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Nov 132018 Gossip

Sally Rogerson


In this most recent collection titled Royal Punk, the hairstylist pulls from her British roots and heritage. With a nod to English eccentricities she juxtaposes the old and new with conventional shapes infused with punk sensibilities. Drawing inspiration from formal portraits of the British royal family, she has used classic elements such as military medals, draped sashes, and period jewellery to create thoroughly modern looks.

Collection: Royal Punk
Ph: John Rawson
Make-up: Jillyn Leone Neslen
Stylist: Rose Swift


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Nov 122018 Gossip

A collection that apply in the hair diverse forms inspired by architectural elements that are nourished by the natural and organic. In the composition the shapes have been reinforced with colours of different kind of stones. All the hair in the collection is natural and recycled, cut from our clients and processed to create different mouldable hair plates.

Collection: Hoho
Ph: David Arnal
Make-up: José Luís Blasco
Stylist: Aaron Gil Llacer


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Nov 082018 Gossip

Parick Cameron


The new collection of Patrick Cameron, Heritage, features technique based iconic looks that are both eye-catching and client pleasing. Patrick will showcase his ultimate take on braiding techniques combined with beautiful casual bouffants. This collection has it all, youthful modern elegance and exciting techniques.

Collection: Heritage
Ph: Marco Erbi
Make-up: Alison Chesterton
Stylist: Marco Erbi


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Nov 082018 Gossip

Carlos Valiente


The spanish hairdressing firm, Salones Carlos Valiente, returned to parade on the Alternative Hair Show catwalk as a finalist of the international ‘Visionary Awards’ that are delivered each year within one of the most important hairdressing events in the world. As a finalist, Salones Carlos Valiente presented its latest collection.

Ph: Alex Barron-Hough


4.3 (86.67%) 3 vote[s]
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