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Jul 102018 Gossip

Miss Europe Continental

MISS EUROPE CONTINENTAL è un concorso di bellezza europeo
nato nel 2013 per esaltare non solo il fascino femminile, ma anche per
promuovere le meraviglie e le peculiarità dei paesi partecipanti.

Il Concorso prevede vari step:
si inizia dai casting a livello locale, seguono le selezioni
in tutto il territorio nazionale; poi le singole finali Regionali
e alla fine la finale Nazionale Italia.
Ultimo step la Finale Europea.

La finale Italia del prestigioso concorso di bellezza europeo
Miss Europe Continental sarà trasmessa su
canale 53 del digitale terrestre.

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Jul 102018 Gossip

ATTRACTION is a collection inspired by the visual charm that men provide through their physique. The visual perception that reaches our retinas gathers all the necessary ingredients to make us feel a “shot” of sexual attraction, without being the task of it. Hair blunt, ripples broken and degraded in the temporal area that find in the hair color the nexus of union between them all. Intense tones generate in man a so-called effect that attracts all eyes.

Collection: Attraction
Ph: David Arnal
Make-up: Andoni Bozal
Styling: Eunnis Mesa


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Jul 092018 Gossip

stile capelli


Il magazine di moda-capelli più ricercato del momento ti aspetta nelle edicole dei maggiori aeroporti italiani e stranieri, nei Duty Free, nelle più importanti stazioni ferroviarie e Autogrill, nei 50 HAIRSHOP e presso le librerie La Feltrinelli.

Oppure richiedila direttamente in redazione !


STILECAPELLI    HAIR – LUXURY – LOOK  è la rivista trimestrale di modacapelli pubblicata in occasione delle sfilate di Milano Fashion Week.

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Jul 092018 Gossip

leggi news

Leggi le ultime notizie di MARKETING della moda capelli
relative al mercato dell’HAIRSTYLING.

È una necessità professionale tenersi aggiornati
su cose e fatti che ti permettono di valutare
il mercato con più sicurezza.

clicca QUI


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Jul 092018 Gossip

Laurent Decreton


The hairstylist took inspiration from the story of two women who come from the imaginary fairy world. A red-haired beauty from the Irish heath, porcelain skin, subtly wavy hair, sailing through the wind. The second woman is an enigmatic, enchanting and modern fairy from the mysterious Oriental countries.

Collection: Fairy
Ph: Giel Domen
Ph Assistant: Kenneth van de Velde
Make-up: Magdalena Loza
Styling: Lieve Gerrits
Video Maker: Laureen Haag


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Jul 062018 Gossip

Álvaro Calvo


The etymology of the English word Lord goes back to the old English form “hlaf-weard”, that reflects the ancient tribal custom of the Germanic, when the leader provided food to his subject. “LORD” it also referred to the guardian and the custodian leader. As the custodian of the masculine styling the hairstylist is presented with this army of four men, uniformed with the same coat so that the only differentiating element is what he wants to highlight: hair.

Collection: Lord
Ph: Anna Rouret
Make-up: Luz Gonzàlez
Styling: Zara


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Jul 062018 Gossip


Più il parrucchiere fa tagli, colori, trattamenti e più è “allenato”
all’evoluzione della MODA CAPELLI.

Non CREDIAMO al parrucchiere che dice: “poche clienti ma buone” !

La manualità, l’esperienza, la competenza si acquisiscono
con il continuo “allenamento”.

I veri guru dell’HAIRSTYLING hanno sempre lavorato molto “in prima persona”.

Non confondiamo la bravura e la competenza con le coccole.

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Jul 052018 Gossip


The training, which will be divided into four blocks, will be held on
28, 29 and 30 September with all of its contents focused on
the opening of new opportunities in the micropigmenting business.
Entries open until 25 September, on the web  www.salonlook.ifema.es 

Salón LookThe International Exhibition of Image and Integral Beauty
will include the new Interactive Micropigmenting Workshops
in its training activities from 28 to 30 September at Feria de Madrid
next edition, with contents focused on the opening
of new business opportunities.

Over the three days of the exhibition organised by IFEMA,
these workshops will show the professional attendees different
application techniques in a programme structured over four blocks.

The first block will be held on 28 September, with the title
Chemotherapy and EURO-TOUCH micropigmenting in eyebrows.
to cope with chemotherapy and its consequences”,
given by Paola Gateño Caraccioli, director and chairperson of
the FEMPO Foundation in Santiago de Chile.

The second and third block will stretch over 29 September and will deal
with the “Introduction to EURO-TOUCH capital Micropigmenting”,
run by Aldemar Campos, an international specialist,
and the “Combo MIX BROWS BIOTEK.
How to integrate the different techniques in eyebrows”,

by Mar Díaz, Biotek International Teacher.

Finally, on 30 September will be the fourth block,
The AMIEA art of eye pigmenting, three distinct techniques
for different results: Eyetribal, Eyecolor, Mooneyes”,
given by Eugenia Arrieta, expert in advanced micropigmenting techniques.

The Interactive Micropigmenting Workshops will be staged at
the Micropigmenting Classroomin Hall 3. 

The first and third workshops will be at  3.30 pm and 7.30 pm,
and the second and fourth at 10 am and 2 pm.

You must register for each workshop separately.

Tickets for this activity can be bought at www.ifema.es/salonlook

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Jul 052018 Gossip

Inspired by the work of Dorothea Lang, and her images of the great depression in 1930’s America and in particular the 1936 image “Migrant Mother”. Beauty Remains explores the relationship between beauty and despair. In a time when gender equality is being evaluated the one thing that remains unchallenged is the position women hold. With so many amazing females around the world it is unbelievable that full gender equality is still such a distant ideal. Beauty Remains embodies quiet and dignified strength, a clam stillness that has emboldened women the world over. Hair with strong shapes and beautiful textures combine with influences rooted in classic styling with modern turns creating a timeless collection of images.

Collection: Beauty Remains
Ph: Wayne Lennon
Make-up: Paola Racabarren
Styling: Elena Hristova


4.5 (90%) 6 vote[s]
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