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Dec 272016 Gossip

Sassoon Academy presents a futuristic bricolage of East meets West. Chinese cheong-sams, Japanese kimonos and Korean hanboks are combined with modern sportswear and utility fashion for new tribes of techno nomads, offbeat courtesans and virtual vagabonds. Techno bobs are disrupted versions of the iconic Sassoon look with disconnected elliptical sections and concentric layering. Colour distorts across the surface of deconstructed layers; pure minimalist cuts give strength to dramatic texture. Structured curls with an intricately wound directional flow are coloured to a high resolution iridescence.

HAIR: The International Creative Team led by Mark Hayes @ Sassoon – UK
Collection: Poetica
Ph: Benjamin Vnuk
Make-up: Daniel Koleric
Styling: Lucie Perrier


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Dec 222016 Gossip


“My inspiration was raw hair with very dark undertones almost submissive but beautiful shapes for the element of kajira”
Lewis Moore

HAIR: Lewis Moore @ Lewis Moore Salons – UK
Ph: John Rawson
Make-up: Maddie Austin
Clothes Styling: Jared Green


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Dec 212016 Gossip


“A collection of beautiful timeless Iconic looks
Alain Pereque

HAIR: Alan Pereque @ Saco – CDN
Ph: John Rawson
Make-up: Paco Puerta
Styling: Rima Chahin


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Dec 142016 Gossip

Global hairdressing icons once again gathered in Sydney at the Seymour Centre, before an audience of over 800 hairdressers over an epic THREE days of pure education and creativity, to bring to life the third installment of Ssh! Australia.

emiliano-richard-kavanagh emiliano-vitale-peter-gray-benni-tognini emiliano-vitale-pierre-saint-sever-richard-ashforth-and-benni-tognini

An awe-inspiring THREE days comprising the Ssh! show, Masterclass and bespoke Workshops with SACO & Mazella&Palmer, Ssh has truly become a world-class event; remaining true to its values and pushing boundaries unlike anything that has ever existed in Australia, and revered around the world as a truly unique experimental event, pioneering creative exploration.

Led by Australian Hairdresser of the Year Alumni and legends of the global industry, Emiliano Vitale and Benni Tognini, the impressive line up of talent for 2016 comprised:

  • Dove Palmer & Jean-Baptiste Mazella – Mazella&Palmer (UK)
  • Richard Ashforth & Pierre Saint Sever – SACO (UK)
  • Andy Wong and Nick Chung – EROS (Taiwan)
  • Richard Kavanagh (Australia)
  • Robert Lobetta (USA) and Team Lobetta (Kobi Bokshish, Alexandra Newman and Jamie Furlan – Australia)
  • Peter Gray (USA)

As the audience settled in to embrace the poetic universe of contemporary hair culture, Jules Tognini introduced each guest artist to the stage.


Popular duo, Mazella&Palmer, where first up, preceded by a dreamscape of haunting melodies and shadow figures which evolved into their presentation of Demeure; a collection inspired by English fashion photographer Tim Walker and his dreamy, nostalgic pictures. Demeure enveloped the audience in a daydream and fantasy, telling stories conjured directly from the imagination that most of us left behind in childhood, all whilst staying true to the duo’s philosophy of not just how to cut hair, but why.

“This event, and the education it imparts, is one of the best in the world. For us, it’s Number One in the sense of keeping it pure,” says Dove Palmer.

Richard Kavanagh

Mercurial and magical, Australia’s Richard Kavanagh embraced the ethos that is Ssh! challenging mindsets with an abstract narrative on the lack of connection we have in the modern era, and how important the human aspect of the craft of hairdressing is and our need to honour that. Richard paid homage to how important the craft of hairdressing is – it being one of the true crafts that cannot be mechanized or digitized.

Nick Chung and Andy Wong- EROS

The powerhouse duo of Nick Chung and Andy Wong, and their entourage that comprise Taiwan’s EROS catapulted the audience into a new world of HUVATAR (human+avatar), where rapid technological developments have caused a change in the world, and influenced the human body. EROS challenged the audience to see body shape in different forms, coupled with new innovations in hair and architecture.

Robert Lobetta


Robert Lobetta mentored and led a trio of Australian young guns – Alexandra Newman, Jamie Furlan and Kobi Bokshish – along with the audience into the world of ‘Asylum’. A safe place for the experimentation of your most wildest ideas, where there’s fluidity of pieces, aggression in beauty and the opportunity to be brilliant by risking and trying something different.


Striking colours and contemporary takes on classic shapes and textures encapsulated SACO’s presentation of their I.D. Collection. Taking influence from performance artist and designer, Leigh Bowery, Richard & Pierre, demonstrated that words were not necessary; it was sheer creativity and technique that piqued and held the crowd’s attention.

Peter Gray

The final presentation of the evening to imbue the audience with a definitive shot of creativity and a social conscience message was America’s Peter Gray. A man who needs a reason or cause to present, and to raise awareness, Peter’s strikingly powerful show shone the spotlight on human trafficking; with the finale showcasing a model encased in a ‘web’ of twine/cotton; a direct reference to the underworld web that is the human trafficking trade.

Says Peter, “This event, Ssh! Australia, is truly what is an incredible global event. Creativity with a purpose is what I aspire to! Inspiring causes motivate me to push the boundaries. Ssh was an amazing opportunity to work with an amazing team using the medium of hair to convey the harsh reality of a web of people involved in human trafficking worldwide!”

Ssh! once again delivered an experiential educational experience for professionals in the hair, makeup, fashion and design arenas at the Seymour Center and around the globe via live streaming through liveED; a concept daring in it’s approach and delivery.


What’s next for Ssh! Australia 2017?
We’re keeping that a secret for now!


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Dec 142016 Gossip

HAIR: Alan Keville @ Hair – IE
Collection: Holism
Ph: John Rawson
Make‐up: Derick Carberry
Clothes Styling: Alison Conneely


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Dec 132016 Gossip

Hair: Intercoiffure Mondial – France
Collection: Fashionista
Ph: Michèle Struckens-Bloch
Make-up: Miki Ishida & Ai Nieda, Marina Sulzer
Fashion Styling: Mickael Kromer
President Intercoiffure Mondial: Klaus Peter Ochs
Intercoiffure Mondial Artistic Team 2016-2017: Hiroyuki Obayashi, Marc Menden, Natasha Balabanova, Mauricio Pina, Mariann Klein Ivansdottir, Bruno Sommer, Betina Frank, Stoffel van Wyk
Production Trends: Elmarie Lignier
Layout, Graphic Design: Maike Munck
Texts: Petra Weinzierl
Coordination: Sabine Cotta
Translation: Dorothy Schaps, Geneviève Coulon, Elena Rivero


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Dec 072016 Gossip

The idea beneath “Paradise” was to create a commercial collection inspired in a holidays world. The tones chosen, inspired in the Caribbean, magenta, blue and green taken from tropical birds intermingle with yellow papaya and sandy blond. We wanted to present young and fun woman without losing the “hi-fashion” touch.

HAIR: Imanol Oliver @ Oliver Estilismo – ES
Collection: Paradise
Ph: C14photography
Make-up: Violeta Oliver
Styling: Mamen Garcìa


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Dec 072016 Gossip

Hair: Robert Braid – UK
Ph: Liam Oakes


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Dec 052016 Gossip

HAIR: Laurent Micas – France
Ph: Alexandre Dalivoust
Make-up: Amandine Poisson
Model and Stylism: Emy Buffa


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Dec 012016 Gossip

“Versatile es una colección de recogidos sociales y para novias con un carácter totalmente comercial. He querido crear recogidos desde una misma textura que puedan evolucionar desde un estilismo más depurado y estructurado hacia otro con efectos más naturales y casuales, en una palabra buscando versatilidad .Una versatilidad que muchas novias buscan tener el día de su boda”.

HAIR: Mayte Garrote @ Different Estilistas – España
Collection: Versatile
Ph: David Arnal
Make-Up: Alex Alva
Stylist: Eunnis Mesa


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