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Mar 012019 Gossip

Ivan Rodriguez


The perfect mix between the most forceful cutting techniques in the United Kingdom and Spain was the inspiration to create this casual proposal. The short mane weathered with a slight asymmetry is the look that this pair of women wear as identical on the outside as different inside. The light and very short fringe is the great protagonist to get to frame the upper part of the face and with it, soften the look. So Twins Collection becomes a proposal for the current woman who seeks a hair without anger and with freedom of movement.

Collection: Twins
Ph: Jesús Herrera
Make-up: Thessa Peralta, Ale Llamas
Stylist: Melissa Weeb


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Feb 282019 Gossip

Caterina Di Biase


Fusion Collection is a powerfully evocative blend of textures, shapes and moods by Caterina Di Biase. The collection has a modern editorial ‘punk’ flavour that blends fierceness and femininity, glamour and sex, refinement and naked energy.

Collection: Fusion
Ph: Andrew O’Toole
Make-up: Kylie O’Toole
Stylist: Jamie-Marie Shipton


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Feb 272019 Gossip

This collection is inspired by the current Mexican woman who proudly wears a Sarape, poncho or “jorongo”. A woman who loves herself; defender of integrity and diversity. A current Mexican woman that transcends borders regardless of colour or condition. Nothing better to break stereotypes than a blond-haired woman wearing this Mexican Sarape. A Sarape accompanied by three options to tie the hair in a simple and different way, with tie-wraps that frame and fill this technique with colour.

Collection: Sarape
Ph: Jesùs Herrera
Make-up: Thessa Peralta
Stylist: Roberto de la Nuva


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Feb 272019 Gossip

Allen Ruiz Team


Curfew Collection is a retro nod to the decadent debauchery of New York City’s club scene in the late 80s, early 90s. Think Limelight, Palladium and Tunnel when hanging-out outside the club was cooler than being inside. This collection may be a little darker and moodier than the cool clubbers of that time, but the asymmetric shapes, braids and fades enhanced by infrared and electric blue lighting remain true to the vibe.

Collection: Curfew
Ph: Cody Kinsfather
Make-up: Walter Fuentes
Stylist: Ernesto Sierra
Creative Director: Allen Ruiz


4.5 (90%) 2 vote[s]
Feb 252019 Gossip

STILEcapelli 15


Il magazine di moda-capelli quadrimestrale PUBBLICATO in occasione delle sfilate di Milano Fashion Week DEDICATO al jet-set con le fotografie delle più belle collezioni internazionali della moda-capelli.

La rivista PIÙ RICERCATA del momento è in distribuzione nelle edicole dei maggiori aeroporti italiani e stranieri, nei Duty Free, nelle più importanti stazioni ferroviarie e Autogrill e nei 50 HAIRSHOP specialisti.

STILECAPELLI è molto apprezzato particolarmente dagli stilisti dell’abbigliamento perché traggono spunti per completare l’immagine total look dei loro abiti nelle sfilate/show.

Oppure richiedi la rivista direttamente in redazione !


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Feb 212019 Gossip

Movement and texture are the inspiration of High Texture Collection. A collection that presents a variety of looks with different finishes, from very soft waves to a dramatic volume with zigzag curly hair sections. The cut in long layers increasing allows to create body without losing the length. As for the color, the hairstylist has opted for a natural blond hair with babylights in gold / ash tone that helps to enhance these styles.

Collection: High Texture
Ph: Jesús Herrera
Make-up: Ale Llamas
Stylist: Roberto de la Nuva


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