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Mar 082018 Gossip

Jack Howard


The beauty with Balayage is that you work with the natural fall of the hair and use the natural variations of tone to create a look that’s fresh, modern and tailored to the individual. Balayage is all about soft contrasts and gives an effortless look – no stripes of colour allowed! This shoot shows commercial wearable looks that will always look good.

Collection: Balayage 2018
Ph:Jay Mawson
Make-up: Violet Zeng
Styling: Alfie O’ Neill @ Paul Edmonds
Stylist: Sabina Emrit


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Mar 072018 Gossip

Jordi Pérez


Traditionally, in the men’s hairdressing salon, the customer has been rather resistant to innovate and apply colour, unlike the female sector, in which women are much more daring. But we are in a moment, in which the man after a few years of wearing a very manly aesthetic, with very masculine hairstyles and with the beard as the main protagonist of his image, is willing to make a change, to update and try new things and why not, to try fantasy colours. This collection reflects this change, this innovative man who without renouncing his masculinity and a very powerful and very manly image, dares to take the step to wear fantasy colours, in this case grey and silver colours, that is why this collection is called GREY FRINGES.

Collection: Grey Fringes
Ph: Sergi Jasanada
Make-up: La Barberia de Gràcia
Styling: Fermín & Gilles


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Mar 062018 Gossip

The Royals Artistic team was playing with texture, cool shapes and volume, creating both short and long looks, ranging from shaved parts of the head, to inserting texture and mesh to add to the edgy vibe.

Collection: Resurrection
Hair: Mary Alamine, Travis Bandiera, Emma Göttwald & Elie Kashi
Ph: David Mannah
Make-up: Chereine Waddel
Styling: Angela Liang


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Mar 052018 Gossip

CHELSEA is inspired by the Punk era. A collection that seeks to create an image where the woman breaks the rules and she does it with her own style. Technically speaking, texture predominates in most of the collection. A sloppy look, with urban make-up and a rebellious attitude give life to this collection.

Collection: Chelsea
Ph: Esteban Roca
Make-up: Cris García
Styling: Ban & Ro


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Mar 052018 Gossip

Olga Garcia


Collection inspired by the light and night of New York. It is a collection worked with colour black as the base, but fused with a multicolored palette, as the reflection of the millions of light bulbs that shine in NY, bringing light to all looks. NY is a very commercial collection, for women who are determined, funny and free.

Collection: NY
Ph: David Arnal
Make-up: Wilder RodrÍguez
Styling: Eunnis Mesa


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