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Mar 142019 Gossip



This collection is called “The Art of Balance” as the hairstylists have been working with shapes and colours in order to create a balance in the hair styles: a balance between the creative and the usable, and a balance in the hairstyles, created through the use of shapes in cut and colour.
Geometric shapes have always been used within the world of art. In the same way as the figures have been used to achieve depth effects in paintings, they have used shapes to section the hair both while cutting and colouring. This technique has created visual effects that are customized to each model.
Within the world of art, the concept of balance implies that the artist is using visual tools to ensure the equilibrium of the work of art, so one part does not overshadow the others. Similarly, they have attempted to create a balance in the hair styles of the collection, in order to carefully tune cutting trends, colour trends and the face and body shape of the model.

Collection: The Art of Balance
Ph: Sidsel Clement
Make-up: Louise Bruun
Stylist: Sofia Astby Dock


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Mar 122019 Gossip

Shogo Ideguchi


The inspiration for this collection comes from the masculine styles of fashion Catwalk. The aim was to use strong shapes and haircuts to make a runway fashion statement while at the same time retaining the essence of a women’s femininity.

Collection: Manish Elegance
Ph: John Rawson
Make-up: Lan Grealis
Stylist: Koichi Fujisaki


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Mar 082019 Gossip

Sam Wall & David Rea


Each individual look has a combination masculine and feminine elements – in some the masculine is stronger and others the feminine – but combined they create a uniformed overview of today’s metro-sexual male. A man that accepts that he can represent himself as he wishes; blur gender lines and not be represented by a single style, format or image. This is his the new Uniform!

Collection: Uniform
Ph: Harkness Photography
Make-Up: Lawson Wright
Stylist: Darina


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Mar 082019 Gossip

Milena Maršić & Glamour Team


Immaculate hairdos based on classical forms have been modernized by specific cutting techniques and oversized shapes and volumes graphically emphasized by elegant black silhouettes on white backgrounds that keep the hair firmly in the spotlight.

Collection: Glamour Vision
Ph: Mladen Šarić
Make up: Saša Joković
Stylist: Saša Joka


4.5 (90%) 2 vote[s]
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