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Feb 212018 Gossip

Amparo Fernández


Behind of DAGA Collection, there are a refined cutting technique, a meticulous work of shapes, textures and volumes that culminates with the color tones of raging trends: ICE-STRAWBERRY, DARKBLUE, ORANGERER or INDIANRED. The most important makeup on the lip stands out, it can be define as METAL-LIP. DAGA allows us to make the imagination fly, evoking the beauty of the ornamentation of daggers and the splendor of a timeless craftsmanship.

Collection: Daga
Ph: Rebeca Saray
Make-up: Trini F. Silva
Styling: La Condesa


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Feb 162018 Gossip

Admired for a wondrous ability to craft hair into eye-defying and mind-blowing effects, Angelo Seminara’s new Tatami technique raises the bar even higher. This collection radiates a glorious artistic dexterity which creates resplendent looks both intricately complex and startlingly tactile. Whether woven or plaited, knotted or strung, each one exudes magnificent splendour and fulsome femininity.

Collection: Tatami
Ph: Andrew O’Toole
Make-up: Laura Dominique
Styling: Niccolo Torelli
Hair Assistants: Yoko Kurokawa, Chihiro Meifuku, Minako Yoshida, Hyung Wook Ko


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Feb 072018 Gossip

Gianni Bach


Make imaginary your reality, have a thousand dreams and believe that they are all possible, play with scribbles as if they had life, jump and run as if equipped with super powers forever … at some point in our lives we already knew to be children and we remember with tenderness this enchanting phase of our lives, but not all had the happiness of having this same destiny, for many, NeverLand was always something utopian and unattainable that instead of being a child forever was brutally erased that chapter of their lives.
With this collection, we intend to honor all these Lost Boys who throughout history and today are wounded, mistreated, confined, abducted, raped or killed, recruited to fight in combats, deprived of food, water, shelter, orphans or separated from their families and had in their lives nowhere, nothing or anyone … not a Peter Pan who saved them and rescued them to NeverLand where they could refuse to grow up and have magical adventures…
We all have this duty … We are going to rescue these children and give them a “NeverLand”.

Collection: NeverLand
Ph: Pedro de Vilhena assisted by Isabel Rebordão
Make-up: Gianni Bach
Styling: Gianni Bach
Production: Cláudio Xavier


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