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Mar 082019 Gossip

Sam Wall & David Rea


Each individual look has a combination masculine and feminine elements – in some the masculine is stronger and others the feminine – but combined they create a uniformed overview of today’s metro-sexual male. A man that accepts that he can represent himself as he wishes; blur gender lines and not be represented by a single style, format or image. This is his the new Uniform!

Collection: Uniform
Ph: Harkness Photography
Make-Up: Lawson Wright
Stylist: Darina


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Mar 082019 Gossip

Milena Maršić & Glamour Team


Immaculate hairdos based on classical forms have been modernized by specific cutting techniques and oversized shapes and volumes graphically emphasized by elegant black silhouettes on white backgrounds that keep the hair firmly in the spotlight.

Collection: Glamour Vision
Ph: Mladen Šarić
Make up: Saša Joković
Stylist: Saša Joka


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Mar 072019 Gossip

Angelo Seminara


Defined modern structures turn their back on gravity while interrupted colour patterns deceive the eye and awaken curiosity. This collection was achieved with revolutionary colour, cutting and styling techniques mixed with innovative thinking and non-compromised detailing. Futuristic and electro-static, sophisticated and feminine, each look is variable in structure, length and colour. The collection shows how art, style and science can combine to excite the mind and please the senses.

Collection: Muse 2
Ph: Andrew O’Toole
Make-up: Laura Dominique
Stylist: Lotta Aspenberg


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Mar 062019 Gossip

CULt Creative Team


The team explores darkness from a positive perspective in the latest collection “Nocturne” by combining mystical, moody dark trends in fashion with dynamic hues of purples, pinks, greys and whites. These dark editorial aesthetics combine shafts of light, colour and positivity, creating high-contrasting looks that explore the depths of modern elegance with a nod to the inner light.

Collection: Nocturne
Ph: David Oldham
Make-up: Elizabeth Hsieh
Stylist: Amy Leonard, Colin Horgan


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Mar 052019 Gossip

Karen Thomson, KAM Hair, Body Spa Creative Team


This collection features beautiful silhouettes and strong shapes with a soft feel that provide the collection with a couture, high end finish. The hairstylist also wanted to create something for her salon and something her clients would really love. She wanted her passion for creativity to shine through the collection.

Collection: Grit&Grace
Ph: Jack Eames
Make-up: Megumi Matsuno
Stylist: Claire Frith


4 (80%) 1 vote[s]
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