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Apr 032019 Gossip

Eric Sammartano and Laurent Lega


Tie your hair up, create a bun, an original haircut… Do as you please !!! The most important decision, after choosing the wedding dress, is to determine your hairstyling for the Day. They will help customers to find a hairstyle which will enhance beauty and make this day everlasting, through photographs and good memories. Therefore, hairstylists have created a timeless collection which every young woman can identify with when preparing the most beautiful day of her life.

Collection: Symboles
Ph: Daniel Pister
Make-up: Eva Bodo


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Apr 022019 Gossip

Aldo Coppola

Aldo Coppola

Frange dallo spirito ribelle donano all’istante un’aria sbarazzina e “young”. Nelle forme medio lunghe, texture diverse si fondono. La brezza degli anni ’70 scivola armoniosamente tra code allungate e nuove sinuosità. Il corto accarezza i lineamenti e si veste di femminilità. Tonalità avvolgenti, evidenti contrasti tra i capelli, sfumature intriganti si sovrappongono in un gioco di sperimentazione audaci.

Collection: Orizzonte


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Apr 012019 Gossip

Shogo Ideguchi


With this collection the haistylist wanted to show that in today’s rough abrasive world – where the softness that traditionally expresses femininity is often considered out dated – even if you use strong shapes and hard textures, it is still possible to reflect a women’s purity and beauty.

Collection: Naked Purity
Ph: John Rawson
Make-up: Lan Grealis
Stylist: Jared Green


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Mar 292019 Gossip

Luciana Sabariz, Norma Mejía


TRUE LOVE is a collection that focuses on distinct bridal styles. Five different looks have been created for five different brides: Flapper, Romantic, Boho-Chic, Civil and Rocker. The hairstylists chose very commercial images, where different tie back techniques are combined: laces, knots, waves, hairnets and ribbons.

Collection: True Love
Ph: David Arnal
Make-up: Emma Izquierdo
Stylist: Eunnis Mesa, Aaron Gil Llacer
Hair Assistant: Javier Novo


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Mar 282019 Gossip

María Montes


CELIA is a collection inspired by the latest trends. It’s pure fashion, a very modern proposal with an elegant and clean air that transpires delicacy without renouncing to a tougher air with ethnic touches. But above all, CELIA is beauty. A tribute to the beautiful woman who is enhanced and favoured with an ice white tone that highlights this delicate and sweet perfection.

Collection: Celia
Ph: Bernardo Baragaño
Make-up: María Montes
Model: Celia Fernández Sastre


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