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Dec 102018 Gossip

Ulises Mesa


URBANPART is inspired by urbanites, “street” people, millennial women who prefer to collect experiences than properties, who believe in collaborative economy, who are more demanding and selective with the management of their free time and prefer to live where they can walk or use a bike to get to their jobs and homes. Women who want to look beautiful without the need to disguise themselves, choosing casual and fresh looks for day to day, looking for a current image, uncomplicated, but masterfully taken care of. URBANPART is a tribute to our student girls, athletes, workers, who enjoy leisure, women who come on strong, well prepared, who will leave behind the dark times of patriarchal societies.

Collection: Urbanpart
Ph: Esteban Roca
Make-up: Manuela Gimenez @ Salon Blue by Raquel Saiz
Stylist: Esteban Roca


4.7 (93.33%) 6 vote[s]
Dec 102018 Gossip

Paula Alonso


A collection that aims to reflect an experience and all its sweetness in which the hairstylist not only see herself, but also all the people who believe in her from the beginning. This is “Thunder”, the beginning of something very big.

Collection: Thunder
Ph: Esteban Roca
Make-up: Manuela Gimenez
Stylist: Maria Saiz


4.2 (84%) 5 vote[s]
Dec 042018 Gossip


The idea for the collection arose from a distinct sense that, while femme fatale figure is a recurrent presence in both popular and high culture, the figure is a perennial site of uncertainty and mysteriousness. Raising intriguing thoughts and challenging questions and luring you in to investigate further, telling a story – one of which you can really feel and hear.

Collection: Femme Fatale
Ph: john Rawson
Make-up: Maddie Austin
Stylist: Claire Frith


4.7 (93.33%) 3 vote[s]
Dec 032018 Gossip

A collection based on visual frankness: pure shapes and lines where Green and Pink offer an aesthetic balance to the collection. A commitment to innovate in finished textures based on editorial experiences, put at the service of our clients for their daily use.

Collection: Green Pink
Ph: Oliver Viladoms Studio
Make-up: Palsynera
Stylist: Pelsynera


4.8 (95%) 4 vote[s]
Nov 302018 Gossip

Punk Rock Girls Collection is the concept of a general aesthetic, in costumes, makeup and hairdressing of the punk style that emerged in London in the 1970s. The punk philosophy can be summarized as: “Do it yourself” or “do it your way”. It rejects the dogmas and questions the established. It despises fashions and mass society (although his aesthetic is considered itself a fashion). Punks demarcate themselves from the adaptation to social roles and stereotypes.

Collection: Punk Rock Girls
Ph: Bernardo Baragano
Make-up: Maria Montes
Stylist: Visori Fashionart
Model: Celia Fernandez Sastre


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Nov 292018 Gossip

Ziortza Zarauza


Bloom collection refers to the emergence of color around us. The color bursts with force in our environment and a world without color is unimaginable. In hairdressing, it is one of the three pillars for design: shape, texture and color. Bloom claims color in hair, in flowers, in people, in dreams and in life.

Collection: Bloom
Ph: Eneritz Medina
Make-up: Centro BETA Team
Stylist: Centro BETA


4.7 (93.33%) 3 vote[s]
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