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Jul 102018 Gossip

ATTRACTION is a collection inspired by the visual charm that men provide through their physique. The visual perception that reaches our retinas gathers all the necessary ingredients to make us feel a “shot” of sexual attraction, without being the task of it. Hair blunt, ripples broken and degraded in the temporal area that find in the hair color the nexus of union between them all. Intense tones generate in man a so-called effect that attracts all eyes.

Collection: Attraction
Ph: David Arnal
Make-up: Andoni Bozal
Styling: Eunnis Mesa


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Jul 092018 Gossip

stile capelli


Il magazine di moda-capelli più ricercato del momento ti aspetta nelle edicole dei maggiori aeroporti italiani e stranieri, nei Duty Free, nelle più importanti stazioni ferroviarie e Autogrill, nei 50 HAIRSHOP e presso le librerie La Feltrinelli.

Oppure richiedila direttamente in redazione !


STILECAPELLI    HAIR – LUXURY – LOOK  è la rivista trimestrale di modacapelli pubblicata in occasione delle sfilate di Milano Fashion Week.

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Jul 092018 Gossip

Laurent Decreton


The hairstylist took inspiration from the story of two women who come from the imaginary fairy world. A red-haired beauty from the Irish heath, porcelain skin, subtly wavy hair, sailing through the wind. The second woman is an enigmatic, enchanting and modern fairy from the mysterious Oriental countries.

Collection: Fairy
Ph: Giel Domen
Ph Assistant: Kenneth van de Velde
Make-up: Magdalena Loza
Styling: Lieve Gerrits
Video Maker: Laureen Haag


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Jul 062018 Gossip

Álvaro Calvo


The etymology of the English word Lord goes back to the old English form “hlaf-weard”, that reflects the ancient tribal custom of the Germanic, when the leader provided food to his subject. “LORD” it also referred to the guardian and the custodian leader. As the custodian of the masculine styling the hairstylist is presented with this army of four men, uniformed with the same coat so that the only differentiating element is what he wants to highlight: hair.

Collection: Lord
Ph: Anna Rouret
Make-up: Luz Gonzàlez
Styling: Zara


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Jul 052018 Gossip

Inspired by the work of Dorothea Lang, and her images of the great depression in 1930’s America and in particular the 1936 image “Migrant Mother”. Beauty Remains explores the relationship between beauty and despair. In a time when gender equality is being evaluated the one thing that remains unchallenged is the position women hold. With so many amazing females around the world it is unbelievable that full gender equality is still such a distant ideal. Beauty Remains embodies quiet and dignified strength, a clam stillness that has emboldened women the world over. Hair with strong shapes and beautiful textures combine with influences rooted in classic styling with modern turns creating a timeless collection of images.

Collection: Beauty Remains
Ph: Wayne Lennon
Make-up: Paola Racabarren
Styling: Elena Hristova


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Jul 042018 Gossip


After an intense voting period, Club Fígaro finally announces
the 15 finalists of 2018 Spanish Hairdressing Awards,
launched by Club Fígaro and sponsored by Revlon Professional.
These 15 hairdressers will performance all their creativity on stage
during Fígaro Catwalk and 2018 Spanish Hairdressing Awards ceremony,
which will take place in Madrid on 1st October, as part of Salón Look,
one of the most important professional events in Europe.
In a 9th edition that has recorded an awesome participation
(with 131 collections from 66 Spanish firms),
the collections have grown in quality,
exceeding jury and associates expectations,
as the 15 amazing finalists demonstrates.


Juanvi Camarasa, from De Sancho Estilistas
Sara Piera, from Carlos Valiente Estilistas
Sergio Molina, from Pelsynera

The Barbershop by Paco López
Toni&Guy Spain, by Jose Boix
José Antonio Rodríguez

SK Style, by Alexander Kiryliuk
David Siero
Milk, by Landry Agres

Manuel Mon & Gonzalo Zarauza
De Sancho Estilistas by Jorge de Sancho
Silvia Santos

Carles Sánchez, from Pelsynera
Carlos Valiente, from Carlos Valiente
Amparo Carratalá, from Toni&Guy Spain

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Jul 032018 Gossip


FANOLA ha organizzato nella sua sede di San Martino Di Lupari (PD)
il primo Digital Event internazionale.
Un gruppo di influencer internazionali e hairstylist americani e canadesi
hanno avuto modo di vivere l’esperienza #FanolaLove.
Un tour creato da FANOLA per far scoprire il noto
FANOLA NO YELLOW SHAMPOO, dal laboratorio Ricerca e Sviluppo
al reparto dedicato al filling dei flaconi.

Gli influencer hanno poi proseguito con un contest: il My #Love Shampoo,
ovvero la creazione di uno shampoo realizzato e personalizzato da loro,
che dopo una selezione, decreterà quello che verrà prodotto
in edizione limitata a firma del blogger.
I blogger, oltre che nella produzione, sono anche stati coinvolti nello
shooting fotografico delle modelle preparate da hairstylist internazioneli
che hanno preso parte ad un Education Training del FANOLA LAB.

Infine, per far vivere il mondo della bellezza italiana a 360º,
i blogger sono stati in visita a Venezia, che è stata cornice di scatti,
stories e tag della pagina ufficiale @fanola.official

4.5 (90%) 6 vote[s]
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