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Dec 202017 Gossip

The zone of the ocean thousands of meters below the surface of the ocean is the midnight zone. This collection personifies fish in the midnight zone that roduce their own light to compensate for the darkness. The contrast between the colours, textures, and patterns symbolize the beauty of the deep sea.

Collection: Midnight Zone
Colour: Dorothy Tsang @ Blushes
Ph: John Rawson @ www.therawsonpartnership.net
Make-up: Lan Grealis
Clothes Designs: Jared Green


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Dec 192017 Gossip



Nothing says glamour like precious metals. From costume jewellery to couture, a metallic aesthetic is attention-grabbing and edgy whilst remaining timelessly feminine. The metallic look can be both chic and rugged, from glitzy gold heels to tough chains and machinery. Industrial Metallica draws influence from the tough glamour of Game of Thrones and the feminine yet strong 15/16 collections of designers including Johanna Johnston and Steven Khalil. This collection, styled by Kimberly Gardner and shot by Elizabeth Wills, with makeup artistry by Linda Jordan, is inspired by the stylist’s country upbringing in Tamworth, NSW and the fast-paced, chic city lifestyle she has come to love.

Collection: Industrial Metallica
Ph: Elizabeth Willis
Make-up: Linda Jordan
Styling: Kimberly Gardner


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