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Jan 192018 Gossip

Emsibeth Artistic Team


Emsibeth Artistic Team presenta la collezione autunno/inverno 2017-18 “I’m Indipendent”. Tagli e colori raffinati, per una donna che abbandona la banalità, alla ricerca di un look personale, indipendente. Purple Smoky, Light Steel, Dark Brown, Soft Ocean, Red Mink, Brown Mink, Salt Pepper, Ice Gold e Pink Peach le colorazioni moda “must” della stagione.

Collection: I’m indipendent


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Jan 182018 Gossip

The inspiration for Ice Dream arose from the Saint Laurent & Chanel shows for a/w 17. These shows, along with others that season really elaborated on metallic shades, textures and fabrics. The colours in Ice Dream were created to showcase the incredible shine and iridescent tones which I developed using the Metallic colours. Although subtle, the shades are incredibly striking.

Collection: Ice Dream
Ph: Richard Miles
Make-up: Maddie Austin
Styling: Desiree Lederer


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Jan 032018 Gossip

haircollection ManuelMon


Reinterpreting the Gothic, they are renewed images with a marked neogothic aesthetic and notes of haute couture. The collection demands very elaborate techniques in different textures using as a common link the use of outstanding elements: pearls, pins, metal cylinders and Swarovsky crystal. The overall result is the reproduction of neogothic images, combined with an aesthetic linked to the rococo. It reinterprets the historical currents that arose nostalgically to exalt what was the medieval world, imitating the original Gothic.

Collection: Gothic Revival
Ph: Bernardo Baragaño
Make-up: María Montes
Styling: Visori Fashionart
Extensions: Elegance Hair Extensions
Model: Celia Fernández


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Jan 032018 Gossip

haircollection SilasTsang


The daily disappearance of the sun below the horizon is the theme of this collection. The combination of intense, soft, and warm colours of the hair symbolize the colours created by the Earth’s atmosphere. Dusk is represented by the dark tones in this collection. The variety textures represent the uniqueness of every sunset.

Collection: Sunset
Colour: Dorothy Tsang @ Blushes
Ph: John Rawson @ www.therawsonpartnership.net
Make-up: Lan Grealis
Clothes Styling: Jared Green


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Jan 022018 Gossip

haircollection EnriqueSerrano


This collection is based on a stunning mix of colours and shapes. An explosion of creativity inspired by designers, textile artists, and their mixtures of fabrics and colours. Avant-garde designs, with simple and precise cuts, giving importance to the whole range of created colour. Taking hairstyles and styles to another level. Inspirations in coat’s designs with blends of colours, clothes that spoke for themselves, the hairstylist transformed them into very marked hair, giving this current and innovative essence. Hair pretending to be, with its texture, luxury garments. Synthetic leather with lots of hair. Fabrics rich in colours and superimposed shapes. A new vision of fashion more current and transgressor. The final result, daring, colourful and imaginative looks, where they join with bangs and textures, crazy shapes with irresistible styles and length.

Ph: Dominik Valvo
Make-up: Adrian Rux
Stylist: Arturo Argüelles
Hair Extensions: Elegance Hair Extensions
Video director: Afioco
Post Production video: Encarni Lovexx


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