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Feb 272018 Gossip

Bernat Sayol


PAUSA GENDERLESS is one of three sides of the same collection: PAUSA, the first collection of Salón Carlos Valiente created entirely in team. Inspired by their own line of work, PAUSA is based on straight and minimalist lines, with very commercial and versatile cuts that can be perfectly applied to the customer, with a choice of neutral colours that help to find the contrasts without losing that characteristic essence of the Salón Carlos Valiente’s works: try to achieve subtlety and elegance, which also impregnated their previous works.

Collection: Pausa Genderless
Ph: Esteban Roca
Make-up: Jessi Esparza
Styling: Visori Fashionart


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Feb 212018 Gossip

Amparo Fernández


Behind of DAGA Collection, there are a refined cutting technique, a meticulous work of shapes, textures and volumes that culminates with the color tones of raging trends: ICE-STRAWBERRY, DARKBLUE, ORANGERER or INDIANRED. The most important makeup on the lip stands out, it can be define as METAL-LIP. DAGA allows us to make the imagination fly, evoking the beauty of the ornamentation of daggers and the splendor of a timeless craftsmanship.

Collection: Daga
Ph: Rebeca Saray
Make-up: Trini F. Silva
Styling: La Condesa


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