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Sep 122018 Gossip

The collection is called Elementary its based on simplistic shapes and techniques colour and texture. Compositions that are natural and clean. Not confusing simple for easy the techniques are fundamental and underpin learning and advancement understanding and execution deliberate and dynamics.

Collection: Elementary
Ph: Paul Gill
Make-up: Cat Williams
Stylist: Sue fyfe Williams


4.5 (90%) 2 vote[s]
Sep 102018 Gossip

Simon Hill


Inspired by the beauty of natural hair texture allowing traditional hairdressing values to create an elegant finish. The hairstylist looked at the movement of hair and transitioned into an effortless, yet on trend look.

Ph: Chris Bulezuik
Make-up: Micheal Becman


4.7 (93.33%) 3 vote[s]
Sep 072018 Gossip

Iterant image of the femme through flashing season, falling star – grasping the peonage of her fitful existence. Strong bold cutting with cascading lines and mutability. Flux movement with serfage mime styling.

Collection: Lyra
Ph: Benjamin Johnson
Make-up: Magdalena Slazak
Stylist: Elisa Heinesen


4 (80%) 4 vote[s]
Sep 062018 Gossip

Allen Ruiz


This arresting collection cleverly fuses two popular 80s vibes: high polish Dynasty-style glam and sharp edge geometric shapes. Playing to the strength of models’ features, the hairstylist creatively combines feminine glamour with stylish modernity, using styling techniques and precision cuts to form micro fringes, engineered to accentuate shape, movement and to emphasize beautiful facial features. Rich brunette, red, amber and umber hair colors resonate through dresses’ muted gold toned fabrics, creating images as alluring as they are desirable.

Collection: Mane Dynasty
Ph: Cody Kinsfather
Make-up: Walter Fuentes
Stylist: Christian Ramirez


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Sep 052018 Gossip

As its name suggests, this is a commercial collection that aims to show a variety of looks that cater to individual expressions of fashion, characteristics and practical needs. A celebration of the eclectic – there’s glam, there’s punk, there’s subtle and there’s sexy – a true reflection of beauty, fashion and personality that is a salon’s clientele.

Collection: Commercial
Ph: Deborah Sellwood
Make-up: Toni Walker


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Sep 042018 Gossip

Rafael Bueno


Now Collection arrives in the “now” just at the moment we live and arrives filling our present with light, form and color to make them the great protagonist. In this new proposal, the hairstylist shows us 4 looks focused on the versatile and daring woman, ranging from the most groundbreaking long hair to multicolored braiding. A collection that does not leave indifferent and that with the fusion of style and color get up us from our lethargy to remind us that the moment is NOW!

Collection: Now
Ph: Alberto Zaldívar
Make-up: Lulu Pérez
Stylist: Desiré Espinosa, Xisco Morales


4.5 (90%) 2 vote[s]
Sep 032018 Gossip

Vivienne Mackinder


A rich combination of colour and texture Kaleidoscope mixes bold shapes with movement and colour to create a collection inspired by the beauty and complexity of fine art. Great care was taken in the placement of colour so that it added depth and drama to the texture and shape of each look but doesn’t define the image or compromised the overall beauty of the look.

Collection: Kaleidoscope
Ph: Roberto Ligresti
Make-up: David Maderich
Styling: Nikko Kefalas


4.3 (86.67%) 3 vote[s]
Aug 312018 Gossip

Angelo Seminara


Si dice che riflettere sia all’origine della nostra umanità, poiché la consapevolezza che ne deriva è proprio ciò che ci distingue dalle altre forme viventi. Eppure, questa propensione è spesso minacciata dai ritmi vorticosi della vita contemporanea e dagli automatismi che attiviamo per tenerne il passo. Poi, accade. Riflettiamo grazie ad uno scorcio di intimità che si dischiude nel contesto urbano, di fronte ad un gesto inatteso, sorprendendoci della nostra immagine riflessa su una vetrina. Come se per la prima volta aprissimo gli occhi, proviamo la profonda consapevolezza di essere qui ed ora, uomini. Accade che la nostra figura riflessa attivi la riflessione come introspezione. Da questa suggestione nasce Reflection, dedicata agli istanti inaspettati che interrompono la quotidianità e alle donne che scelgono di coglierli, alimentando con la riflessione la propria visione libera e indipendente del mondo circostante. Questa collezione è una proposta creativa e sofisticata per una donna che desidera uno stile contemporaneo e di grande impatto, giocato su contrasti colore, oppure rimanendo elegante e raffinato con nuance tono su tono. Reflection dischiude infatti nuovi orizzonti creativi ed offre risultati artistici dalla forte espressività, che consentono alla cliente di differenziarsi e sentirsi unica. Le sette proposte di Reflection rappresentano la self-confidence tipica della generazione contemporanea e un ambiente urbano, metropolitano, dove nulla è pianificato ma spontaneo e imprevedibile.

Collection: Reflection
Ph: Andrew O’Toole
Make-up: Daniel Kolaric
Styling: Ashlee Hill


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