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Dec 282017 Gossip

In designing his new Y.I. (“Youth Identity”) collection, Huub Eysink was inspired by the freshness and purity of the culture and ideas of the youngest generation. A combination of stand-­‐out colours and understated contemporary cuts is what makes this collection quirky and original and introduces us to young people’s unique individual identities. The quote “Can I Be Me?” perfectly encapsulates the Y.I. message. In creating this collection, Eysink was inspired by young people who aspire to be themselves, make their own fashion statements and favour a radically individual style. Rather than looking to copy older influencers, hipsters and celebrities, these young people aim to create a look that reflects their own DNA. The Y.I. looks feature playful structures and special hues such as light blue, rosé gold and various shades of grey.

Collection: Youth Identity
Ph: Jayden Fey
Make-up: Angelique Stapelbroek
Video & Edit: Cestmir Eysink
Styling: Annet Veerbeek


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Dec 282017 Gossip

For inspiration, he looked to fashion icon Alexander McQueen and performance artist and designer Leigh Bowery. Both are known for their striking and inventive approach to design – something that is visible in the bold shapes and strong color palette that are used in these images. The looks individually express strength, creativity and power and share moments of vulnerability. Taking elements from both McQueen and Bowery, Casey has created an aesthetic that is highly artistic, tasteful and projects Casey’s personality.

Collection: Defiance
Ph: Lel Burnett
Make-up: Roseanna Velin
Clothing: Jolanta Pilinkaite, Claire Tremlett & Rachel Taylor
Assistants: Josh Powell & Codie Harper


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