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Oct 092013 Gossip

Figaro Awards 2013

Figaro Awards 2013

With the Spanish Hairdressing Awards, CLUB FIGARO aims to encourage people to take up hairdressing and raise the artistic level of our profession across the whole country. These awards will recognise photographic work featuring fashion trends in hairdressing created by the leading Spanish hairdressing firms with the aim of distinguishing the most creative hair stylists in the country and bringing added value to Spanish hairdressing, showcasing the fabulous artistic talents of our hairdressers in the media and to society as a whole.

Welcome to the 4rd Edition of the FIGARO AWARDS and CATWALK SHOW 2013, which took place on Saturday 05th October in Madrid.
These are the finalist and the winning firm of the 2013 Edition. Congratulation to all.


Figaro Awards 2013
Winner: Carles Dominguez Soro @ Toni&Guy

Figaro Awards 2013Figaro Awards 2013
Finalists: Jose Tellez Laura Salvador – Leonardo Hair&Beauty Salons Alba Martinez


Figaro Awards 2013
Winner: Rodelas & Lucana

Figaro Awards 2013Figaro Awards 2013
Finalists: Antonio Calvo Estilistas – Leonardo Hair&Beauty Salons Pablo Perez


Figaro Awards 2013
Winner: Marco Pérez Mateo Estilistas

Figaro Awards 2013Figaro Awards 2013
Finalists: Jorge De Sancho @ De Sancho Estilistas – Two Hair Alberto Baixauli


Figaro Awards 2013
Winner: Antonio Calvo Estilistas

Figaro Awards 2013Figaro Awards 2013
Finalists: Antonio Calvo Estilistas – Christian Vendrell @ Identity


Figaro Awards 2013
Winner: Oscar G Peluqueros

Figaro Awards 2013Figaro Awards 2013
Finalists: Felicitas Ordas Mata @ Felicitas Hair – Manuel Mon Estilismo

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Sep 242013 Gossip

Illumination stands for beauty, glamour, pleasure and sexyness. All the things a modern woman exudes today. It has something sensual and intense – a strong luminosity. The results from pure femininity and individuality. And thus some will be like struck by lightning at the sight and fashion-appeal of the “Illumination” woman. This is exactly the effect created by the Intercoiffure Mondial Artistic Team with its latest trend collection “Illumination 2014”.Four extraordinary hair fashion looks with customized cut and colour ideas: Tungsten styles with eccentric bobs, Poetic Halo looks as nostalgic glamour curls, Solar Eclipse with graphic cuts and Lustrous Romance with elegant waves for avant-garde divas. “Illumination” takes you to a lifestyle universe that demonstrates innovative techniques but at the same time also allows a poetic, emotional interpretation of a theme. “Illumination” electrifies illuminates or flashes – Vision of the Elite.


Intercoiffure MondialIntercoiffure MondialIntercoiffure Mondial

Loud, electrifying and with audacious glamour: “Tungsten” styles want maximum attention for a feminine punk appeal. Young fashion power in vinyl, leather and fur. The cuts are edgy with hard contours: short bobs with voluminous texture and graphical short cuts with eccentric details. The futuristic looks are endowed with neon-purple streaks and colour effects in dip-dye technique. “Tungsten” lifestyle: “What we wade into, we will carry off!”



Intercoiffure MondialIntercoiffure MondialIntercoiffure MondialIntercoiffure MondialIntercoiffure Mondial

High fashion in black and white: “Solar Eclipse” beams the sixties to the future and appears heavenly purist. An abstract shape pattern in artful Op-Art is reinvented: graphical cuts and monochrome hair colour underline the strict texture. The perfect up-do style with its sharp contour has the makings of a sculpture. “Solar Eclipse” appears futuristic, bright and daring – looks so exciting and spectacular as the sky phenomenon.



Intercoiffure MondialIntercoiffure MondialIntercoiffure MondialIntercoiffure Mondial

Dramatically romantic as in a daydream:the lifestyle universe of “Poetic Halo” is nostalgic and feminine in a hyper modern way. Undone up-dos with braided hair bands in pastel tones and soft curls in elaborate complexity are the styles of cool princesses who love to stand in the light. With it, light outfits of feathers and multi necklaces. Poetical looks – fabulous, mysterious and sometimes magical in delicate mint sorbet.



Intercoiffure MondialIntercoiffure MondialIntercoiffure Mondial

Intercoiffure MondialIntercoiffure MondialIntercoiffure Mondial

Extra extravagant! “Lustrous Romance” styles have a glowing trend effect. A tribute to Dior’s “New Look”: shiny big hair creations, XL chignons with rhinestone jewelry and opulent waves. Copper à la Rita Hayworth or glam brunette as once Ava Gardner. The forties as inspiration for modern elegance and diva looks deluxe: impressive and sophisticated. “Lustrous Romance” as the perfect, feminine new fashion sphere.

HAIR: Intercoiffure Mondial
Hiroyuki Obayashi, Asia Region
Natasha Balabanova, Eastern Europe Region
Mauricio Pina, Latin America Region
Ulf Schjerpen, Nordic Region
Faatemah Ampey, North America Region
Sherri Jessee, North America Region
Jas Jhally, Oceania Region
Kay Schneider, Western Europe
Fashion Team Fondation Guillaume
Sasscha Hirtsgaard, Fondation Guillaume
Jesús Romero, Fondation Guillaume
ASSISTANT: Annette Fauchey
PRODUCTION: Elmarie Lignier – Paris
FASHION STYLING: Jonathan Mahaut – Paris
TRENDS: Sofia Benbrahim, Chief Editor L’Officiel
Natsuko Nakayama
Shiseido – Tokyo
VIDEOCAMERA: Mathieu Bailargeon

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