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Nov 302018 Gossip

Punk Rock Girls Collection is the concept of a general aesthetic, in costumes, makeup and hairdressing of the punk style that emerged in London in the 1970s. The punk philosophy can be summarized as: “Do it yourself” or “do it your way”. It rejects the dogmas and questions the established. It despises fashions and mass society (although his aesthetic is considered itself a fashion). Punks demarcate themselves from the adaptation to social roles and stereotypes.

Collection: Punk Rock Girls
Ph: Bernardo Baragano
Make-up: Maria Montes
Stylist: Visori Fashionart
Model: Celia Fernandez Sastre


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Nov 292018 Gossip

Ziortza Zarauza


Bloom collection refers to the emergence of color around us. The color bursts with force in our environment and a world without color is unimaginable. In hairdressing, it is one of the three pillars for design: shape, texture and color. Bloom claims color in hair, in flowers, in people, in dreams and in life.

Collection: Bloom
Ph: Eneritz Medina
Make-up: Centro BETA Team
Stylist: Centro BETA


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Nov 282018 Gossip

The International Creative Team led by Mark Hayes


Ultraviolet celebrates the visceral energy of disco taking inspiration from the seventies designs of Studio 54 habitues Halston and Yves Saint Laurent and the directional glamour of Tom Ford at Gucci during his reign as Creative Director from 1994. Uber-sexy aesthetic of Ford which included unbuttoned satin shirts worn with hipster velvet jeans and cut-out silk jersey dresses with horse-bit belts referenced the high octane look of seventies fashion as worn during heady nights at Studio 54. After one catwalk show the fashion director of Neiman Marcus said, ‘It was hot! It was sex! The girls looked as if they had just stepped off someone s private jet. You just know that wearing those clothes would make you look like you were living on the edge – doing it and having it all!’

Collection: Ultra Violet
Ph: Benjamin Vnuk
Make-up: Daniel Kolaric
Stylist: Mathilde Dutheil


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Nov 282018 Gossip

The “Mirror, Mirror…” collection was designed especially with the festive occasions of the autumn and winter season in mind – the social events that enliven the ball and special event season. Elegance with echoes of high-fashion chic, passion, and deliberate styling are the prevailing themes of these stunning looks. At the centre of the collection is the presentation of the diverse facets of every woman’s personality – self-assured, seductive, sensual, devoted, and yet simultaneously reserved, delicate, and enigmatic. Before a woman appears on the public stage, she takes a deep look in the mirror to make sure she looks beautiful – and this is precisely the moment Hannes Steinmetz manifests with his styles in the “Mirror, Mirror…” collection. The wearer remains completely private, engrossed in and at one with herself.

Collection: Mirror, Mirror…
Ph: Hilde Van Mas
Make-up: Sandra Filipovic @ Steinmetz-Bundy Privatsalon
Stylist: Patrizia Narbon


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Nov 272018 Gossip

This collection is a compilation of single images rather than one whole collection. The hairstylist is always inspired by people around me and this shoot is no different. She chooses her models first before the concept, as she find a girl s face and attitude inspiring. She designed the whole collection around three girls she met who inspired her.

Collection: The Collection
Ph: Jenny Hands
Make-up: Lan Nguyen-Grealis
Styling: Milly Simon


4.7 (93.33%) 3 vote[s]
Nov 272018 Gossip
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