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Feb 022018 Gossip

Paul Paterson


The Noir collection has been inspired by the model’s classic natural beauty and combines a raw subtlety with an essence of opulent beauty. Simple techniques have been executed to the highest standard resulting in a seductive simplicity that captures a perfect moment in time.

Collection: Noir
Ph: Andrew R Moore
Make-up: Erika Marie Ni Bhrian


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Feb 012018 Gossip

The I Am hair collection – that’s all your wishes you ever wanted to come true, all the personalities you ever wanted to be, all the emotions you wanted to express and all the words you wanted to say. Express your inner feelings with hair and be who you really want to be – say it with hair, that’s the message from Petra Měchurová through her new I Am hair collection. Petra Měchurová goes in the I Am collection even deeper in her minimalist approach towards hair cuts and complements them with accentuated details. Sharp cuts with single highlights and contrasting colour concept with soft transitions highlight face qualities and often wake up neglected femininity. Yet the hair collection goes hand in hand with the foremost actual trend – short hair.

Collection: I am
Ph: John Rawson
Make-up: Ian Nguyen-Grealis


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Feb 012018 Gossip

Sally Brooks


My collection is a compilation of single images rather than one whole collection. I’m always inspired by people, and for this shoot, it was no different. I choose my models first before the concept, as I find a girl’s face and attitude inspired the looks. I designed the whole collection around the girls using skills and ideas I have developed over my career. Working with my favourite team, it was a fabulous two-day shoot with my favourite team. Each picture was lit differently, styled differently and with a different vibe but with the same vision – simplicity, emotion and fun. I think it truly reflects my passion of creating not only hair but total look.

Collection: The British
Ph: Jenny Hands
Make-up: Lan Nguyen-Grealis
Styling: Milly Simon


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Jan 312018 Gossip

Christine Margossian


The Spring/Summer 2018 season will oscillate between classicism and creativity. Christine Margossian wants to join spontaneity, the natural style with the rebellion of the youth in the world of nowadays. The result are It Looks #NappyHair – contraction of Natural + Happy – the expression of a snappy and spontaneous femininity, a realist profile of a determined summer season which celebrates individuality and style.

Collection: It Looks #NappyHair
Ph: Bruno Estatoff
Make-up: valèrie Dumond
Stylist: Sarah Diallo


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