarà completamente rinnovato durante l’anno.

Alexa Chung può vantare, nonostante la giovane età, una lista di crediti davvero rimarchevole: 2.9 milioni di followers su Instagram, la Editor’s Choice agli Elle Style Awards, Woman of the Year di Glamour Magazine ed il premio British Fashion Icon ai British Fashion Awards; ha inoltre collaborato con Vogue Uk per la serie video “Furure of Fashion” che ha vinto due Webby awards. Alexa è ad oggi ambasciatrice del British Fashion Council. La visibilità di questa trendsetter è dovuta anche ad un libro subito diventato bestseller, IT, come diventare una icona di stile, e alla creazione di una app, Villoid che permette di costruire delle bacheche con i capi moda più in voga del momento e poi acquistarli con un click. Recentemente L’Oréal Professionnel ha avuto il piacere di essere partner della Chung lavorando nel backstage dello show di lancio della sua prima collezione di abbigliamento ALEXACHUNG, questa collaborazione proseguirà nel 2018 durante le fashion week a Parigi.

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Jan 042018 Gossip

PAUSA WOMAN is one of three sides of the same collection: PAUSA, the first collection of Salón Carlos Valiente created entirely in team. Inspired by their own line of work, PAUSA is based on straight and minimalist lines, with very commercial and versatile cuts that can be perfectly applied to the customer, with a choice of neutral colours that help to find the contrasts without losing that characteristic essence of the Salón Carlos Valiente’s works: try to achieve subtlety and elegance, which also impregnated their previous works.

Ph: Esteban Roca
Styling: Visori Fashionart
Make-up: Jessi Esperanza


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Jan 032018 Gossip

Which is the creative process behind your show? How can you maintain year after year this high level of quality?

We never stop planning RUSH Live. The minute one show ends, we are already on to the next, coming up with new trends and techniques to make our images more unique and creative. I’m lucky enough to work with such an incredible team that we are constantly bouncing ideas off each other, and the fact that we travel so much, gives me so much inspiration, which is then incorporated into the collections that are created. In such a fast paced industry, I think we consistently maintain our quality by creating trends and not following them. The team are constantly trying out new styles, experimenting with textures and colours and finding new techniques. It’s all about moving forward and developing new things.

How do you discover the products you use? Do you research them in market or companies propose them to you?

Here at RUSH, we are so lucky to work with such incredible product houses and this allows us to try out many different products. It’s all about trial and error and finding what works for you and the style/look you are creating. Over the years I have become loyal to certain brands as I find they are my must haves, and they will consistently be in my kit bag. However, I do love trying new products which have just been launched – there is nothing better than experimenting.

How local hairstylists can reach your level? I mean, of course you are passionate about your job and you’ve studied a lot, but how is it possible to break every rule to create something that gorgeous?

It all comes down to one thing – education. Education is without a doubt the foundation of our industry, and there is nothing more important than this. Every day I commit to learning something new, as this is how you progress and develop yourself as a person and your core skills. From the minute I began hairdressing, I was educated, and then after really solidifying my core skills, I began to experiment and really think outside the box. It took years to develop the confidence to push the boundaries, but once you’re there the opportunities are endless.

Which are your inner passions?

Definitely education and precision cutting, those are without a doubt my passions. To educate the next generation of hairdressers, and share my own personal experiences with them is something that I love doing, it’s incredible.

Please, announce our readers an anticipation of what’s gonna be on stage next year.

We are currently in the planning process for RUSH Live 2018 … so to see us uncover our collections, you must attend!



rush live

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Jan 032018 Gossip

haircollection ManuelMon


Reinterpreting the Gothic, they are renewed images with a marked neogothic aesthetic and notes of haute couture. The collection demands very elaborate techniques in different textures using as a common link the use of outstanding elements: pearls, pins, metal cylinders and Swarovsky crystal. The overall result is the reproduction of neogothic images, combined with an aesthetic linked to the rococo. It reinterprets the historical currents that arose nostalgically to exalt what was the medieval world, imitating the original Gothic.

Collection: Gothic Revival
Ph: Bernardo Baragaño
Make-up: María Montes
Styling: Visori Fashionart
Extensions: Elegance Hair Extensions
Model: Celia Fernández


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Jan 032018 Gossip

haircollection SilasTsang


The daily disappearance of the sun below the horizon is the theme of this collection. The combination of intense, soft, and warm colours of the hair symbolize the colours created by the Earth’s atmosphere. Dusk is represented by the dark tones in this collection. The variety textures represent the uniqueness of every sunset.

Collection: Sunset
Colour: Dorothy Tsang @ Blushes
Ph: John Rawson @ www.therawsonpartnership.net
Make-up: Lan Grealis
Clothes Styling: Jared Green


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Jan 022018 Gossip

haircollection EnriqueSerrano


This collection is based on a stunning mix of colours and shapes. An explosion of creativity inspired by designers, textile artists, and their mixtures of fabrics and colours. Avant-garde designs, with simple and precise cuts, giving importance to the whole range of created colour. Taking hairstyles and styles to another level. Inspirations in coat’s designs with blends of colours, clothes that spoke for themselves, the hairstylist transformed them into very marked hair, giving this current and innovative essence. Hair pretending to be, with its texture, luxury garments. Synthetic leather with lots of hair. Fabrics rich in colours and superimposed shapes. A new vision of fashion more current and transgressor. The final result, daring, colourful and imaginative looks, where they join with bangs and textures, crazy shapes with irresistible styles and length.

Ph: Dominik Valvo
Make-up: Adrian Rux
Stylist: Arturo Argüelles
Hair Extensions: Elegance Hair Extensions
Video director: Afioco
Post Production video: Encarni Lovexx


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