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Feb 062018 Gossip

For the latest collection by Laurent Decreton the inspiration is 80′s vintage. This means lots of texture on the men and women to give the illusion of power and softness. While the idea behind 80′s looks contains a sense of professionalism, with classy collared blousers, silk scarves, and refined/poised looks, here, we regain a sense of edginess with color in the hair and clothing. For hair color, the prime inspiration is shine and glitter. Hair that contains shimmer and silver, like delicous cream soda, illuminate this collection, just like walking into a candy shop. Chic, yet vintage, is the spirit of this summer collection.

Collection: Glow
Ph: Giel Domen
Assistant Ph: Kenneth Van De Velde
Make-up: Magdalena Loza
Stylist: Lieve Gerrits
Color: Patricia & Elodie


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Feb 052018 Gossip

The world is rapidly changing. The individual is being pushed back by the big data. The only influence left is our attitude towards society. The key has been hidden and can be found inside us. In this new collection called INTROSPECTIVE of Hans Beers one can find disconnected coupes, undercuts combined with nonchalant and contrarian styling. Hans has used different techniques in which he shows (partial) discoloration and coloring in copper, silver bronze, green, cyclamen and eggplant. Nonconformist. Self-conscious.

Collection: Introspective
Ph: Richard Monsieurs
Styling: Fayola Wekker
Color: Javier Ansotegui


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Feb 052018 Gossip

The Brave is a celebration of the courage of female explorers and their defiance of the status quo. The collection charts new territory with eight fresh looks, each an homage to remarkable woman from around the globe in search of a global culture.

Collection: The Brave
Ph: John Rawson
Make-up: Lan Grealis
Stylist: Jared Green
Hair and Colour: Candice Mckay


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Feb 022018 Gossip

Paul Paterson


The Noir collection has been inspired by the model’s classic natural beauty and combines a raw subtlety with an essence of opulent beauty. Simple techniques have been executed to the highest standard resulting in a seductive simplicity that captures a perfect moment in time.

Collection: Noir
Ph: Andrew R Moore
Make-up: Erika Marie Ni Bhrian


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Feb 012018 Gossip

The I Am hair collection – that’s all your wishes you ever wanted to come true, all the personalities you ever wanted to be, all the emotions you wanted to express and all the words you wanted to say. Express your inner feelings with hair and be who you really want to be – say it with hair, that’s the message from Petra Měchurová through her new I Am hair collection. Petra Měchurová goes in the I Am collection even deeper in her minimalist approach towards hair cuts and complements them with accentuated details. Sharp cuts with single highlights and contrasting colour concept with soft transitions highlight face qualities and often wake up neglected femininity. Yet the hair collection goes hand in hand with the foremost actual trend – short hair.

Collection: I am
Ph: John Rawson
Make-up: Ian Nguyen-Grealis


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