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Sep 272017 Gossip

Hair: Anne Veck for Anne Veck Salons
Collection: Eidolon
Ph: Barry Jeffery
Make-up: Elizabeth Rita
Jewellery Design: Chloe J Mellen
Hair Assistant: Brandon Lombardo


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Sep 272017 Gossip


Love is not a question of magic, but of seduction. Romantic adventures in Steampunk Style. The collection “Romeo & Juliet 2017” by kpO is an ultramodern fashion production with expressive, detailed short cuts and blasts of colour: Blue-Blond and Passion-Red. Love heroines with flowing long hair in Copper-Fire. The Looks are retro-futuristic with Victorian fashion details. Juliet loves Steampunk Romeo.

Hair: Klaus Peter Ochs
Collection: Romeo & Juliet
Ph: Laurence Laborie
Make-up: Florent Pellet
Stylist: Mickael Komer and Elmarie Lignier
Artistic Team: Philipp Margraf and Lisa Raab
Concept + Production: Elmarie Lignier
Artwork + Design: Studio Zajaczek
Web development: Viviana Menzel – Dr. Menzel IT
Text: Petra Weinzierl


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Sep 272017 Gossip

The Andrew Collinge Creative Team, working in collaboration with top TIGI colourist Warren Boodaghians have produced a collection of tousled, wearable hairstyles, perfect for the summer. Says Andrew “Working with pure white as the backdrop allowed us to emphasise and celebrate the hair colours used . Everything seemed to magnify and grow more intense in this setting as we were inspired to keep the colour work quite simple but at the same time, bold.

Hair: Andrew Collinge Creative Team
Collection: Pure part 2
Ph: Alex Barron-Hough
Make-up: Liz Collinge
Styling: Jiv D
Colour: Warren Boodaghians


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Sep 262017 Gossip

“WRITHE” is inspired by black and red art, in particular the abstract artworks of artist Russell Mills. Mills paints predominantly black and red portraits with the faces in focus yet the bodies are blurred with brushstrokes of red smudged throughout the works. What appealed to us most about these paintings was the exaggerated shapes of the hair; we were inspired to create these shapes however add an editorial aspect, something quite embellished yet relatable to our salon work.

Hair: éSALON Creative Team
Collection: Writhe
Ph: Milos Mlynarik
Make-up: Cheriene Waddell
Styling: Chris Lorimer


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Sep 262017 Gossip

Hair: Cebado
Collection: Color Block/Color Back


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Sep 262017 Gossip


Hair: Petra Blatnik Maček, Mojca Čas, Manca Plesec
Collection: Motus
Ph: Mimi Antolovič
Make-up: Špela Ema Veble, Maja Šušnjara Gabor
Colouring: Manca Plesec, Saša Verdinek
Clothes Styling: In Hair Art Team Petra, Mojca, Manca, Barbara, Saša, Maja
Styling: Nina Jagodic
Digital Processing: Ajda Horvat


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Sep 262017 Gossip

The bobs of the twenties inspired the short sleek cuts in this collection. By omitting the twenties finger waves that were popular then, and then adding disconnection and a textured crown and you get an eighties spin on the classic 1920’s bob. Keeping the collection in black and white added to the 20’s nod.

Hair: David Barron
Collection: Punk Twenties
Ph: John Rawson
Make-up: Lan Nguyen-Grealis
Stylist: Jared Green


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Sep 252017 Gossip


Teddy Charles per la sfilata SS18 di Blumarine ha giocato con le texture. Setose, leggermente mosse, dall’allure glamour le lunghezze, super disciplinata e lucida la parte davanti. Per realizzarla ha lavorato con siero lisciante, spazzola e phon per lucidare e poi con un ferro conico per creare il movimento. Per la parte davanti invece ha prima fissato con la lacca asciugata con il phon ed in ultimo ha lucidato con il gel fissante.



Damien Boissinot per la sfilata SS18 di Aquilano.Rimondi ha creato un look super scintillante. Chiome lunghissime, perfettamente lisce, riga centrale, così definita da sembrare disegnata e lucentezza estrema. Il look è stato creato con un siero lisciante applicato sulle lunghezze, stirate prima con spazzola e phon e poi rifinite con la piastra. Per fissare e dare lucentezza alla parte frontale è stata utilizzata una lacca ed un siero illuminante.



Marco Minunno ha creato per la sfilata di Vionnet un look con reminiscenze anni 70. Capelli leggeri, svolazzanti, un accenno al mondo gipsy dettato da una riga di frisé ultradefinito che va da occhio ad occhio incorniciando il capo. Per ottenere l’effetto, l’hairstylist ha creato la texture ed il volume in radice con una mousse volumizzante, ha asciugato utilizzando il diffusore e poi passato la piastra aiutandosi con il termo-protettore. Per definizione ha poi concluso con un siero anti-crespo.



Pierpaolo Lai ha creato per Brognano un look caratterizzato da capelli molto naturali, si è voluta mantenere una texture super estiva, un po’ sporca, dall’effetto next day, quasi salata, come se le modelle fossero state al mare. Per ottenere la texture sono stati utilizzati una cera sulle radici, lo spray a base salina per beach wave sulle lunghezze, le punte sono state poi rifinite con la crema lisciante. Il mood ricorda gli anni 90 in una versione molto moderna, con ispirazione baby Kate Moss.



Jawara, key artist per Genny, ha creato un leggero movimento. Ha iniziato texturizzando i capelli e modellandoli in modo da avere un capello messy ma glamour. Non un movimento banale, o il solito riccio, ma un leggero wave sulle lunghezze creato con uno spray per beach wave che con il movimento delle modelle ondeggia creando una sensazione di leggerezza.



Peter Gray ha creato per Les Copains un look asimmetrico dettato da un’onda piatta su un lato del capo e capelli lisci sull’altro. Le lunghezze sono poi state legate insieme in una coda bassa annodata con un fiocco di tessuto. Per ottenere una texture leggera ma dall’effetto un po’ vissuto e meno glamour gli hairstylists hanno utilizzato degli spray sulla base dei capelli umidi. Il twist Rock & Roll è dato dalle lunghezze sciolte ad arte che fuoriescono dal raccolto.


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Sep 252017 Gossip

“Waves and Colors” is a collection born with the idea of highlighting the beauty of hair, fusing waves and color and making these two components of the capillary design, its inspirational source. For me the hair is magical and unique because, being a solid element, it adopts sinuous and changing forms, as if it were liquid. Amongst these forms, waves stand out, with their elegance and movement they bewitch and they fall in love to who looks at them. Waves in the hair don’t go out of fashion, they are the essence of femininity and “glamour “. On the other hand, color floods everything that surrounds us. What would the world be without color? Probably a sadder and depressing place. What if we think about art or fashion or hairdressing? Nowadays, cosmetics and technology allow us to get hair with all the color palette, even with those colors that have nothing to do with their own nature. It is precisely these kinds of colors that I have used in waves and color. Wavesand colors: the perfect combination for dazzling hair.

Hair: Gonzalo Zarauza
Collection: Waves and colors
Ph: David Arnal
Make-up: Wild Van Dijk
Stylist: Visorifashionart
Retoucher: Javier Villalabeitia


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Sep 252017 Gossip

I’m inspired by all things around me in this world. Especially when you least expect it. Patterns, textures, nature, animals, people and the versatility of all these things.

Hard and soft, rough and smooth, tousled and refined. The ability to create different shapes using hair; adorned with metal hardware, leather, lace is such a creative playground. It’s opposite worlds fused together forming beauty and mesmerizing your audience.

I showcased shine with the face frame wave versus matte in the loose strands. Curly hair and straight. Smooth hair in the fringe versus texture throughout. Refined with braids and a tousled mohawk. I showcased a figure 8 braid done and undone extending her length and keeping short on top. Metal chains fused together with hair to also extend length in the back, while keeping her short natural ponytail wrapped in leather.

One side of the hairstyle slicked down using Resintek, and given artificial texture with straight pins, reminds me of scales so I decided to make a twisted edge fishtail braid to drape and give length below. The undone infinity braid reminds me so much of a peacock feather, naturally beautiful, so I placed one on each side of the hairstyle.

The balance of the hair piercings on top and the chainlink hair draped in the back giving length keeps fluidity of the metal hardware in the style.

Her couture outfit and edgy chic hair evolve a style of her own. Ever changing form of self-expression radiates throughout her entire look. It’s ECLECTIC a la mode.

Hair: Nico Norris
Collection: Eclectic a la Mode
Ph: Kevin Li
Make-up: Eva Genevieve
Colourist: Nico Norris
Fashion Stylists: Eva Genevieve


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