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May 242019 Gossip

Sam Burnett


This collection is all about individuality, a free spirited progressive force. Inspired by the 1980s styling revolution, buffalo spirit, pioneered by designer Ray Petri. The hairstylist always strives to create a directional collection that push the boundaries of and reflect contemporary commercial hair trends. The colour pallet was inspired by Charles Jeffries bold colour choices including hot pinks, punchy purples, blues and icy white hues.

Collection: Buffalo Spirit Men
Ph: Jenny Hands
Make-up: Bea Sweet
Stylist: Masha Mombelli


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May 202019 Gossip

Tony Haresign


Tony Haresign’s latest collection is built around the ‘Mallen Streak’ – a streak of white hair that occurs naturally. This very distinct hair feature is found on countless film noir characters and anti-heroes and is used in this collection to punctuate well-tailored 1920’s dystopian gangster influenced looks. Each cut combines classic barber edging and fading with contemporary texture created using cutting and product.

Collection: Mallen Madness
Ph: Matt Marcus
Make-up: Michelle Watson
Stylist: Chester Barrie, Richard James Saville Row


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May 172019 Gossip

Bernat Sayol


F2 is inspired by the diverse ethnic groups that exist in the world, such as Nordic, Asian, Latin and European, highlighting the characteristics of each one. To achieve the desired looks, the hairstylist wanted to experiment with different lengths and textures, from a polished finish to layered and defined; and to play with different colours to enhance the cuts, finding a balance between makeup, hairstyle and clothing.

Collection: F2
Ph: Esteban Roca
Make-up: Nacho Sanz


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May 162019 Gossip

Sanrizz Artistic Team


Shapes that deliver empowerment and self-confidence, the importance of cultivating one’s individual style. Soft wearable shapes contrast with bold geometric lines, cocktailed together to create unique individual style. Bold tones fused together to expose a palette of high sheen wild florals, hot reds and metallic blondes.

Collection: Splendour 2
Ph: Jamie Blanshard
Make-up: Maddie Austin
Stylist: Rubina Marchiori
Colour: Sharon Cox


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