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Jul 212015 Gossip

Jose García PeluquerosJose García PeluquerosJose García Peluqueros Jose García Peluqueros

RAICES is not only a photography set, but a meeting point between life, passion and art. We wanted to pay tribute to the great master Sabicas, guitar player from Pamplona onsidered one of the most important in the flamenco world. It is a collection inspired in the gipsy woman. The ollection RAICES was exposed in the Centro de Cultura Flamenca “La Casa de Sabicas” in August 2014, coinciding with the celebration of the festival “Flamenco On Fire” in Pamplona.

Hair: Jose García Peluqueros – Espana
Collection: Raices
Ph: Aitor Esparza
Make-up: Isabel García
Styling: Dani Munarriz
Models: Dana Agency

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Jul 212015 Gossip

Sally MontagueSally MontagueSally MontagueSally MontagueSally Montague

Sally MontagueSally MontagueSally MontagueSally MontagueSally Montague

The Sally Montague Art Team has unveiled its latest collection: White Light. Taking inspiration from light, balance and texture, the team crafted soft styles with structure to showcase their skills in a beautifully feminine collection.

“We wanted to create a pure and simple shoot to showcase the contrast of the hair against the clarity of the models skin, to give a luminous effect. The main techniques we used were mini-crimping and volume setting to achieve a gauzy but strong/structured effect.”

Hair: The Sally Montague Art Team – UK
Collection: White Light
Ph: Elly Lucas
Make-up: Wai Sheim Li
Styling: Emmanuelle Montague-Sayers

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Jul 142015 Gossip

Craig SmithCraig SmithCraig SmithCraig SmithCraig Smith

La collezione p/e 2015 KOLORGRAPHIE si ispira alla geometria perfetta delle forme amplificando la bellezza unica del colore” CRAIG SMITH, Global Creative Director Alter Ego Italy

Hair: Craig Smith Global Creative Director

Styling Assistant : Michael Le Pierro Fruition Team
Alter Ego Italy Akademìa Color & Styling Support
Photography: Andrew O’Toole
Make-up: Kylie O’Toole
Location: Bookin’ Agency Milan

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Jul 092015 Gossip



The Alillon Education team has unveiled its Shape collection, which focuses and highlights the mechanics with regards to the execution of technique. This collection does not conform to commercial shapes and is quite challenging to absorb. They wanted the colour story to be kept simple, using blondes with slightly grey finishes. The intricate shapes and contrasting lengths are not fluid. To achieve our aim we muted the model from the frame to allow all the attention to be placed on the execution of technique.

Hair: Allilon Art Team – UK
Collection: Shape
Ph: Trevor Leighton
Make-up: Cheryl Phelps Gardiner

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Jul 092015 Gossip

Filippo SepeFilippo SepeFilippo SepeFilippo Sepe

La Nuova collezione di Sens.ùs firmata da Filippo Sepe si chiama “Queen of the wild”. La collezione va nella direzione di de-strutturare l’immagine della sposa legata all’iconografia “classica” degli scaloni ottocenteschi, delle sale immense, dei dettagli rococò. Le spose di “Queen of the Wild” non temono i dettagli forti dati dal colore e le atmosfere insolite e riescono, per questo motivo, a dare vita ad un nuovo concetto di sposa!

Hair: Filippo Sepe @ Sens.ùs – Italy
Collection: Queen of the wild
Ph: Mario Caponi Mas, Pierluigi D’Ambrosio
Make-up: Michela Traversini, Eleonora Petricci
Clothing: …ISSIMA Le spose
Storyboard: Sensus creative team
Technical Sensus: Stefano Gagnoli, Giacomo Zanelli
Video: gmidea
Special effects: Sound Studio Service
Location: Caprese Michelangelo
Furniture: L’incanto

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Jul 022015 Gossip



LVM provides a rare glance inside the deepest creative impulses of the three protagonists – a brief moment inside each creative’s passionate desires of the sub conscious and its’ disconnect from time. The collection escapes the rules and regulations and social conducts, transcending boundaries to combine textures that then work together to create new textures – a collaboration that builds dreams, entertains desires and influences reality.

Hair: Emiliano Vitale, Lisa Muscat @ é SALON – Australia
Collection: LVM
Ph: Robert Lobetta
Make-up: Chereine Waddell
Stylist: é SALON Creative

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Jul 022015 Gossip

Gianni BachGianni BachGianni Bach

Gianni BachGianni Bach

Hair: Gianni Bach
Ph: Pedro de Vilhena
Make-up: Gianni Bach by SLA Paris
Styling: Gianni Bach
Accessories and Art Nails: Ana Rita Gomes
Model: Rita Guerra
Clothing: My Tailor is by Adozinda Linda Linda
Sponsor: Zorra Produções Artísticas
Location: Évora, Portugal

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Jul 022015 Gossip

Anthony JohnAnthony JohnAnthony JohnAnthony John

Inspiration: They took their inspiration from the Calvin Klein 90’s campaign which channels 90’s glamour. They incorporated modern techniques to complement the classic looks.

Hair: Anthony John Salons Artistic Team – UK
Collection: Colour
Ph: Richard Miles
Make-up: Katie Bird

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