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Dec 052017 Gossip

The Private Night collection is dedicated to the most delightful facets of autumn and winter: the long, impassioned nights with an abundance of festive occasions in both private and social settings. Its mood reflects mystery, because the night – much like every woman – holds many secrets, and only reveals its undiminished beauty to the attentive observer. The collection’s core message is: Every evening is full of elegance and every night is imbued with abandon to the enchantment of beauty. Every evening bears at least one moment of solitude, an intimate moment you experience all to yourself. We attempted to capture these moments and make them visible.

Collection: Private Night
Ph: Hilde van Mas
Outfits: Lena Hoschek Dollhouse Collection and Thomas Kirchgrabner
Set design and set styling: Thomas Kirchgrabner


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Dec 052017 Gossip

A Bohemian attitude is the order of the day for this dynamic collection . Underpinned by the individuality vibe, it takes inspiration from confidence and non-conformity and elements within each style take look into its own level of uniqueness.

Collection: The Individualists
Ph: Yulia Gorbachenko
Make-up: Anastasia Durasova
Colour: Luisa Gonzalez
Clothes Styling: Sandy Armeni


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Dec 042017 Gossip

This collection took inspiration from the street styles we see across Blue Tit’s salons. She wanted the shoot to be raw, using the beautiful braiding and model’s character to portray strength and creativity.

Collection: Afro Punk
Ph: Kim Lang
Make-up: Lidia Patrizia
Styling: Bongeka Dube
Model: Rudy Monroe


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Dec 012017 Gossip

The force of nature has been on this occasion the engine to fuel this new collection. It was in the Nordic landscapes where the hairstylist found the likeness to his new proposal: the likeness between the strong northerly wind and the movement of the hair; the likeness between the northern lights, the ice, the fire, the deep forests and the shades of color. The models are strong women; the stand for their own style and they mark this new fashion trend. In the styling, he has opted for organic tissues which are versatile on the movement and for neutral colors of clothing to give more prominence to the hair. He proposes more elongated silhouettes, with more hair necks, broken styles and paraded to emphasize movement. The color will be the key of this new proposal, cold tones ranging from silver gray to turquoise; and warm tones from cold coppery to subdued red.

Collection: Boreal
Ph: Mikel Muruzabal
Make-up: Arturo Nuez
Stylist : Marco PM
Models: Bea, Lucia, Ivi, Soraya, Irene
Producer : Andoni Guillén
Video: Miguel Goñi


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Dec 012017 Gossip



The Vikings TV Series staring Kathryn Winnicks inspired this collection as well as the culture of Shield maiden warriors in Nordic and Germanic myth and legend, where it was common for women to fight alongside their men. Both cultures worshipped multiple gods, Thor, Odin, yet had a deep respect for the Earth that provided them with life. “Pagan” features defined shapes, natural colours, texture, braiding and roping focusing on strong women with a warrior’s spirit.

Collection: Pagan
Ph: Kerry O’Sullivan
Make up: Judy O’Sullivan
Styling: Jess Wilcock


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Nov 302017 Gossip



La collezione che Davines propone per la prossima stagione è Scene, un luogo in cui le citazioni del passato incontrano il futuro, creando il palcoscenico contemporaneo. Scene si ispira ai codici puliti e minimali dell’avanguardia architettonica di inizi novecento, proiettandoli in un futuro immaginato, evocato da luci geometriche che scolpiscono le forme e restituiscono tridimensionalità al colore.

Collection: Scene
Ph: Andrew O’toole
Make-Up:Daniel Kolaric
Artistic Director: Angelo Seminara
Colour: Angelo Seminara
Team Stylist: Niccolo Torelli


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