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Mar 262018 Gossip

Linton & Mac capelli


They want to craft a collection that utilised their colour and styling expertise, while working with a range of hair textures in line with the new season. This stylish collection is sure to make Linton & Mac clients Flaunt their hair this season.

Collection: Flaunt
Hair: Joanna MacDonald, Jennifer Linton & Karen Wilson
Ph: Sam Brill
Make-up: Kayleigh Foster & Heather Dick


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Mar 202018 Gossip

Carlos Valiente


A blank canvas was the beginning of this collection. The lack of a creative idea suddenly becomes the letimotiv of Sin Alma. Hours of work, perseverance and ambition, turn frustration and lack of ideas into the artist’s own inspiration. Black eyes represent this emptiness, and white skin gives way to the creativity of the hairstyles. Colours represent four aspects of the creative process according to Carlos Valiente: pink for the love for his work, blue that recalls the productivity of good ideas, yellow that attracts happiness for work well done and red, passion for their profession.

Collection: Sin Alma
Ph: Esteban Roca
Make-up: Nacho Sanz


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Mar 192018 Gossip

Jenni Tarrant


The Homage to McQueen collection seeks to translate the style, textures, shapes and colours of some of Alexander McQueen’s signature looks using the medium of hair. His portfolio of work is so vast in creativity and originality it lends itself perfectly as a springboard off which to create avant garde hair looks which have never before been seen. Essential to each image in the collection is a strong sense of attention to detail and couture styling. From the finely felted human hair hand appliquéd with pearls and lace draped over layers of wrapped plaited hair to form deer horns, through to hand painted hair feathers seeking to take flight, every aspect of each look adheres to McQueen’s finely tailored signature.

Collection: Homage to McQueen
Ph: David Mannah
Make-up: Casey Gore
Styling: Jenni Tarrant
Assistants: Shaun Pollard, Mitchell Biles, Jules Tarrant & Justin Kalinowski


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Mar 192018 Gossip

Anthony Grant


In this collection they have the power to switch on or off. These girls really own their attitudes I took my inspiration from the late 1970′s punk culture generation pushing it through a net and arriving at a spectacular kaleidoscope of colour, giving it a very current look and mood and keeping it ignited to today’s current trend.

Collection: Plugged
Ph: Jakub Koziel
Make-up: Marta Mucha
Stylist: James Millagan


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Mar 152018 Gossip

Harry Casey


The concept behind this collection was based on female empowerment. This collection shows beautiful black women showcasing a variety of different hair textures with an editorial hair finish straight out of a high fashion magazine. Empowered, beautiful and diverse.

Collection: Afro
Ph: Jakub Koziel
Make-up: Lorraine
Styling: Hannah Thistleton


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