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Oct 262018 Gossip

Teresa Weller


The hairstylist wanted to create something completely different and artistic for this collection which is why she chose Avant Garde, using an on trend colour pallet yet giving it an almost historical feel. She wanted the model to look like an Edwardian doll.

Collection: Treasure Chest
Ph: Tony le Britton
Make-up: Rosanna Velin
Stylist: Bernard Connolly


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Oct 262018 Gossip

The International Creative Team led by Mark Hayes


The Plastic Collection takes inspiration from Fiorucci, a concept store on East 59th that embodied the brash optimism of the 1970s with its day-glo fabrics, leopard-print T-shirts, kitsch logos and spray-on stretch denim. Margaux Hemingway and Marisa Berenson wore the label’s gold cowboy boots, Cher splashed thousands of dollars on glittering body-suits. The force behind the flash was Elio Fiorucci, a passionate advocate of the fluidity of street culture where no one style held dominance – as he put it, ‘the streets should be a panorama of fantastic surprises.’ The Fiorucci store had innovative window displays by fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez and colour block interiors by Ettore Sotsass and became a counterpoint to the stuffier New York fashions of Fifth Avenue not least when a sixteen-year old Madonna made her first public appearance in 1983 at a Studio 54 themed party celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Fiorucci label.

Collection: Plastic
Ph: Benjamin Vnuk
Make-up: Daniel Kolaric
Stylist: Mathilde Dutheil


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Oct 262018 Gossip

Haeds Salons & Academy


This collection takes us back into the times of the indigenous people of New Zealand: The Tribal Tattoo Collection, inspired by the rich mythology, the distinctive crafts and performing arts of the Maori people. The Tribal Tattoo Collection shows freestyle interpretations of the ancient tribes unique art, combined with modern trends in hairstyling. The hairstyles presented in the Tribal Tattoo Collection were influenced by several elements as braids and rope arts, blending with the spectacular body tattoo practiced by the Maori people. Using their advanced skills in hair cutting & coloring, the creative team has managed to put together a set of hair creations in a range blonde with no colorful clothes used on the set.

Collection: The Tribal Tattoo
Ph: Nik Smirnov @ Studio Art Spot
Make-up: Veronica Guzun
Stylist: Olga Maxim


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Oct 252018 Gossip

Helen Tether


The inspiration came from pop art. The hairstylist wanted all the colours to clash so they really stood out with a high contrast, in order to really pull the viewer in. There’s also an 80’s element which is seen throughout the collection.

Collection: Chromatic
Ph: Richard Miles
Make-up: Lauren Mathis


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Oct 242018 Gossip

Chris Williams


This collection is called σκιά which means shadow. The inspiration came from the shading of pencil sketches and the way that this can give a 2d shape form using the colour, whilst enhancing the shape and texture. The palette is based on the pantone colours for 2018 in particular almost mauve, harbour mist, pink lavender, blooming dahlia, warm sand and ash rose.

Collection: σκιά
Ph: Jack Eames
Make-up: Kelly Sadler
Stylist: Magdelena Jacobs


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Oct 222018 Gossip

Sam Carpenter


This collection aims to encapsulate confidence in femininity where women own and control their feminine beauty. As the name implies, Beacon collection illuminates all aspects of female beauty through strong silhouettes, classic shapes and vivid colours, while avoiding the stereotype of focussing on desire as the object of female beauty.

Collection: Beacon
Ph: Deborah Selwood
Make-up: Leanne Warren Hester
Stylist: Lucy Symons


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Oct 192018 Gossip

Janet Jackson


Echoing the connection between hair and fashion of which dominate the catwalks and runways of the world. This collection highlights and features the hair as it’s own force. While the fashion styling is an integral part of this collection, it is the power of the platinum tones against the dark clothing and backdrops that really accentuate these looks. The hairstylist want to create a collection that celebrates platinum blonde; and showcases a modern take on structure, movement and texture.

Collection: Accentuate
Ph: Peter Tamlin
Make-up: Dee Daly
Stylist: Michelle Paiano


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