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Jul 312018 Gossip

Neonhair, a dualist collection that shuns single-hued hairnot only by seeking original colour combinations, but also by using pigments that are activated and transformed under black light.

Collection: Neonhair
Ph: Ivan Raga
Make-up: Ester Garrido, Ivette Matavacas
Hairdressing Director: Mia Carol
Hairdressers: Jessica Alcalà, Marta Cañada, Yolanda Casademunt, Eva Conca, Judit Cuesta, Susana Garcia, Anna Illamola, Elizabeth Intriago, Marta Mendoza, Jessica Menendez, Susana Moreno, Sonia Navarro, Montse Romero, Patricia Salazar, Brugués Vilaró
Art Direction: Dadà Comunica


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Jul 302018 Gossip

Muse of London


The shoot was very 80s inspired, featuring looks that were very iconic but with a colour pop. Inspiration was taken from classic artists and celebrities such as Madonna, True Blue, Julia Roberts and Debbie Harry.

Ph: Mauro Carraro
Make-up: Victor Charles and Antonia Wood
Styling: Kiera Liberati


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Jul 192018 Gossip


The stunning Femme Collection shows the diverse characteristics and lifestyle choices of contemporary woman. Strong, sophisticated, intelligent, playful and sexual; the collection shows individual feminine beauty and style connected by a red focal feature; a feature that’s a statement of power – her look, her life, her choice – she has the control.

Collection: Femme Collection
Ph: Andrew O’Toole
Make-up: Kylie O’Toole
Styling: Pip Cock
Images: FPA Media


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Jul 102018 Gossip

ATTRACTION is a collection inspired by the visual charm that men provide through their physique. The visual perception that reaches our retinas gathers all the necessary ingredients to make us feel a “shot” of sexual attraction, without being the task of it. Hair blunt, ripples broken and degraded in the temporal area that find in the hair color the nexus of union between them all. Intense tones generate in man a so-called effect that attracts all eyes.

Collection: Attraction
Ph: David Arnal
Make-up: Andoni Bozal
Styling: Eunnis Mesa


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