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Apr 052018 Gossip

Montse Morella & Mikel Estupinyá


“Tying the body the soul is released” (Japanese proverb).
“Rope” is inspired by the Japanese style “Shibari”. In the Shibari the ties are made using strings composed of natural fibers. Knots placed strategically to stimulate acupuncture points that increase sexual energy; designs that highlight the curves and the erotic contortion of bodies. A learning and communication path for the couple that meanders between vulnerability and trust, excitement and relaxation; a delivery of power through a pact between equals that amplifies rapport, union and passion. “Rope”, strings that make hugs, strings that become extensions of arms, hands and fingers that knot, link and intertwine through sensual caresses. Ties that emphasize and allow highlighting in the hair various cutting measures with a rectilinear predominance, culminating with sober colors. The woman of the 21st century revolutionizes the system of roles to break with the established, to rebel through a pact between equals, in which there are no unilateral ropes, in which the silence isbroken to be heard and recognized, finally, in a new society without masks, without hypocrisy. The woman creates her own knots and ropes, owner of herself, her body and her spirit, without having to ask permission, without giving explanations, without renouncing the fullness of her potentialities.

Collection: Rope
Ph: David Arnal
Make-up: De MarÍa
Styling: Aaron Gil Llacer
Hairdressing Assistants: Toni Ribera and Patri Canales
Ropes: Eric Wurfl


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Mar 292018 Gossip

From the Japanese for white ‘shiro’ – Shiro Blondes celebrates the diversity of blondes by exploring various tone and shades on a universal base of white. Each look has a feature blonde tone combined with individualised shape and texture, all of which are unified by clothes of white styled in a cross selection of fashions.

Collection: Shiro Blondes
Ph: Barry Jeffery
Make-up: Elizabeth Rita
Styling: Masha Mombelli


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Mar 282018 Gossip

capelli by Jose Garcia


A collection inspired by the seduction of women transmitted through the hair, Jose Garcia Peluqueros shows us an elegant and feminine looks marked by very soft waves combined with intensely sensual tones. A hair categorized as drastic in roots and dramatic in means and hair tips, where the darkness of the birth turns to the red glowing in hair tips, merging between the relaxed waves of the hairstyle. A seductive woman projecting serenity and security in herself. A pale skin covered by soft silky fabrics that surrounds an exclusively attractive woman. Its static mane with swollen effect rises in citrus orange tones that remember the most intense sunset. The powdery pink and the blond ice are combine to obtain a velvety shade, where the textured layers get a silk movement at the ends.

Collection: Seduction
Ph: David Arnal
Make-up: Andoni Bozal
Styling: Eunnis Mesa


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Mar 272018 Gossip

Megacities, noise, stress – in the industrialised age, people seem to have forgotten where we come from. We are busy adapting our surroundings to our needs. Mirage allows the viewer to reflect and return to nature. Stunning visuals show how harmoniously humanity and landscape can melt into each other – we belong together because we were originally as one. It might be a cloudscape or a glistening, ghostly play of light within a barren scene: hair is the artist’s favourite medium with which to create motifs that show creation in unison with nature. This unification culminates with extensions replacing a model’s face, creating a perfect symbiosis.

Collection: Mirage
Ph: Andrew O’ Toole
Make-up: Daniel Kolaric
Styling: Niccolo Torelli


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Mar 262018 Gossip

Linton & Mac capelli


They want to craft a collection that utilised their colour and styling expertise, while working with a range of hair textures in line with the new season. This stylish collection is sure to make Linton & Mac clients Flaunt their hair this season.

Collection: Flaunt
Hair: Joanna MacDonald, Jennifer Linton & Karen Wilson
Ph: Sam Brill
Make-up: Kayleigh Foster & Heather Dick


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Mar 202018 Gossip

Carlos Valiente


A blank canvas was the beginning of this collection. The lack of a creative idea suddenly becomes the letimotiv of Sin Alma. Hours of work, perseverance and ambition, turn frustration and lack of ideas into the artist’s own inspiration. Black eyes represent this emptiness, and white skin gives way to the creativity of the hairstyles. Colours represent four aspects of the creative process according to Carlos Valiente: pink for the love for his work, blue that recalls the productivity of good ideas, yellow that attracts happiness for work well done and red, passion for their profession.

Collection: Sin Alma
Ph: Esteban Roca
Make-up: Nacho Sanz


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Mar 192018 Gossip

Jenni Tarrant


The Homage to McQueen collection seeks to translate the style, textures, shapes and colours of some of Alexander McQueen’s signature looks using the medium of hair. His portfolio of work is so vast in creativity and originality it lends itself perfectly as a springboard off which to create avant garde hair looks which have never before been seen. Essential to each image in the collection is a strong sense of attention to detail and couture styling. From the finely felted human hair hand appliquéd with pearls and lace draped over layers of wrapped plaited hair to form deer horns, through to hand painted hair feathers seeking to take flight, every aspect of each look adheres to McQueen’s finely tailored signature.

Collection: Homage to McQueen
Ph: David Mannah
Make-up: Casey Gore
Styling: Jenni Tarrant
Assistants: Shaun Pollard, Mitchell Biles, Jules Tarrant & Justin Kalinowski


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